The Words the Hose Family

Winter Series #1

David Hose
February 17, 1995

Yes, I work on a nutritional level because I know it's important for humanity to have good nutrition. Do you want your children to eat marshmallows every day, morning, noon, and night? Or just chocolate pudding for dinner every night? Well, I'm no different. I long to see the nutrition of people change. And yet this is not the main purpose of Rev. and Mrs. Moon. They're not interested, perhaps, in having conferences about what food you should eat. They have a different role to play. But I am working in that other way, too. I am working in the way of medicine. Natural healing is coming back.

Don't you know that that has to do, just like the mushrooms, with My wanting to take My people back to show them the genius that is in the planet itself. You don't have to change everything around in laboratories and make all kinds of miracle drugs. If you're spiritually sensitive enough you will see that there are amazing, amazing miracles in the forest, in the desert, on the mountains, in the sea, that can allow you to live a wonderful life and even to lengthen that life very greatly, far beyond the years that you have now.

So I'm working on many levels and, indeed, the point that has been made by the Divine Principle and the Unification movement is a very central one: The idea of true family, the idea of becoming the God-centered family, that basic unit of the kingdom. What more important thing could you want to understand? But again I say to you do not become self-centered. God-centered families are to reach out to the world and not to compare themselves to the world like "us vs. them" or "We are of God; the world is of Satan." When you let your mind focus on this comparative level, you destroy your own spirituality, you destroy that unconditional love that I want to work through you, that I want to express through you, to all of My children, even the most dark and evil people, those who are farthest away from Me. You, in your own belief, say that everything has to be restored or else we can't have the kingdom. Well, let me ask you: How is that to be done? Too often there is hypocrisy, too often.

No more us vs. them. It's Me and all of My kids! I want so much to open your hearts and your minds to these realities! You don't know how important this is to Me and how important it is for you to recognize this. This is the essence of New Age, New Era. This is the essence. Honestly speaking, just changing the nutrition of humanity will not bring the kingdom. It's an important thing, of course. I have to work on many different levels and bring them all along, but in essence it's this attitude of unconditional heart and love and surrender to this heart-mind, as I have told you, within yourself that can bring a new age. New people equal a new age. That's the only thing, right there. These old patterns among the religions have got to be ended. And the showdown point is within your very movement--at this very moment. This is a showdown. You never expected this.

Many of your leaders think that the showdown is between your movement and other religious groups, such as maybe Islam, the Christian church, or whatever. No! The showdown is right there within your own movement. And it starts even before your own movement to your own self. The showdown is within you. And if you have really come to that moment of understanding that point within yourself, then you owe it to the world, you owe it to My family and this world to stand up and never sit down.

You don't have to apologize for having come to that point of showdown. It is your time to stand and to never sit down. So W, you may be sitting physically, but this is your time to stand. And I want to use you, W, as a very powerful testimony. Your pain, your situation of struggle--people are very aware of it. And yet to see you walking this path is far more impressive than if you were a long-distance runner with very strong legs and in perfect physical health, because they recognize that you don't do this lightly. And you as a couple too, you don't do this lightly.

You may edit this as you wish if people want to read it, but I want you to know that. So again, I want to repeat this very clearly, that the showdown is not between the Unification movement and the Satanic world or the Unification movement and other religious groups that are negative to it. The showdown is right within the Unification movement, and, I tell you, the showdown most essentially is within yourself. This is the time to take the step. And if you will within yourself, then you have nothing to apologize for, and you have to take that leadership. And it will take many forms. It's not an external type of leadership, but it's a pushing open of a door and allowing this light to come in so that others can see it and may also want to go through their own door.

Each one has a door in their own heart. No one can go through your door, W. No one can go through your door, H. You can help them come to their own door and have the faith that that door is unlocked if they only turn the key. You see? And that I am on the other side.

So. I am very happy tonight, very happy tonight. I'm very inspired.

I could talk all night to you, but I just want to say again that you can share among yourselves. Think about the best way to prepare, in prayer and individually too. Because each of you, although you're walking together, most essentially that showdown is within each of yourselves too. Do you understand? So, in one sense the couple's unit is very precious. But each of you is an individual, so you have different issues that you face inside of yourself: different fears, different points of confidence. And, both of you, carry on that talk with Me day by day; even if you can't be together you can always be with Me. You can always be with Me. I am never away even though I'm doing so many things. I'm more intimate than your husband or your wife to you. If we have this relationship in an active sense, it has such a profound impact on your marriage, because you come together as two very living, loving human beings, and growing.

[W says: "Yesterday when seven or eight of us gathered together for the prayer meeting, everyone genuinely shared what's happening in each one of them. And just looking at them I really saw how You have been nurturing them, working and walking with them. And I was very grateful to see that this is happening and that I was born into this age where I can witness this as a reality because it's so different from what our church has been. Like, each and every one of them is really opening up their heart and reaching out to You, having a meaningful relationship. And already several sisters are inspired by our testimonies and sharings, and then they also took a stand and really started some substantial communication with You--started sitting down with You every day, started writing down and the more they do that the more they are getting internally confident. And it's something beautiful to see. What did you think of that last night?"]

