The Words the Hose Family

Autumn Series - Part III

David Hose
October 30, 1994

My children, how are you this morning? Iíve been waiting several days, but I donít chastise you. I know you are working very hard right now to make ends meet and to prepare for the future, so please let yourselves be fully dedicated and fully free in heart to do this. Itís My desire as well as yours that you are on a stable foundation.

Please make no mistake either, there is reason for you to go through these things. Life is not without reason, and when we have a deep relationship together, then you can more easily see the reasoning behind the challenges that you face. If you had been fully rewarded with, let us say, millions of dollars, great comfort at this time, and everything was going very easily for you, do you think you might have lost connection? I donít know; Iím not sure if you would or would not have. But the point is, for you, at this time in your life, you have needed to learn and to grow. You have struggled, A, to become more knowledgeable in your line of work, and you are dealing very deeply with your own future in terms of your own efforts. If everything just came to you on a golden platter, well, you may not have had to work so hard. You have a tendency, historically, to get too easy when times are easy. Thatís why you need to learn the art of self-discipline and hard work and tough times.

It is true, if you think of Paul the Apostle, he didnít have an easy time in his life. And donít think that just because he had a key mission in early Christian history that he should be rewarded richly, because all of those experiences, from shipwrecks to beatings and so on, had to do with making him the testimony that he was for Me. Jesus himself and your own leadership, True Parents - itís the same. You say, "Well, True Parents seem to live a pretty good life." Please think more deeply than that! They have had a challenging life-style from the beginning. Of course, Father knows the meaning of putting everything into each day - self discipline, hard work; he learned this in his teens. But for each and every person there is a different path to follow, and if you are with Me in heart you will know.

Never ever have the feeling your life is without reason or meaning. So understand that it is you and your relationship with Me that gives your life reason and meaning. And you can look at even unexpected tragedy or events with a sense of wisdom and with a sense of understanding rather than letting those things throw you down and make you lose hope. Remember this. Iíve said this to you at various times in different words, but, perhaps like a carpenter, I have to hit this nail many times to make sure that itís really in there. So please know this.

This morning I do want to speak about the network that is so quietly and so deeply coming from this work, and not only this work with you, but because of My work in the hearts of many. There is a hunger throughout the movement and throughout the world, truly, for a very real relationship with Me. It is a product of the time because, especially in the more advanced nations of the world, there is a great poverty of spirituality and a great need for a renewal of the individual heart. And this is what I am concerning Myself with at this time.

That renewal, with very few exceptions, will not, truly, come from any of the existing church structures. It has to be a renewal that is given birth in My relationship with each and every person and will come in some of the most unexpected ways, as it has done with you. Did the church you belong to put together the scenario on October 2, 1991? No. And yet it was an opportunity for us to come together in very real circumstances, and so thatís why I say that it comes in unexpected ways.

As you look now out at the many people who are reading these writings that come out of these sessions, I want you to think for a moment of the possibilities that are there. I told you before that these writings are not an end in themselves, and anyone who would just depend on these writings without looking into themselves for that experience with Me (which you have come to depend on so deeply in your daily life), these people are just like anyone who holds on to a certain structure. In other words, their spiritual life is coming through the mail. They are, basically, repeating the process of much of history for many people, and that is letting external circumstances be the fundamental motive for their spiritual life. But I am interested, at this time, in really developing that personal relationship with each and every person. This has everything to do with the heart of the individual and, finally, nothing to do with typing these messages up.

Well, you think of the process in the spiritual world. The person who has gone to the spiritual world in a very, let us say, earthly state of mind, without much connection to Me, over a process of much development and much experience finally needs to return to Me. And yes, there are many groups and many organizations, so to speak, in the spiritual world that have that purpose. And there may be a connection with one or another of those things in the spiritual world, but ultimately it is that the heart of the individual fully needs to merge with My heart.

This is something that should have happened in the physical world in the beginning. That was the whole purpose of the Garden of Eden. Had there been no invasion of evil and no separation from Me, then "truly" My children could have merged with Me "on this earth". And the spiritual world would be just the next step. So itís a very difficult process after the fall; so difficult that many of My children end up hating themselves, they end up having no belief that I could live with them or in them. And this, of course, was your situation, which you are now learning has nothing to do with Me and has nothing to do with who you truly are. So then what is this network of heart thatís coming from your writings? I mentioned this over a year ago in our talk together.

It is not a new organization. It is not some new movement within the Unification movement. Please do not think that, because then your mind begins to take over that thought, and you begin to think, "Yes, we have to change the movement." I want you to understand that My purpose is not simply to change your movement or any movement. My purpose is to build that original relationship and that original status between Me and My children throughout the world. And always has been. If the movement changes as this is accomplished, thatís wonderful. But thatís not the end for Me. The end is the kingdom of God on earth. And that is My one goal and one absolute desire and determination from the beginning until now.

