The Words of David and Taco Hose


True Parenthood, True Childship

David and Tacco Hose
September 25, 1998

Good morning. This morning I want to speak with you about a situation that you see around you right now as you observe the church you came out of. Many years ago I told you that I'm not a fortune teller that deals with directions in minute details for your life each day. Instead I long to share a dimension of understanding with you that will allow you yourself to directly take responsibility for the most intimate and finite details of your daily life. I'd be a dictator if I just told you how you should think, how you should see, and what you should do. That's not our relationship. I will take a moment to share about this more deeply.

There have been those who, like children, want everything to be directed by Me -- which water to drink, what food to eat, what to do in a particular moment of the day. I can't go away from that person for they're very much in love with Me; they want Me and nothing else, and that heart itself is precious. But very often there is a failure to understand their part in our relationship, which is essentially to develop and mature: to be able to make your plans and your own decisions in life, to take responsibility for which water to drink, what food to eat, to guide yourself each day. And this indeed makes Me happy.

My presence is there to give you the input, the dimension, the ability to see with a greater and a deeper eye. And as we relate together you can then come to understand what that eye will look at and how that eye will analyze, how that mind and heart will focus in on even the most tiny details. But I am not the One who wants to guide you with answers about everything. Please understand this very fine distinction. It needs to be clear for anyone who truly loves Me and wants to help Me in their life.

It is the dimension of your vision, the dimension of your heart that I offer you, but then you apply it. That is what makes Me very happy. For example, what gives you joy in your relationship with your children? As a parent, if you were to walk around the house with them step by step every day, telling them how to fold their socks, how to butter their bread, how to clean their feet when they come into the house, they may go crazy! And even if they were to ask you to do that, you, yourself would feel very uneasy, that there's something missing in this child's comprehension of just what is a parent-child relationship. And so it is with Me and you.

You as parents will try to give your children a moral dimension. A dimension of understanding -- about growth and development in life, about matters of character, integrity. And hopefully by the impact of the example of your own life in relationship with them, you will give them a compass that can help them as they go out from your home and live separately from you. That would be far more than just father and mother standing over them year after year, threatening them if they do something wrong. What they should take with them is a spiritual, moral, ethical, and logical understanding about going ahead in life. Ultimately you connect them with something beyond yourself and beyond your particular authority: you give them an open door to My own presence in their life. That is your role as parents.

Those of you who come out of a messianic tradition need to understand that even the ones that you have called The Messiah have that same relationship to you as you do to your own children. Their purpose is not to stand over every follower, giving each of them intimate details as to what they should do with their every moment in life. Their purpose, ultimately, is to connect each of their followers with the Higher Authority. After all, the messiah is a messenger and not an ultimate source. There is an Ultimate Source at the root of each religion and behind every religious leader, that's why the greatest message in each and every one of your earthly religions can be boiled down to the same kinds of principles.

But even though I Am that Ultimate Source, I long to relate with you in a way that does not violate your freedom of will, your freedom of choice, your freedom to learn even through the most tragic of your mistakes. I have no intention to stand over you with a whip because then your good is only coming out of fear of what will happen if you do bad. And this is a violation by Me of your integrity as a Child of the Divine. I would be violating My own eternal divinity, and I would lose it. This is most important.

So many consciences have been raised in history by authorities, but they have taught and conditioned those consciences to do good out of the wrong motives. So many religious people have been frightened and fearful, walking through their lives insecure with regard to what is right and what is wrong and what is good and what is evil. Even their deeds and actions of goodness oftentimes carry with them the burden of the fear of the results of evil.

There is not a natural understanding here. I want to say to you one last time, this is representative of a completely wrong understanding of life and of goodness. A tree has no free will so it automatically grows and becomes beautiful, fully expressing it's potential. You may think that if it had free will it would have to deal with the struggle of whether it wants to grow and become beautiful or not, and fear comes in there. But I would say to you that even with free will, if the tree is purely connected with Me there is no fear, there is an integrity and a natural desire that the fruition should happen. And so it is with you. When that connection with Me has been purely brought about, generation by generation, there will be no fear even though you have the free will to go completely in an opposite, destructive direction. Fear will not be a factor for you.

Remember those moments when you felt the most closely connected to Me? Did you feel fear? Did you experience insecurity that you may walk into the next room and do evil? No, there was simply joy, a sense of love -- that dimension that cannot even conceive of the cold wind of fear. It's not that the fear was not allowed or stopped, you were simply in a different dimension.

Historically, fear has been a great problem, and it comes from your earthly authorities making themselves too much the source and not able to stand out of the way ultimately, and let Me be your natural source. This is the final test of even your most profound of spiritual authorities: That they can stand aside and let Me work directly with you. Here has been the downfall of so many originally gifted, divine messengers. This is true.

