The Words the Hose Family

Part III: Relationship With God And The Meaning Of Service

David Hose
January 12, 1993

Service is a good thing to speak about tonight because it's a major point in each of your lives at this time, externally and internally. Each of you is discovering that world of serving your fellow human being. And after all, even the fallen world is beginning to realize, to wake up and see that service is a very important point of business, of international relations, of bringing a nation, a community, a family together.

People are more aware of the feminine today and, indeed, when you look at history, sincere human service was not as clear a moral value as it is today. Prejudice was easily displayed without any shame in the past, and there was no accusation about prejudice in the past, until the 20th century, until we began to realize the common family that we all are. So service now becomes a critical value for the building of the Kingdom. The greatest service of all is that rendered by the messiah. He is everyone's servant. Of course, he's everyone's parent, and he's the son of God. But at the same time he renders the greatest service of all, which is like a healing service. The great doctor, as he has often said himself, to change the blood lineage, to redeem the human race.

This is the greatest service of all, and it demands absolute sincerity. So if those who follow that messianic ideal are to have any success at all, they must realize that he comes as the one in service. One of the final actions of Jesus with his disciples was that of washing their feet. It was profound service. Do you remember I talked about this last week? Yes, he came down to the foulest part of his disciples, their feet, that which walked the dirty paths and trails of Jerusalem and the surrounding area, and washed those feet. And what he was doing was reaching beyond their feet, reaching beyond the foulest part of themselves. And in that respect the feet represents the fallen part of the man. He reached beyond their feet into that part of them that was of God. And this is the action of the messiah in serving. He serves that which is true and original in humanity. He does not come merely to obliterate evil because, as you know, the messiah, as the son of God, sees and knows the original purpose of humanity, the original character, the original heart. And in that way he comes to affirm that heart, the affirmation of that heart, and the originality in each person. He reaches beyond the fallen nature.

Religion has become misguided often and has pointed at the dirty feet rather than wash them, and has become so taken with accusation and cross-accusation, but the fundamental reality is that nobody is willing to reach down and take even the cancerous foot of a brother or sister and dip it in the water of life and to wash it and, therefore, to see beyond that dirt and look at the potential of the person. This is the true meaning of love. So whether it be in business or in the family or whatever pursuit in life, this affirmation is the thing that must stand behind all of our actions. And this is the greatest and deepest meaning of being a positive person.

"R," [a friend] you are saying that Dale Carnegie is quite shallow. From where you stand this is true because you've had a lot of realization. But it was a beginning early in the 20th century, and truly, though you may not believe it, I was behind him and helping him open the most preliminary door to a whole mode of thinking. And this positive thinking, this affirmative movement - Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, and all of these other people - all of them in their own way have served the Kingdom. Their contributions were inspired. Because religion by and large, if you look at it in the late 19th and early 20th century, did not primarily and in its mainstream have that mode of thinking. There was more of the combative, accusative, narrow mode. And so somewhere there has to open up the Golden Rule, the affirmative type of thinking. And so it was with these men that I could work, and, if you are willing to accept it, I want to carry on that torch with your own work, in the realm that you're working in. And so whether you become famous and write a great book or not, that's not the main point.

The important thing for you right now is to dig deeply, via the work that you're doing now, and also your connections, and even as you go traveling on your upcoming business trip, to really bring your thought through the external pursuit that you have. So take time to pray and take time to make those connections with Me while you're traveling. You're going to have a lot of insights on your trip. You're going to have a lot of insights in the near future, as a matter of fact. It is good for you to write some of these things down, to keep a journal, and to do it in a more disciplined manner, because as we go into the year 2000, as you know, Father is talking about all aspects of human life coming into the Kingdom.

So business is a very important one, and it is true that largely the businesses of Unification Church, right now, have been desperately trying to earn money, and in that desperation sometimes there is a lack of depth, there is an all out rush toward profits, and then profits get lost because sometimes relationships are misused, neglected, misunderstood. So, there are many people coming out of the Unification movement who, nonetheless, as they enter business, like you, are realizing that the Principle in its deeper meaning is so important in carrying on a business. And, therefore, remember that a lot of your insights come from your rooting in the Principle over the past 15-18 years of your life, and even your past and present struggles, your difficulties have gone into building a foundation in your life for what you're doing now.

So, let those insights, let those observations really flow, and let Me guide. It's not important at this moment, in the sense of how you plan to make this known to the world, because it's something that really needs to come from Me. I've held "H" (husband) back from going on to starting to organize a book because it's still early and foundations still need to be laid. There has to be more water under the bridge in that respect, so please realize that and just stay with Me day by day. I'm always telling "H" "I am with you, I am with you, I am with you" because he needs to be reminded of that. He easily gets involved through his own enthusiasm in his own ideas, and I have to turn the page over to the other side and show him that My presence is so important in his daily life. And it's a very thin page between your subjective thought and My presence. And if you just turn that page over (it's a very delicate, fine paper), you'll find that I am there. I am just on the other side of your thought, and there is much potential if you but realize this.

