The Words of David and Taco Hose


Abandon Boat!

David and Tacco Hose
October 17, 1998

HF: Thank you for your prayer, Tacco. I'm very happy when I hear the prayer that is an awakened invitation from you. There are many prayers offered every day, but to tell you straight, the majority of them are from a sleep state. When someone prays there is a stirring, like someone turning over in his sleep and perhaps awakening momentarily. But so often prayers that come from your people still represent very undeveloped selves, and so, even in prayer, the sleep wants to persist.

When I hear a prayer that is a real, awakening communication, it touches Me, penetrating My heart absolutely. It's like your communication with your own children. They make many requests and have much to say, but every once in awhile one of them will say something that comes right through to you. It has nothing to do with the words but with where those words are coming from, and you recognize that there is an awakening process going on in the child. And simply, you feel joy! That's the way I feel too.

I want to speak this morning about a point that both of you have recognized at this moment. It's a simple but very important point, and I'll start by explaining it this way: As David told you (and as I know very well!) there is always that place in these sessions when your prayers are through and it comes to the final moment when he takes the tape recorder on his lap to record whatever I'll express through him. So many times his anxiety mounts as the moment approaches to push that button that says 'Record.' The anxiety is in the form of, "Will anything be there?" or "Okay, God wants to say something, but am I correctly sensing the direction that He wants to take, or will it just be my idea that I'm attached to?" or "I'm just not sharp this morning, tired, went to bed late last night. Am I going to be fuzzy in my reception like a bad radio?"

So what do I tell David? When the moment comes to push the record button over and over again I just say to him, "Push the button NOW! Very quickly!" Let's call it "Peter stepping out of the boat." When Jesus called, he didn't explain the techniques of what Peter should do or feel, he simply beckoned for Peter to join him. Peter could catch the moment. Without anxiety, without worrying about technique, he simply put one foot out of the boat and took a step, and did something that up until then he never thought about being impossible. The second step was the problem for Peter because he began to think too much. "What am I doing? How can I be walking on water? People can't walk on water!" Immediately Peter went back to Peter's subjective mind and began to analyze what was going on, and that's when he sank like a rock.

This is true for you in the stepping out of your boat. Your boat, I might tell you, is your consciousness that you keep every day. Many people think that they are safe in their little boats. I am asking you to step out of your boat and walk on a much larger ocean. And you worry. And this is David facing the moment of pushing the record button -- stepping out of his little boat, the subjective consciousness that he keeps with him every day. Why do I tell him, "Just do it NOW!"? In that very quick moment he can take the first step.

In your communication with Me it's not a matter of analyzing the technique, going through all the wondering as to what I will speak about or whether you are prepared. Simply, these are all subjective thoughts in your little boat of consciousness. Do you understand? This subjective intellectualizing and emotionalizing of your daily experience seals you into your boat! Meanwhile, you don't realize that this very little survival boat that you are in is floating on an ocean of God!

Can you imagine a man floating in his tiny boat on an ocean called God, and he claims to be an atheist who doesn't believe in the ocean?! That is the case with many people. There are many others who just don't feel God, yet they're literally floating on that divine ocean.

The ocean is all encompassing, and it is within you. Within you is where you step out of the boat. I wanted to speak about this last week, but David was struggling; he was holding on to his boat. David, this is often your problem. You want to keep a rope attached to that boat so you can pull yourself back into it just in case you start to sink. This is the problem of many. You love to have a nice experience with Me, but it always feels safe to hop back into your boat with your subjective awareness and your subjective thoughts and emotions, because that's where you've been all your life. It's very comfortable, isn't it? Perhaps there's a nice pillow in your boat; there's a nice rocking action.

When you really come to know Me, there is no boat. There is only the ocean. And you are free. As I told you last week, you can sink into this ocean and still breathe. In fact, there's a much richer oxygen for your spirit in the depths of this ocean that I Am.

Tacco, you cling in the boat of your worries about the many problems of daily expenses and responsibilities. On one hand, I honor you because this is not merely idle thought or subjective emotion on your part, but a deep sense of responsibility. You have carried it all of your life. In fact, you are known by many as a person who does not act in an irresponsible way, who does not drop the ball. You're known as a person who will give her life to fulfill a responsibility. This is a great thing and I honor that in you.

However, I also want to say to you, as with David, and as with every person who walks the face of the earth, there is the matter of discovering what your particular little boat is. What keeps you from stepping out into the broad expanse that I Am and being free? Responsibilities are the things that you have to take care of over the years and these are your obligations in life; they are not your boat. But within each of you there is something that will attach itself to those many things in your daily life, and you feel obligated or drawn toward it in some way. You build your boat around it as you grow. And sitting there in the midst of fulfilling all those responsibilities you don't feel My presence, and there is despair.

