The Words the Hose Family

Winter Series #1

David Hose
February 17, 1995

Yes, I'm very happy to be here with you tonight, and it's true that we don't need to slowly come back together if we haven't been communicating in this way for several weeks. In fact, we come back together with great joy because we are parents and children. And in that way you have to understand My heart in a different way than you have in the past, where you constantly have accused yourself for getting away from a pattern of prayer or falling away, seemingly, from our communication. You see, I'm aware that you have waves of spirituality, in the sense like the ocean that has rises and falls, and I am just simply happy when I see you come to have a sensitive awareness of that rising time and you reach out for Me from the crest of that spiritual wave. I will never turn away in that moment. I'm very happy for that. Also, I know of your hard work, of your efforts day by day, of your physical exhaustion in the evenings. And you and I both have long experience of how difficult it is to communicate when your body is physically worn out and your mind is also exhausted. Therefore, it's better that we do meet earlier in the evening like this. So, don't be caught in self-accusation because that is the very tool of ignorance and of evil to keep you away from Me.

What you just read from this woman, the matter of feelings of inferiority, which always go along with self-accusation, only serve to keep us apart. Already, for thousands of years, I've been watching My children hit themselves and kick themselves and kick one another with feelings of inferiority about themselves and dislike for one another. Don't you think I'm tired of that? So, I have a choice: I can either destroy all of you and start a new and better civilization, or I can try to help you get beyond all this ignorance. I believe you already know My intention, and so I will not join with you in your accusations of yourself or one another; I will not join in that dark song. Rather I want to let you understand My song, a new music to your ear to lift you out of that. So I'm very happy even though I want to talk with you more often, of course. In essence I want to talk with you every moment, as I've been trying to train H [husband] and also W [wife], you too.

When we haven't been together for some time, it is all the more joy for Me when we get back together; and it is not a time for Me to be kicking you or to be criticizing you for staying away so long. Understand? Of course there's a part of My heart that seeks you out every moment and wants you to be fully awake to Me every moment. But I know that, in many ways, you are still young in the spirituality that is your potential. Is there a sin in that? There is no sin in that. It would be a sin, though, if you let your self-accusation or those old problems just beat you down and keep you away from Me. Then that is sin because that means separation from God, which is the very meaning of sin. So understand that this kind of ignorance and darkness that has been a constant companion of humanity for so long, this is the very core of sin. And then all warfare, all evil toward others, toward your planet, toward the human race and toward everything comes from that--the devaluing of yourself, the degrading of yourself. So, I'm not one to join you in that dark song, as I said. Okay, I said that and there's no need to carry that any further.

Tonight I want to share with you more about this coming trip that you are to take. And I want to keep it somewhat vague at this point because many people will read this and, for various reasons, we will make it more of a generic trip than speaking precisely. Please understand that even now I am working to prepare so many things for this journey that you are to make, even without your consciousness. You think of all the things that I am doing in this world day by day that you are completely unaware of, maybe someone's being healed somewhere, someone's being comforted somewhere, whatever--you don't know.

Well, this is the same thing. I am working so deeply in many hearts to help prepare them for that coming together in the Spring. And it is not, in My eye, a coming together between you and those that you will be sharing with. It is My coming together with all of you that is the most important thing. And that is why I'm very happy to know your thinking on this too, because I see that that is your concern, that you know you don't carry in your own personalities the answer or the revelation that will liberate humanity. But you know that it is beyond you. And you simply want to serve as a mouthpiece or as a way to allow that greater personality, that greater force to come. And that's Me. I don't say these things with any sense of self-importance or any insecurity about who I am, but I know there is a key in My coming together with My children that has not been turned and which must be turned at this time.

There will be many to come, even as I think of Jean Pierre in France, and there will be many others. There will be many others to come who will help in providing this opening for the key to be turned. And there will be many who will come to meet you on your trip that themselves will be able to find a way to help in this evolution, not only within your movement but on outward to the world at large, because, I tell you, your purpose is not just making something better in your own movement. This is a problem. Your purpose is the very same purpose that I shared with the man who was inspired in the beginning, long before this movement was founded.

Your leader. He only looked at My heart for the world. And it is that heart for the world that I am seeking to build in each and every person. That transcends your movement. And that's what gives nobility to any movement. And so, truly, those who are only seeking to glorify your own movement, and those who maybe are simply seeking to reform or righteously take a stand to have the movement stand up, in both cases, unless there is the heart that looks out with My eye to the entire world and humanity and, yes, even the universe, then it is not yet right. So that is why so many times both the orthodoxy and the reformers fall into the trap of shortsightedness, and that's why today's reformer becomes tomorrow's orthodoxy. And it's a never-ending spiral downward.