So that recognition, that sense of knowing My presence is very important. And in that, then you can be guided beyond just subjective emotions. This is important. Many people have started out very inspired, but get caught up in reflecting upon their own inspirations and then become subjectively involved and lose Me. I don't mind if people don't recognize Me right away in the work that they're doing. Sometimes I come as a stranger in the night to begin to move them. It's an unfortunate situation, but that's the reality of the fallen race; they don't know that I am with them many times. Yet I cannot wait for them to recognize Me and bow down and say "Oh Glory to God!" I have to start working with them almost covertly. And as they become inspired, there are those who begin to realize that there's a divine presence in their life, or some kind of spirit or whatever they want to call it. But I have to use these people because they have, as I said at the beginning of this talk, that divine original spirit that I gave them, and that's what I am working with always, affirming that spirit. I am not putting my energy into accusing the shortcomings or the evil of a person. And to follow Me is to take this same tack yourself, and that's what human service is all about.

Those who think that service is simply a way to enhance their profit or their success, don't begin to see the meaning of service. Actually, they are only serving themselves. And so I do not accuse this, but those people simply have to evolve and realize that if businessmen have the right approach, then even business could save the world because it would go beyond itself. And that's what you're seeing now, isn't it? It's beyond business. It's beyond business. We're talking about bringing something to humanity that is so profound that even through a business conference people could be reduced to tears if they really felt the true meaning of human interaction and this affirmation of that original nature. So, unfortunately religion has not majored in this kind of thinking. And Unificationism has been given a mission to open up this potential. But, again, the human problems come up and I have to work through whomever I can. Recall that in history there were the monarchies, but when the monarchies didn't work I had to work through democracy.

There have been many little monarchies in the Unification movement, and unfortunately those power blocks have not been correctly understood many times. And so what happens is that people become oppressed and there is a loss of that affirmative spirit. And, again, we find people in power positions misusing the very people that they should be raising up, encouraging, lifting up beyond themselves. How many times has Father said: "I want to make you higher than I am"? That's the true spirit of a parent. Too many times there has been insecurity about position, and those who are most gifted are sometimes most discouraged because they become a threat to those in power. That is a story that is repeated for the past thousands of years in human history. And this is a human problem. It is not a Unification Church difficulty.

It is something that the Unification Church must restore, and there is still a good opportunity. But now there are those, with the tribal messiah era opening up, who are put in a democratic mode. There is no big central figure over you. And yet, in that sense too, your responsibility becomes all the more fearsome because there is no safe center. You're on your own. You have any option, any potential. And so it demands a great degree of maturity, self-control, and especially relationship with Me, a building of a solid relationship with Me. This is the foundation for true service and true success in this day. If you look back in the 19th century, there may have been another criterion for success. But that was the 19th century.

Values have changed. And the providence has come in very close to the human race. And that's why people are conscious right now, very strongly, although there is much evil in the world, but there is a consciousness within the heart of man that is stronger now than at any time in history of what is good. It may seem strange looking at today's society, but it is growing. People are really looking for something, and they know what is empty and what is meaningless, but it's just that they don't often see what they can get hold of. Even the churches can't supply it. And so in a way people are looking for something beyond the churches and this is good. Because if the answers were in the churches, then there wouldn't be this desperation. So, "R," please open yourself up during this time and try, yourself, to receive insight, understanding. You don't have to rely on "H." He has been put in this position to get things started, but, as I have said many times before, this is an age when the original mind of many (in fact, finally, everyone) should be opening up so that we can have this wonderful communication very regularly. This will change the world as it is changing the lives of those in this household.

["H" pauses, then asks Heavenly Father if He wants to say anything more.]

What I am giving is a foundation for service, a framework within which service can be brought very powerfully into gear in your lives. It is the realization of the forces that I am bringing about that will make your service profound. So truly you are serving Me in your life. And if you recognize that, then you will be able to serve others very deeply, and not from a subjective position but by remaining objective to Me. That way, even if you are doing business, they are going to feel a power, a substance, a love through you that they will not be able to explain, but that will make them curious. And it will give you the opportunity to reach them. This is so important. And so, you serve as a bridge between Myself and that person or those people. Remember that. It's whatever mode you're working in. I did not make man to compartmentalize his life into the religious spiritual mode and then into a completely different mode: business; and then a completely different mode, home life; and then a completely different mode, you know, just interaction on the street. No. You should serve as a bridge in all pursuits. But it is your realization of that that is the most important. You cannot do it because I said, but because you see that. And as you see that and open your heart to it, then that's the most important thing.

I want to leave you with that tonight and, again, to encourage you to record. "H" and you too "W," (wife) I want you to be more serious about keeping these records, these tapes, organizing them, filing them, preparing them for whatever I ask you to do in the future. Okay? This is serious because sometimes during the day, it's almost like our times together didn't happen. You get caught up by many things. We can only go as far as you put importance on what we are doing here. So please, please take Me seriously. If you have seen great things already, please believe that far greater things are waiting. I am not limited. It's you who limit yourselves sometimes. You've got to be aware of taking off those yokes and opening up yourselves more.

This will be the third section of this three-part talk. I want you to work quickly on transcribing these three talks.

So, "R," please have a good trip and don't you worry about the future, okay? Work on today. Don't worry about family or whatever in the future. Those things will come to pass. But, it's important that you work with Me in this way, and don't ever feel like you are just "getting into business." Don't let that mind come up. Work with Me through the direction you are taking. That's the important thing. You could be a priest and completely off track, remember, or you can be a businessman and really _with_ Me. It doesn't matter, so please realize that, and stick with Me in this respect.

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