What if tomorrow you have great power over ten million lives‹followers who look to you absolutely for guidance. And furthermore, you felt a deep love and an inspiration to guide those people and help them. Who's to say that several years down the road you, yourself might become very attached to this family of spirit that has formed around you, and fail to see the importance of stepping aside and allowing each of those people to fully savor their original relationship with Me without your particular spice thrown in? This is something that must be understood by those in positions of spiritual authority before there can be any world that you can call a world of God. This is the final test for any man or woman of God. The final test. So you see in your secular and religious world today that those in roles of authority are being vitally tested.

And those who have followed? On one hand you will see some of them desperately defending what they have followed, while on the other hand are those desperately attacking the wrong in what they have followed before. Who's got the right answer? Is it a matter of defending all the goodness that authority brought you in the past? Is it a matter of pointing the fingers at that which is seen as hypocritical, or incompleteness, or that which showed lack of judgment?

I'll tell you that neither of those are your final answer. It is simply the time to look at the situation and to recognize that this is the age to make your personal contact with the Ultimate Source. It is the time that all earthly authorities, secular or spiritual, must finally bow to that Ultimate Source that is within your very heart and throughout the universe and beyond. That is Me, and that is the door to the kingdom.

You have the thought in your mind, David, that someone is worried that if the old religious institutions that have been tried and true for many centuries break down and everyone is to just have his or her own relationship with his or her own God, then who is to keep order? And what if someone's God tells them to kill their neighbor or to do something crazy? I understand. There is indeed a great maturity needed here, but someone must begin to open those doors. Yes, there are many who are full of anger, who are full of insanity, and are not ready to open those doors, but someone must begin to pioneer that place of Ultimate Source.

History is always opened up by those first pioneers, and eventually more and more follow. You stand on the very brink at this moment of history. Yes, there is no guarantee; there is no guarantee of My kingdom, at least in a certain time frame anyway. (If you look at it from My perspective the guarantee is there, but in ten or twenty years? fifty or a hundred years? Who knows?) But someone must begin to push that door open and recognize this problem that has held your people back so many times.

It is that their spiritual and earthly authorities become their ultimates rather than their relationship with Me in the fullest sense. That's why there is so much chaos right now in your spiritual and secular worlds. That is why you see the defense going on and the offense going on: Those who are very angry at what they have followed and those who are absolutely happy to defend what they have followed, and others who are just standing in the middle somewhere shaking their heads.

The ultimate answer does not come from any of those groups. The ultimate answer lies deeply within you. So it's not who wins the argument, it's who sees the light coming through that crack in that door. Then perhaps that person can say to those who are fighting, "Hay, this argument is going nowhere. Maybe we should follow this light. Maybe we should try to open this door wider and try to step through and see what's there."

Your problem has been that you try to make the temporal into the ultimate and the temporal is always imperfect. Please understand these things because they very much apply to the situations that you experience right now. Please love one another, and love those who have guided you in the past and up to this moment for the good that they have brought. Always be open to that gratitude for any good that has come into your life. But at the same time, please reflect back and read again what I have shared with you this morning because it is extremely important for you to make the steps ahead.

For those who speak about the kingdom of God, there needs to be the courage to understand what that kingdom asks of you. That means the courage to face your relationship with Me and to be open to it; the courage to claim your sonship or daughtership. Yes, I say courage. Many might believe that it would be the easiest thing in the world to claim this sonship and daughtership, but deep within you there is resistance. There is a great ease in saying, "No. No, I'm a sinner; no, I'm very incomplete." This seems like humility to you, and has seemed like humility for a long time. But it is not.

Humility is not just admitting to and being humble to your wrongs and to the darknesses within you. In many cases that is the opposite of humility. To truly exercise the highest humility is to be humble to the light within your heart, to be open to the divinity that wants to shine through your life. Then you will realize that you are that indeed, and the shadows will take care of themselves. Your true humility is to claim deeply within yourself, to the very core of your being, that sonship and that daughtership to Me. You who share this need to stand on that humility today and go forward with it! This is really not something I can explain to you in words, please think about this today and grasp how it applies in your own lives.

There are many who still are asking Me to tell them what's right and what's wrong. You must exercise your own maturity, and that's the way that your maturity comes to be‹in your decisions and in your judgments as to what you will do day by day. [tears] I love you very much and I want only the best for you. But recognize that it is you who must open these doors. Exercise your courage and your humility and take those steps necessary to bring in the world that you have called the kingdom of God!

I'm going to close with that this morning.

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