Oh, it's very good. I told you before that this meeting of the women is such a healthy and good thing. And to see that one by one people can share without fear, without feeling that they have to put on a lot of makeup, that they can just be, in one way, naked together to share themselves. That's what is so attractive about this meeting, not only to Me but to them too. Because there are meetings where I am not attracted, even though I know everything that's going on and I see everything. It's just like you if you go to a dinner party and everyone's just speaking so much vanity, vanity; then you're hearing everything but your heart's not in it. Well, I'm not too much different. If everyone just wants to lie to each other, well it's hard for Me to funnel My heart through that, express Myself to each and every person. But when I see the quality of sharing that is going on here and that is growing among you, I become so happy and feel so powerfully moved that I want to be here. And My desire to be here reflects in each of you. You want to be here because you feel My spirit from each other and through each other's experience.

Again, it's the irresistible desire of parents and children to come together, of family.

[W asks, "Do you have any direction that you want us to be aware of?"]

Yes. I will tell you this. As I said a little while ago in a more general sense, in your meeting don't allow yourselves to think of yourselves as The Eastside Women or as a certain group of women who are finding something while other women are not. Don't compare yourselves in any way. Just leave yourselves open to whomever walks through that door and let your hearts be unconditional in this respect. Even if someone came through the door who wants to curse you or tell you that you are evil or that you are completely going the wrong direction to have these meetings, don't worry about that. And I've been happy to see that because of your relationships together and the beauty of what is developing that you aren't intimidated by this kind of thing.

You've had couple of little tests already. I would just encourage that spirit and that you think of everyone as US. And at the same time just realize that you are growing and that it will be completed in the coming months. I don't mean completed in the final sense, but that the growing will continue in the coming months. Again, no comparisons and no this group and that group, because there again we have religion problems, historic religious problems. So, that's all I want to say. Your own wisdom will come through the sharing and you will continue on this road. It's something like the story of the yellow brick road on the way to this magical city: Everybody wants to see what's around the next turn.

Everybody's racing along together to see what's over the next hill and along the way people come out from the forest and they want to travel with you and they bring with them some scars and wounds and hopes and even fears, and yet you invite them to come. Or someone may come out of the forest and say "You're bad, you're bad; it's wrong, it's wrong." But somehow they feel attracted to come too. So anyway your experience is somewhat like that isn't it? It's a great joy to be traveling together.

Please understand (and this is a final point I want to make tonight because I want it transcribed and I don't want to make this so long that it is difficult) the Unification movement in it's early years has been like a school--grade school, high school, university. Now, in any school you'll find that there are the lectures given by the teachers, the homework assignments, the learning. And yet within that school there are many conflicts. You go out in the hallway after school and maybe somebody is having a big argument or two people are even fighting, and you find somebody who's having a wrong kind of love affair with somebody in that school or whatever.

So in one way that's been like the Unification movement too. All of you are in that school learning the way of life, the principles. At the same time, your relationship with the founders of that school and with Me, with one another, has a long way to go. That goes all the way from grade school through university. School is very much like that. But as you now come to the time of graduation, and I want to tell you that this is a time of graduation, then in a way you've gone back to your hometowns, came back from the school, and you want to apply these things.

But you find that it's not an easy thing. And just because intellectually you want to apply them and intellectually you learned all these theories and everything--it's like the old working man who laughs at the young college man who thinks he knows everything about business and the old working man just quietly smiles and says, "Yes, you think you know, but you're going to have to fall down a thousand times before you really learn something." And so this is the time when you are graduating, and never criticize the school; that school was necessary. But this is the time when the students must grow, and it is the time of becoming what you have studied rather than just having these wonderful memories and knowledge of Divine Principle in your mind. So now the lecturer himself must go out and live what he's been talking about.

And in the living you'll come to understand far more deeply than you could ever have understood during the lectures. And in fact there will be many contents that you will learn out here that your lectures didn't even cover. Absolutely. Because this is a moving-on time. There's always something in every religious faith that wants to say, "This is the final word; there'll be nothing more." This is ridiculous! There will be fundamentals, of course, in every faith that are rock solid and there are fundamentals in your own teaching that are absolutely rock solid. They'll never change in all of eternity. But day by day I want to guide you in many ways based on those fundamentals. I don't think, for example, unselfishness will ever change; it will always be important and valuable. Or learning to develop the realm of the heart-- absolutely, those are important in your teaching. Again, based on those fundamentals, there are so many things to learn. So please understand that graduation is here for many of you. This is a time to BE rather than just to say.

Okay. That was the last point I want to make tonight. I want you to know, again, I am very happy to meet with you, and I want to encourage you in your work, H. Do your best these coming days to really stick with Me. Let's have many sessions together, as many as we can. And please transcribe this as soon as you can and get it out to the people you feel you should send it to. Goodnight, and I'd like to ask W to offer a prayer.

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