A was reflecting, and I want him to go ahead and say because itís true. In the Bible it says, "As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end." This statement is very, very important, and it has everything to do with this network of heart that I am growing and cultivating throughout the world. In the beginning, "there was My heart". That was "it" and the purpose that came from My heart and the plan that came from My heart. As it was in the beginning, "so shall it be in the end" means that everything comes to conclusion again in terms of its fulfillment on the foundation of My heart - My heartistic purpose. Only in the beginning, you see, I was alone; in the end there are many of you. The family has been established, so to speak, at least on the physical level. But then finally the family has to come back home. And so once more it is a matter of reestablishing very clearly, this time between father and all sons and all daughters, this clear framework and clear reality of heart between us Thatís been the sole purpose of all prophesy, of all religion, of all spirituality throughout history to reestablish this, not for just a few holy men and women but for all people. That is your true status. And thatís My true goal.

Heart is the ground, the very fundamental ground of everything. And when your spiritual feet are "planted" in that soil, then you can grow in a true way. There is no lying to yourself; there is no lying to Me; there is no lying to others. You see, lying comes out of an insecurity. Lying comes out of being separated "truly" from what you are and, therefore, you have to make up what you are. You have to someway make up for the feeling of insecurity by making an unreal kind of status for yourself and then, finally, for the people around you. And they can sense that; in the deepest sense, they can sense it. And so much of this world, as you know, is built on that kind of lie. I donít want to go off into that, but I want to come back to this network of heart.

You see, from the beginning, if there had been no fall of humanity, then this network of heart, beginning with My first children, would have allowed you very quickly to experience what I did. That is the relationship between heart and true creativity, that is the central motive, and then the means and the creative idea coming out of this central motive are "one"! Thatís the way it should have been for Adam and Eve and for their sons and daughters, generation by generation. And so at the end of history, at the building of the kingdom, finally, after all the struggles, the central motive, the heart and the creativity, the planning involving the intellect and the will and all these things that you speak about, come together as one. But the heart is the clear source. Then someone says, "Thatís our belief; in the movement, we already know that." My question is: Is it working in your own life? That very sense that many have that they are not valuable to God, or that they donít have a connection with God, or that their prayers to God are abstract, or that there is no fullness in those prayers, these are indications that that inner chamber, that sacred place in your own heart that wants to connect with "My heart", as parent and child, has not been opened up by you.

And there are some who even believe that they are not worthy to enter into that sacred chamber, that first they have to do a tremendous amount of clothes washing, and a tremendous of work, and have some kind of "result", and then they can proudly enter into that inner chamber. Do you know how many people have physically died without yet feeling worthy, without yet feeling that their clothes were clean enough? It turns into a different thing when one believes that way, and it becomes a very self-centered kind of process that goes on, and it loses connection with Me. And this, what seems to be a rather humble approach of "Well, I have to do many more things and I have to wash many more clothes before I can enter that place with God" can actually become a situation of ignorant arrogance and hurting oneself and hurting others too. So the feeling of humility before Me, the feeling of hesitation to enter in, is a natural matter because youíre coming out of a world that does have a lot of dirt and a lot of impurity, and you all have it within you. But from that point of hesitating to go into that room, My feeling is "No, no. Please come in. "Please come in now"! Please come in and we will work together." And so that moment is important for you to simply realize that sense of unworthiness. But what you do afterward is "so important", whether itís centered on Me, listening to My voice, or not.

There are many who you are sending these talks to who anxiously await talk by talk any new things. And I want to say to you who read this that this is your time to really search within your own life the process of coming to Me and to really think to yourself, "Where am I?" in your own experience and in your own life, in that of your couple and of your family. Try to locate Me. Itís true that I find different entrances into each life. In other words, circumstances in each of your lives that allow Me to come for a moment or for a day, and youíll feel something very light and very deep. "THAT is the time to believe, to grasp My presence".

Many of you are wondering "how" you can open your heart, because you have been reading enough of these to know that that is what I want more than anything - to have this relationship with you. Please donít come to the writers of these messages, the ones who are putting them down on paper, because their life and your life, in one way, is very different. Each of you has different circumstances, different paths to walk. But one thing I can say to you: Lose your concept of prayer and of coming to Me. If youíll notice, when you get down on your knees on Sunday mornings to do your pledge, you may experience the feeling of "Well, I do this every Sunday morning, and this is what I pray each Sunday morning. I pray for this and this and this, and this is what Father said to pray for, so this is what Iíll do."

Now some of you may have a very rich experience in this, and this is good. But some may feel that this is a kind of pattern of prayer and itís a little more formal. Itís true that in a church service or in a pledge prayer or whatever, you are surrounded by many people. You may feel a certain formality that does not allow you into this very special place in your own heart. Now "that is very much what I am wanting you to do"!

So, itís a matter of going into your closet, as Jesus said in the Bible, and having your own personal time. And throw out - donít let into your closet - all those concepts about being able to pray or not being able to pray, or having a good prayer life before, or what happened now, and what you should pray, and who said what about prayer. Leave those outside of the closet along with your shoes and let us just share together.