That's why truly My goal, as it was at the time of Adam, as it was at the time of Jesus Christ, as it was at the time of the great holy people in history, and truly at the time of that 16-year old Sun Myung Moon, My goal is the same now, and must be the same now to be affirmed. It has never changed. That is My kingdom, and it does not have the name Unification, it does not have the name Christianity, it does not have the name Buddhism, it does not have any name--truly. Because identity or name is not the important thing; it is the heart that is the important thing. Then you can call it whatever you want. You can call it whatever you want. It will be real. And it will be true. And it will be our great union together.

W, I want you to really take care of yourself in the coming months, and I want you to be faithful in your studies about this wonderful nutritional food that you are eating. This is no accident either, that Harmon came and disappeared into the night and left you blue-green algae, or that this man came out of nowhere and left a mushroom with you. Hmmmmm. Interesting isn't it?

I created the algae and I created the mushroom; I know what they're good for. And so I want you to really put your whole life effort into that because, and you've already understood this but I'll say it too to give you My affirmation, this kind of food for your body is also food for your spirit. It's an indirect way. In other words, taking blue-green algae can never replace prayer, but it does truly lift your body and your vibrations up physically to a higher level to where you can be receptive to prayer. Think how it is late at night when you both are completely tired and then you try to have this kind of session. Your vibratory level is very low. And say you've been eating meat all evening: do you think we could have a very good session together? No way. So, truly, the nutrition of the body and the care of the body is so important.

Then you think about this nation today, America, where you're living; people are so quick to run out to these junk-food stands. What is this anyway? People know that it is no good for them, and yet they do it. Would you believe it if I told you that there is something in the human race in the condition that you see these people running out to Burger King or MacDonald's or whatever that does not want to raise it's vibration up. There's a force that wants to bring it down and away from Me. Away from encounter with Me. It's like a hiding and, therefore, there's not only a physical lust for this food, there's a psychological type of thing too at work here, and a spiritual hiding away. It's like children going out and smoking a cigarette away from their parents, hiding, doing something, and it's so delicious.

It's like the forbidden fruit. So, it's a certain psychology. And, truly, as you begin to value yourself spiritually in the truest sense, automatically you start to feel you want to encounter Me. And you will slowly begin to see, "Well, I should lay aside this greasy food, this coarse food, this low-vibration food." And even the best food, even if it's prepared in the best restaurant, if it's not prepared with loving hands, also your spirit knows that. And even your body fibers know that. You were originally created to live in love, completely, body and spirit. So why go to the prostitute when you can have a loving husband or wife? People don't understand. They go out and spend $100 on a steak dinner, but the more precious food is perhaps one humble hard-boiled egg prepared by a loving spouse. So, truly, it's good, W, that you are really getting into this study. H you should do more. I understand you're busy but be careful, take the time also to read whenever you can and to study and learn. This also helps round out your spiritual life. Please believe it. You know, I created your stomach. I created every system in your body, and I know how those systems perform in the maximum way, the best way. So when there is a misuse, it hurts both the body and the spirit in this way. Please think about that. I'm not asking that you become vegetarians, but just to use balance and good judgment.

The children are still like children, and it's not only this matter of hiding from Me that people eat the wrong kinds of foods, because children love all kinds of sweets. They don't have a sense of personal responsibility; they're still young and they're still protected by the parents. So they want something sweet. You know, for the most part, we don't ask children to go out on foreign missions or take a difficult job for the sake of the Kingdom. They're still young, so children want, in one way, to glory in the protection and care of their parents. And, therefore, they long to be able to have that freedom of being able to have a nice chocolate or those nice sweets, because, somehow, something still tells them that Mommy and Daddy will make it all right. But as they grow it's also time for them to assume that responsibility for themselves.

To speak more now about this journey, I want you to be prepared in a way which I hope you can understand this now. You needn't prepare a minute-by-minute schedule for your meetings, but I want you to prepare spiritually to be open to Me. Not only H, but W too, both of you, to be able to pray together and to be able to really come in good harmony and in good tune together as you go to Europe. I will lead you once you are there, and you will feel My spirit if you are prepared. If you are prepared you will feel it so strongly; My spirit will be the most strong reality of anything around you.

You see, when you're working day by day around the house, you're not in a moment of such powerful meeting as with several dozen people or whatever as you will be in Europe. And so it may be kind of quiet. But when you are there it's kind of like going out to the front lines, and there you will sense ever so strongly My presence. And I will show you what is to be done in the moment. Don't be worried. For example, how do we have these sessions?

Does H have to make notes beforehand? He tries and he wonders what's going to be said. He's always worried. I know. But here we go, we start; he opens his mouth and things just start coming, and that is the way I work. I am eternally in the now. I'm not existing tomorrow or yesterday. In fact, tomorrow and yesterday are only illusions, if you think about it. Tomorrow does not exist and yesterday only exists in the memory. The only most powerful moment is now. What you are in this moment is what determines what happens in the next moment and the following moment and the following moment. Do you understand? And so what you are as you go to that moment, those moments in Europe, will be very important. And you will in that sense be able to find, then, the same element in the people you speak to, because there will be those who have hearts that are very prepared. As I told you, I am working very deeply in many lives, and those hearts will be able to sense that same heart in you. And there we have that trinity through which I can work.

