The Words of David and Taco Hose


The Axis Of Our Relationship

David and Tacco Hose
October 7, 1998

Let Me begin this morning by saying that it is very natural, David, for you to want to be comfortable and in a place of calmness when we have this communication with you, Tacco, and Myself. Obviously, if there were some kind of disturbance going on, like a radio playing, or a cold wind blowing, or if you were dirty, sweaty, or sticky -- something that causes you to worry about the externals around you -- you're not comfortable and that pulls you to the outside.

Please know that you are young in this matter of developing this very deep inner communication, and you do need a calmness and a serenity to hear that voice. So I don't hold it against you for worrying that, because of the things you had to quickly fit into your schedule this morning, you didn't get a shower and a few bites of food as you usually do. At the same time, just because this morning didn't make these possible, please don't let that become a stumbling block for our communication. Think of all the disturbances in your everyday life, like phone calls and people coming in and out of your studio, and of the mental disturbances from worries, stress, or tension. With all of these, how can inner communication become more and more central in your life? You have to recognize that these times together with Me are also times for you to build the strength of our inner connection.

Think of it this way: If you're like a radio, these are times of building your ability to pick up the signal that wants to come through your heart. It was always there but your receiver has been weak, so the signal to your inner ear was extremely faint. It was only at the time when you were desperately seeking that signal that you could finally begin to hear My voice at all clearly. And still this has not been an easily acquired thing. Think of a human race that never learned how to walk and whose legs are very weak. Suddenly one day you have an urgent need to stand and you stumble to your feet. Your legs don't support you for very far, even perhaps for one step, but as you try again and again day by day, you take two steps, then five, and ten, and finally walk everywhere. This is like your communication with Me. That connection is an acquired skill, a strength that lies within you. It's not a matter just of good intentions on your part to do it, it's a matter of daily putting in the effort. These meetings that you have each week with Me -- where you gather together and have only one purpose, to share with each other and with Me -- is not enough. Can you build great strength if you exercise just once a week? You can build greater strength than if you didn't exercise at all, but don't you think it would be helpful if you did some form of exercise every day? This way the building will go on more fully, consistently, and quickly. You need that inner discipline to make effort each day, and then the rock in your shoe, or the cold wind blowing, or a mental problem or concern of one kind or another will not take you so easily away from our inner connection. You see? This connection is important.

I knew that this is the morning of our meeting, David, so I began to share about something with you while you shaved. But I want to express something a bit differently here than what you expected. I was speaking a moment ago on the point of recognizing this central axis within you of our communication. As it becomes more and more powerful in your life, it will evolve from something that is rather skinny within you to a very solid pole of communion with Me. When you have established in yourself that central axis with Me it will be the place from which you live each day, and you'll want for nothing.

Before I speak more about that I want to explain to you the situation of so many in this world, in fact well over 99 percent of your people (though of course this is relative). So many of you do not have that axis within your lives of a clear inner communication with Me. Thus you do not truly know who you are nor do you live out of who you are. Instead you identify yourselves according to your experience in life as you grew up, and explain to others who you are only by telling about the marks, the scars, the blemishes on your skin, and as you grow older, about your wrinkles. Can you truly know someone if you know only the texture of his skin? That idea is laughable. Those who do not have that pole look around themselves for attractive places to go. A good example is your television culture in America. On television you have many attractive people: They've had their teeth fixed so beautifully, and they know how to smile, and they know exactly what to say because some clever writer wrote the good words for them. Whether they are in sports or movie stars, you can enjoy them because something in you wants to identify with that attractive person, and it's someone you'd like to be like.

Look at the advertisements on your television. "If you drink this beer you will be very sophisticated." The people who are pictured drinking that beer usually are very beautiful people. Can you imagine an advertisement about a sophisticated beer with an ugly, dirty, fat old woman drinking the beer, or a sloppy guy who's sweating profusely and has no class at all? That's not the way they're going to sell their beer. They're going to sell it with a lovely young woman sitting next to a swimming pool, and up swims a handsome guy who comes out of the pool. They take that beer and pour it so nicely into glasses and drink. And millions of people at home are saying, "Wow! We need to buy that beer," because the image portrayed is very attractive.

It becomes a nightmare if there is no pole within you that truly establishes your inner self. What you end up with is dashing around trying to find the place and the people and the experiences to identify with that will make you happy and bring some conclusion and satisfaction into your life. But there is no place where you can go. By running around looking for the right person or group, or the right action, or all of those things outside of yourself to relate with to "make you happy," you walk further and further away from who you truly are.

This is the great problem of a society that has lost it's center and become so wrapped up in image and material. These wouldn't be a problem if there were that axis well established within each and every person, for then everything would take its right proportion. You can have your nice glass of beer; the problem is not the beer, the problem is not the pretty people on the television. The problem lies in each one of you and in the lack of your polar relationship -- that communication -- with Me.

