The Words of David and Taco Hose


Journey Together

David and Tacco Hose
October 31, 1998

Good morning. I'm happy this morning because David just visualized jumping out of the boat and plunging deep into the water with not a finger holding on to the boat! That's exactly what I long to see in terms of your freedom to let go, David!

This morning I want to speak about journeying together. I spoke to you a year ago about your coming to the end of a long, historic journey, and knocking on the door of that home of the heart, and finding Me sitting by the fire waiting for you to arrive. There was great truth there, but this morning I want to talk to you about something else which is not regarding a final destination; for you see, that home was actually just the beginning point for your life.

That home is your relationship with Me, our heart-to-heart, face-to-face relationship. You travel out of that home as you move through life, for from that point we can journey infinitely. This journey is an internal one, and some of you are on that journey and some of you have stopped somewhere.

Going back six and a half years ago to your beginning with Me, in those first prayer sessions when your hearts opened up to Me, you recognized that I was with you and that I had been there all along. You recognized Me! I was very, very happy with that recognition. But make this clear in your mind: I was not happy with your recognition alone. I was happy with the recognition as a beginning point for us to journey together, to grow together, to discover new things together, to travel an infinite path together.

Your recognition of Me was just the beginning point. This is very important for you to perceive. You see, you live in a world of people who long for recognition, who want so badly in their lives to be known, to be upheld. In your own lives at various times you have longed to be recognized and upheld, justified and called good, smart, brilliant. But for what reason? That's a question you yourself have to answer. You are surrounded by a world of people who long for recognition, but it is simply love and respect that they are hungry for!

My question this morning is, once the recognition has been given where is the journey? So you're honored? Respected? Loved by the populace? But for so many this has become poison because they have no idea of what to do with the fame or recognition that they have been given. They are stuck because there is no journey for them. It's far preferable to be an unrecognized, innocent journeyer than to be someone who has become widely famous but has no idea of where to go.

These motives are different from what I experienced by your recognition of Me. Our first moments together were the beginning of a journey. That would be the only reason for My joy in your recognition of Me. I sought nothing in terms of being praised for the fact that I'm a great God, that I inspired all the holy books and all the holy people of history, that I created the earth and all the universe. Praise, praise, praise! Do you think I'm happy with just that? I know all those things; no one has to praise Me for them. I did that from My own free desire. It came from My heart.

Think of your children. Is it enough for them just to praise you for having given birth to them and raised them, and bought your house and gotten a car, and done all those wonderful things? Should they spend their lives just praising you for what you did? Will that make you happy? No, you want to journey with them! You want to grow together; and you long for them to go way beyond yourself. This is the way I am, too. Praise for Me becomes very empty when it is not accompanied with the attitude of journeying and growing together. As I told you before, that's what eternity is for, that's what perfection is: growth, development, discovery.

I love this brother Sigi and his wife -- your friends from England, your family, your brother and sister -- because more then anything they want to journey. In the seminar last weekend, Sigi manifested that attitude of seeking to journey very deeply. The words, "I link to God through my Higher Self" is a passport with which to go on an infinite journey, and you can apply it more and more deeply as you travel. To share this with people is all this man is interested in. Not his own glory, not that he be recognized as some amazing spiritual leader or guide, but that people can find their place in the bosom of God, and that God and those children can travel together. There is only their desire to help others discover that path, that journey that I want to take them on as sons and daughters. There's no insecurity there, is there? That is a new kind of human being. It shouldn't be new; that kind of attitude should go all the way back through history. But unfortunately it does not.

Your journey is just beginning. And of course, you have come to recognize Me in a uniquely different circumstance than Sigi did, but in both cases there has been a lot of suffering along the way, a lot of experience, a lot of reflection, some heartbreak, and always the willingness to keep trying and to keep the eyes open. I told you long ago to just see, to keep your eyes open, not to shut them, and not to give up. And somewhere along the line you begin to see the path ahead of you more and more clearly. For each of you this journey gives you a sense of security and stability in yourself that does not demand the old kind of recognition, of being lifted up, that history has witnessed so often.

One of the happy places in your world is an airport. People are always excited when they're going somewhere, and you see many happy faces at an airport. That's one place to go to get inspired. People are ready to take a journey -- perhaps a long-awaited vacation or perhaps a visit to a relative that they haven't seen in many years, so there's great expectation. They know they're going to get on one of those sleek, long jet planes, and when they get off at the other end they know that there will be a lovely face and an embrace with a loved one, and the sharing perhaps of many years. Also in an airport, with all that expectation and hope, you find on the inside level that people are not bored, not waiting to be lifted up or praised; they're too much involved with where they're going. Airports are good places to be. Life should be like that, with an openness to the path, the journey.

Now let's come back to the daily life after the journey, the returning to a house where you've been together for many, many years. Old attitudes want to reassert themselves almost immediately. Especially the end of a wonderful vacation can be a challenging time for you: The joy becomes a memory and perhaps an album full of pictures; you come from a high back down to daily life. Now you have to face who you really are and do something with it. And many do not, therefore you have many ego battles going on -- fighting for recognition and all of the things that make for lives that really don't take people anywhere.