Maybe not everyone will be ready. Maybe some will walk away and say, "See, I told you it was just a fake. They're just caught on an ego trip." That's just fine! Let them think what they will. One day they will come around in their own way. Don't be disappointed if someone says that, and don't be disappointed if someone threw an egg at you. It's okay. It's okay. This is not a personal thing, and everyone has their time. But right now there are many who are in a very, very ripe and mature stage. This IS their time, for the sake of Heaven and for the sake of the Kingdom. And that is why I send you there. You're going, in a way, not just as servants, but as a brother and sister. And keep that heart as brother and sister.

I value you because you don't set yourself above those around you. If anything, you feel more close to them because of the experience you have with Me, because as we talk I believe you see yourself more clearly--the good and also the weak points. And this is very good, to see those points that bring you into common with other people, not only your strengths but your weakness as well. When you can accept these things in yourself, when you can see these things clearly in yourself and that it's not a big confrontation, it's just accepted, then, very simply, you can accept them in others. And you can work with others from a point of reality rather than concept or some sort of higher position or whatever.

Yes, this has been a problem with many so-called spiritual teachers, and that's why many corruptions can begin. And so you need to see who you are in front of Me. I'm going to help you to understand those things in the coming months before you are to leave. As I told you before, I want you to just prepare yourself. And, really, believe all things. And when I say believe all things it means keep your mind very open in these coming days. Be open to your experience. I would even say it might be a good idea to try keeping a journal. W, you are gifted in this way; try keeping a diary of sorts about any special experiences you have. Your journal, W, in the past has been a source of great growth for you, and for you that's a very special thing. I think a whole new journal could be started centering on this trip because you may be surprised; there may be other trips coming too.

I cannot tell you the magnitude of what is going to be coming in the years to come. There is great fear about what is to come on the earth in terms of destructive changes in nature, earthquakes and this sort of thing, but I am alive and I am not just abandoning the human race. There is a time of change on this earth to come, and there will be some very large and very destructive events to come. But My purpose and goal is not the destruction of the human race nor just the brushing aside of humanity by the planetary forces.

My goal remains the perfect union of deity, humanity and nature. And so those earth changes are not the main focus in My mind. They will be a symbol of the changes of an era AND many of these crises will help make humanity far more serious about what is the most important thing in their lives. It is not Beverly Hills 90210. It is not television. It is not the latest movie star. It is not losing weight and becoming more pretty. It is achieving the true purpose for which you were placed on this earth. And so the earth itself wants to instruct you, and the loss of a few lives or even many lives, unfortunately, may be coming in the future. And yet My larger purpose is good. I am not executing anyone; don't make that mistake.

But the earth itself, the earth itself is a witness. Humanity cannot go on in the way it has gone on. Can you imagine going downhill for the next 100 years in terms of moral degradation or spiritual depravity as you have gone in the past 75 years, let us say? Can you imagine? There must be forces to change these things, and they are already at work. They are already at work. So it is important for you to be aware of that and not be afraid. Have no fear. Go ahead and do what you will do. You cannot change what's coming, but I tell you, on the other hand, in terms of the human reality, I can bring great change as you will cooperate with Me and the others whom I am calling and with whom I am working with now at this time. I tell you there's a great problem with religion in the past. We've already talked about many things about the historic situation of religion, but I tell you that in so many cases, people who have been called by Me, who have then inspired religious organizations, have made the mistake of not realizing that I have called many, in many places, in many situations. And by many ways.

Different jobs to be done. And so those who felt they were the only ones to be called, and more so their followers, have been blind about My work in other places. And that blindness still persists today where you have people of God invalidating one another or saying, "You're not of God; only I am of God. I was called; you were not called." Even accusing one another of coming from Satan. This is very ugly, very shortsighted, and very arrogant and ignorant. That is why you must be aware at this time, especially at this changing time in history, that I am working on many levels and in many places. It would be a great mistake, for example, of the Unification movement to just think of Me, as I've said before, as a member of the Unification movement. And so I want you and all members of the Unification movement to know that I am working in many ways. Many will say, "That means that we're not special." All of you are special.

Yes indeed. Certainly. Rev. and Mrs. Moon have a special role to play. They've already been called long ago to fulfill that certain role. But for those who follow them to set themselves and their movement up as the only thing that God is working through is, again, following that old shortsightedness of history, which can turn something that started out in a true and righteous and beautiful sense into something full of darkness. And it becomes a threat to those outside of itself. And so this is the time for you to be aware of the many ways that I am working, the many projects I have initiated on different levels.

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