That despair is very old, you attach to those problems at a very early age; many times it goes back almost to conception. For example, Tacco, I know your suffering when you were left at such a young age to be responsible for your little brothers and sisters. You took it very seriously, and that is your beautiful nature.

Tacco: And yet it was too big.

HF: Pain and loneliness connected with that, because you were very young and it was too big. At times you cried out very deeply. You have carried this with you; it's not something that you consciously built as you might a wooden boat, but it is something that comes with you through your life -- the feeling of inadequacy, the feeling of "I am not enough." And as you learn to step out of that boat you will realize a whole new part of yourself.

When I say "that ocean called God," please understand that the ocean called God is within you: You can fully identify with that ocean. You are not going beyond yourself to this "other" Being called God. It is the discovering of your God-self. You are as much a part of that ocean as I Am. We are indeed, One. And so it is not a walking away from your responsibilities that you carry with you in your boat, (for some people do try to live their spiritual life to escape their obligations in this life). No. You might say that the ocean is a greater context for the boat that you have traveled in, and you don't have to carry them in a boat. You can carry those responsibilities with you and continue to function in a very effective way without the boat.

Again, the boat is not the real obligations in your life of being the mother, the provider, the one who carries on day by day. The boat is what keeps you away from the divine consciousness which is within you. So it's a direct contradiction when you say "I carry all my responsibilities and my obligations within my boat," because the boat is not healthy. You need to see those responsibilities in the context of this greater ocean that is truly our union. Then those responsibilities will no longer relate in unhealthy ways back to your painful past, like painful feelings of inadequacy going back even into childhood. They become something very new. You will find a greater strength, a greater vision, a greater context and perspective, and a very healthy present-moment way to carry those responsibilities with you. Furthermore, you will easily resolve difficulties that challenge you at this moment! And this is true for every person.

Don't just carry in your boat these duties and responsibilities, and your frozen places that you have in this moment. It's time to throw them overboard, and go ahead with them! Jump out! Each one of you has a boat that is unique to each life. You each need to reflect deeply upon this in the context of our relationship. Find out how your boat came to be built, what it is made of, and why on one hand you want to escape it, but on the other hand you've made it very comfortable for yourself so you can always stay there.

I'm very happy because David is giving Me the freedom to say what I want. Why? He's jumped out of his boat this morning. And he let go of the rope! Now David, you don't have to search around for the rope after this is over. When it comes time to go back to your art studio are you going to search and search for the rope and then jump back into your boat?

Unfortunately, My analogy is incomplete, because when Peter lost his faith he sank into the ocean. When you lose your faith you go running back across the top of the ocean and jump back into your boat. My request to you is to sink into this ocean of consciousness, which is our relationship. Go ahead; you will sink into this ocean in a very happy way. And you'll be able to see in a whole new perspective the responsibilities, the challenges, the people and relationships, the ups and downs, the things that come before you daily, in your deepest faith and deepest awareness of Me, and no longer in the context of your historical despair or the historical limits that you had placed on yourself that is your particular boat. Am I making myself clear this morning?

Tacco: I have been thinking the same thing. I knew that I would come to this moment; I saw it coming. I will make really becoming conscious of this my very important homework.

HF: Those of you who receive this, wherever you are may say, "Well, Heavenly Father talks about a boat, but He didn't describe it." And I say to you that this is your homework. It's not something that I can describe for each of so many hundreds of you. Don't be lazy. This is something that you need to deeply look at. This indeed is the work of so many groups and organizations now. What kind of wood did you use to build your boat? What kind of unfortunate blueprint brought the boat together that you're floating in? [sigh]. . . And so, it is a work for each of you to do.

Recognize the situation of a whole world of people in individual boats, bumping into each other but so often failing to recognize the very body of consciousness and divinity that your boats are floating upon. And there is fear in so many to step out, or to even see that ocean. In their boats they have their tools of power, of position, of security, of finance, of enjoyment and pleasure, and it is all rather meaningless.

You don't want to die and have that boat become your coffin! Your boat world is a world or realm that you have made which is without real substance. It's better within this life to be able to free yourself. This is why I come to you and it is why I speak to you this way! [tears] I want you to be free with Me in our relationship, and I want to be free with you in our relationship. I am tired of looking at these fleets of boats with sleeping people on board. I want to consummate our relationship. It is a deeper union than you can ever know! [tears]

And David, I thank you because you took a real step outside of your boat this morning. What you do after you close this moment and move on is up to you. I can't dictate anything to you, but I hope that I can communicate the awareness that will allow you to free yourself step by step.

I'd like to ask Tacco to offer something as we close.

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