In your modern society there are more and more diversions that can take you away from who you truly are. Life becomes one long diversion. I ask you, diversion from what? Might you truly be diverting from the opportunity to find this journey with Me? And so, again, I want to say that you are on a journey.

You departed some time ago, but even on your journey with Me, some of those old attitudes still want to remain. You will learn: how to deal with them as they come up day by day; how to release them and let yourself freely travel with Me. This is actually where you will be most happy and secure, where you will find the greatest growth, development and discovery. This is the beauty that you see in Sigi, and this is the beauty that you can feel within your own life as you allow yourself to travel.

There is much to say about this and perhaps we can continue in the near future, but I want to go to another point -- this realm of the Network of Heart. As you learn to journey with Me, you will become more and more sensitive to others who are also learning to journey with Me. That is, in essence, this network of heart that I've spoken to you of. It is not an unmoving network like so many radio stations here and there which are in connection with one another. It is a moving, growing network, one which can transform humanity and all of your history, and open the doors to tremendous light!

For those who want to go with Me and make this inner journey, you will become more and more sensitive to one another as you meet (although there are many that you'll never meet simply because of the largeness and the great population of your planet). But as you do meet, you will recognize one another. And your joy is not in polishing one another's medals or complimenting one another's glorious and holy garments. Your joy is in quickly discovering together, traveling together, growing together. That is where your joy comes from.

You will be entering a world where people are too happy and too fulfilled to just have their medals polished, their garments praised, and their accomplishments held up. That is for the past. The future lies with those who simply want to pack their bags and move on together and grow. Then and only then is when you discover your true nature as a human being.

Each and every one of you has infinite capacity for growth, discovery, and development! And yet, the majority in your world today are almost completely out of touch with that capacity, and the discoveries most do make in this area are small and very limited indeed. In this situation suffering oftentimes is a great friend; it forces people to reach further to survive. However, suffering isn't necessary when you have already opened that part of yourself that wants to try and wants to grow and wants to discover new things with your God and with one another. And so it is in coming to know Sigi and those others that you have met who are already on this journey. Your joy is in working together, moving together, growing together, discovering new things together.

There are those (and there is a part of each of you yet) who are made very insecure by you who want to travel, because there is another nature in you that wants to settle down and build and have some kind of a foundation in life. I tell you, your foundation, in essence, is our relationship. That's the richest and most secure foundation that you could ever have.

The foundations that My people tend to prefer are many times extremely insecure foundations that could be destroyed within a minute. We don't need to go into all of them, but some are: money, ego recognition, the sense of position, pride of accomplishment in their past, nice places to live and nice groups to gather within. You can surround yoursef..., and stop yourself from journeying. That's why I say that often the best thing for you is to have these foundations knocked out so that you can come to discover the best and most real foundation, the original one, which is our relationship. That's what makes you a living being.

For you, David and Tacco, you had to have a lot of your foundations knocked out before you really reached for Me. Each of you in your own way will face those moments when you will need to make a choice: Do you want to go with what you've always gone with, or will you truly reach to a new place, and find a very genuine foundation within yourself in that primary interface with Me?

This is the nature of the future. You have a scientific and technical community which already is moving very, very quickly. Look at the computer industry! Every six months computers become obsolete, and it's going more and more quickly. There's tremendous travel there in terms of discovery and development, and that is humanity's nature -- to want to improve.

But ironically, when you look at the inner situation of humanity -- this whole problem of ego and the building of false foundations -- so much of this technology and this outer development is simply going into dressing up the corruption that people have been stuck in internally. This then becomes misused technology. Your discoveries are misused because you don't want to travel on an inner spiritual level, which is growing as true sons and daughters of God.

If the inner doesn't join the outer, sooner or later you have disaster. Do you understand what I mean? That's why I am saying that this journey that we want to make together is very, very important. And I encourage you to work fully and deeply and come to know, sincerely and genuinely, those people you discover in that Network of Heart. This is so important because it is the future. You will know who those people are as they enter your life; your heart becomes more and more sensitive to that unconditional heart that you will see in them.

When ego raises it's head, or when someone becomes caught at a certain point, then you can help them from that unconditional place of love. Don't stand back and judge them and push them down. That's not My nature, and if you're in touch with Me it should not be your first tendency either. Do you understand?

This is a very simple thought, isn't it? But very important and very applicable in your everyday life. Think of your days as airport days into the journey, and don't unpack your bags. Don't get too happy with your temporary foundations. Of course, I know, sometime you want to have your own home. I understand this. But whether you own a home or not, really doesn't have much to do with what I'm talking about. I'm not asking you to become transients, but I am asking you to become fully able to grow and develop with Me. That is far more than anything physical you could acquire.

I'll leave it at that. Tacco, could you offer prayer please?

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