I want this more than "anything". I want you to know [tearfully now] that I have sought, in creating the world hat you live on, to be "fully expressed" through My children. Not in some egotistical way, but that each of you would have a precious gem within your lives and through your lives on a whole necklace of creation - just like a necklace going around the world. A necklace of priceless gems, each one cut, each one with its own color, every one different. And so your experience with Me, your feeling with Me may be somewhat different from the next person, and different inspirations will come through. Someone may be very intellectual and think you canít have a relationship with God.

This is silly! There are many intellectual people who love their own physical parents very deeply. Is it any different for us? Or someone else thinks, "Oh, Iím so bad, how can I have a relationship with God?" Weíve already covered this; I donít even want to speak about it anymore. But through each of your lives and the amazing uniqueness that I have put in each of you, you will make a powerful contribution to this thing that is called the kingdom. My family growing up. Just as you see the uniqueness in each of your children, then you have it. I tell you it is so rich, it is so rich. And that uniqueness, no matter what you plan to do, can be powerfully grounded in this heart of our communication, and can bring forth great things.

You know the Divine Principle. You know the things that make for goodness, at least through your studies and through your experience of these principles. But "now itís a time" through our own relationship and through our communication to let these things become alive and real. Some of you may be totally dedicated to become a missionary and go here or there and to just throw yourself into loving those who are in an unloved state.

Let yourself; let it be. Someone else may have a different conviction about what they wish to do, or that conviction may totally change through our communication. Let that be! Let that be. You certainly know that our communication is not going to lead you into evil or darkness or lead you away from those True Parents that you believe in and have faith in. Thatís the kind of faith Iím asking from you. So "once more I want to say go into your closet" - I donít mean literally now. Please. Donít go off into a closet somewhere [laughs].

But go to that quiet place, you and your spouse. Itís very good because it certainly opened up this couple when they could be together. And I tell you, many of you need to take that time as husband and wife to make this trinital relationship with Me. And when I say that, I donít want you to say, "Oh yes, the trinity, thatís what the Principle says weíre supposed to do." FORGET IT! Because there goes your brain again, and there goes your sense of duty externally to something youíve been told. I want you to find it within yourself! Thatís why sometimes the greatest believers are those who donít just believe what theyíre told, but who really seek within themselves to verify those things. In one way, throw everything out and start again.

Please understand why I say this. Because you are currently and have been suffering from a state that many religious people have had in their own lives. Those of you who may consider yourselves to be the best in your movement of faith may have fallen prey to this total sense of duty and honor and respect for what you believe. This is good. But youíre still letting your motive come from outside of yourself, and youíve got to find that place within yourself.

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. In the beginning I was to have complete and total relationship with Adam and Eve and with their sons and daughters, one by one by one. There was no church at that time, only that relationship. So shall it be in the end. That is the goal of the Unification movement. Thatís the spoken goal, thatís what your own great teacher has said, and that is the goal of all spiritual faith efforts throughout history. So I want to have that relationship with you.

Please, please do not allow these old patterns of self-negation to rule your lives. And for those of you who donít have those patterns and are very proud of your faith, also you need to look at your own patterns and then find that place where you can speak with Me. Find it together with your spouse. If perhaps you want to do it alone first, fine. But the important thing is that you can understand what Iím saying. Then youíll be able to fulfill. Youíll be able to fulfill the goals that you have believed in for these many years.

As I said, I want to really live with you. I am so anxious to know you and to have you know Me so that we can laugh together and have tears together. We can find meaning together. There are so many beings who already know this. So many. Even in some cases, and you may not believe it, the four-footed friends in your world. They have this knowledge. No they are not intellectual in the sense that you are, but they know the path of their lives and they are very comfortable with that. Theyíre natural. They live naturally, in that sense. And so, you too are made to be this way.

Do not be separated into two or three or fifty multiple personalities like your current talk show agenda covers so often. No. You are to be one, and we are to be one.

I have more to say to you about this networking of heart and about the future, but, as I said, I donít want to let you start to think that this is a new movement within the movement or a new structure thatís being set up. Please think beyond it, because you need to seek within yourself and not just start to talk about the politics of some new network. Do you understand Me? Please understand this. This is "so important". You need to go to the bottom in yourself and really do some work. Find that closet. Forget network.

Forget all these things and then let us see what comes forth. Just let us see. First Iíd like to talk with you. First Iíd like to share with you. And I tell you, when you enter the room youíll know that youíve gone to that place. Youíll know by the very powerful things that start happening in your life. I invite you. I donít demand or command you. This is not something that comes down like orders from your headquarters. This is the plea of a papa and mama. I love you and I want so much to embrace you, to let you melt in My arms, and, yes, I can melt in your arms too. And the kingdom can come. It can come, and it is SO close, closer than you think.

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