When you have established that communication with Me, you will find nothing more important in your life. First of all you will see that you are not the skin that you have identified yourself as. When I say the skin, I mean the outer self that interacts with the world around you. Wrinkled skin, the oncoming of age, is an enemy to so many. Many become hopeless as they see the wrinkles coming into their faces and watch their breasts sag if they're women, or their buttocks fall if they're men. But I'll tell you, these things are no threat to someone who is living out of that central axis of life and relationship with Me. The body is seen then as the vehicle that it is, something that you drive around in but that is not you. As you have made that communication and relationship with Me, you'll find that everything comes into it's true proportion. If you run around seeking the right group, the right person, the right experience, the right surroundings that will make you happy, you'll never find it. It's like trying to grasp smoke that's in the air, or a handful of light from the sun. You'll never do it. But when you have found our communication inside, and really take that sonship and that daughtership as being who you are, then there is nothing but a sense of being right where you need to be. Where you are is the center of everything.

A very important reality that you will find in this place is that there is no comparison in this realm. You no longer see Me as the God of the Pope, or the God of the Messiah, or the God of this or that great person. You see Me as your parent, as the center of your very existence. I am not separate from you; I do not demand an allegiance from you as a separate parent who might demand your worship. No. We are One. I've told you this before:

Allegiance to Me is allegiance to yourself.
Love of Me is love of yourself.
The embracing of Me is truly becoming yourself.

And I feel the same toward you: My allegiance is to you; My love is for you; My embrace is for you.

That union that we are is not something you can understand in your linear way of thinking. It is something that can only be experienced. I come back again to the point that there is no comparison in a world of people who live out of that true union with Me. Yes, there is learning, and comparison in that context -- in the sense of looking at someone else who has developed something that you may not have realized yet. But you can learn without any feeling of judgment about yourself, without any feeling of inferiority, without any feeling of envy. You can simply be open to learn and grow. That was My reason for making the logical mind.

The ability to compare is for growth, for development, not to feel threatened or that your existence is less happy because someone else is better than you are. That is greatly ridiculous! When you know truly who you are, that you are indeed, that God-self, there is nothing to be insecure about. You will understand that you are a causal being. You are not merely a creation like a doll of a creator, waiting to be moved about or taken from place to place like a child totes a Barbie Doll. No, you are causal. There lies within you a tremendous power to make things happen on the inner and the outer levels. One who has been totally devoured by your modern society is a person who has become an effect. And not an effect of God but an effect of what society has shown and given to him. In essence, nothing could be further from that person's true self. That is what has been created on the earth, and can never ever allow what you've called the kingdom of God (what I might simply call My world) to exist. It will never exist with that kind of being... or non-being.

So I come back to the fact that your experiences with Me together in this little room over the past few years are times of building the strength of that inner communication with Me. You could have done it much more quickly, but let Me just say that day by day it's up to you how far you want to go. You can choose to think with the old mind, running here and there looking for satisfaction and forgetting that inner pole within you. Or you can truly make each day an exercise in becoming more and more conscious of that true self, and of living out of that higher self which is our point of union. Please use each day that way! Don't waste your time following those old patterns of thought and emotion which have nothing to do with progress and nothing to do with who you truly are. The mainstream expression of modern society has created a race of aberrations, not human beings. Your beingness is non-expressed, still within you yet unexplored. Until My children can do this, there is nothing to look forward to except more of the same meaninglessness.

Am I hopeless about this? Not at all. I say this to you in trust that you understand what I'm speaking of, and that you will exercise this in your life. Looking at the future My heart is full of joy because I know that there is indeed a network building. I want so much to wash off the old dust of what you have called civilization, wash it off and let you see the meaning of a true civilization. You will be amazed! You've already had many amazing moments as you have been just beginning to open your eyes to this. There is much more to say, but I have to say, David, that this morning you haven't fully let go. You're still holding on to the side of the boat even if perhaps with only one or two fingers. You didn't let yourself go deep into the ocean of your own consciousness today. I don't think you have a fear of sharks but you haven't yet learned to fully immerse yourself. That's why I say you need to practice. Part of you still wants to seek the air above the ocean to breathe, not realizing that in the ocean I speak of it's much easier to breathe in the depths. Please release those two fingers! You need to develop that ability to completely let go of the side of your little boat of survival and plunge into the depths. There are no sharks that can hurt you. There is only our communication. Please remember that. You'll find nothing but light there. And you'll find things that I want to say to you and through you that you can't begin to imagine while you're yet here tied to the boat. This communication and all the creation that comes out of it is what eternity is for! This kind of conscious creation will make the art and the creations that you have made of this world look like the mud on the ground. I want to close this morning, and I'll ask Tacco to offer a prayer.

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