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My Labor (Labor Day)

David and Tacco Hose
September 7, 1998

Good morning. Thank you for your sharing this morning because you have defined a very important problem that is experienced by so many of My people -- I would say a vast majority -- which is a very incomplete understanding of themselves, and also very unreasonable demands not of Me, but demands that they have put on themselves, which is to be worthy of Me or to fulfill something that they were told they had to do to be successful, perhaps by a parent or a teacher. And their lives go on and on trying to fulfill these goals. But these are so unrelated to a relationship with Me.

My relationship with you is as natural and normal as your relationship with your own physical parents. Who you are comes out of them, their bodies and from your relationship with them from the very moment that you are conceived. And beyond your physical parents is your divine Parent, and to relate with this Divine Parent is ultimately your destiny. But still, none of you, on this earth, can deny the value and importance that your relationship with your own parents has within your life.

What if there were no relationship with your parent, or if it were a very damaged relationship? For example, what if your father demanded so many things from you that were unreasonable and that couldn't be easily fulfilled by you, but you spent your life trying to fulfill his demands? On one hand you would be doing your best to fulfill what he demanded, while on the other hand you would be resenting him for the demands, and any fulfillment is laced with great anger. And so your life becomes a contradiction of trying to fulfill something that you have no desire to do. Can you understand?

This describes very much the quandary of those of you who have been raised in rather narrow, focused, religious traditions. You may have been asked to do something for Me which was quite demanding of you. And without a connection to Me, and without a deep sense of respect for yourselves, you try every day to reach that greatness. You can see a contradiction: That of making such efforts to fulfill and be successful, but down deep inside absolutely not knowing who you are, and not truly and deeply embracing that goal, even resenting it.

This is like trying to run two different directions at the same time. You end up just stuck in the middle because something in you knows that there's no foundation of truthfulness here. Your deepest self searches for a real and genuine foundation to live from and you will never be happy until you stand firmly on that foundation. You will never be happy. That foundation is our open, and honest, and full relationship, nothing less. So I suffer to see you living this contradiction. [tears]

I want to truly show you who you are through our relationship together. You will find a self that is so much larger than what you have yet defined yourself as. Your definition of yourself and your idea of what constitutes success and what constitutes failure in your life is extremely narrow, extremely conditional. It's like a man living in a small room who never discovered the world beyond those walls. For him success or failure is whether he could put a certain number of marks on that wall each day; and if he couldn't make that number of marks each day then he feels he's a failure in life. You would see this as something absurd, but that is the position so many of you are in!

It's important to find a way, as I have told you before, to break through those walls and to recognize that who you truly are is so big, and so extended beyond, (one) your physical body, (two) your emotional habits and (three) your patterns of consciousness which are so limited by the conditions that you have put on yourself, and that you think have been put on you by other people! I have put no conditions upon you! I'd like to go all the way.

To be a son or a daughter to Me is to inherit My heart, and that heart is unconditional. And that doesn't mean only unconditional love. It means unconditional growth and development, out to the very limits and beyond the limits of the universe. That's what cosmic consciousness is about. That's the name that My people gave it, it's been turned into something that is quite pop culture. But whatever words you want to use, it is true that my consciousness is unlimited.

So My labor, and it's ironic that we speak here on Labor Day, is to try to help you find the tools that you might use to get through those very narrow definitions -- those walls that you've surrounded yourself by: The walls that define yourself and your view of what constitutes your success or failure; your view of what makes you worthy and unworthy of God's love; your view of what makes you worthy or unworthy of being loved by your spouse, or your kids, or your friends, or the world. All of these things, just throw them out! It's all within that dark little ignorant room that you occupy, and it keeps you from the freedom, that is rightfully yours, to grow. Simply throw it all out.

If you talk about restoring humanity and the world, this is the very point that it begins at -- to help one individual come out from that small room. And for each one of those people still stuck in their little rooms, all the rallies, all of the condition-setting, all of the amazing events on an external level involving thousands or even millions of people, all of that means nothing. And so My labor is to help each of you come out of that room. And as you do, there is no question as to what can happen on the earth, and far beyond the earth.

What you imagine Me to be has been so distorted in so many ways. You have made Me into something outside of and beyond that little room where you live. And you are so conscious that I am beyond that place, that you've made Me into something that I am not. And finally you wonder, "Why do I have to be stuck in here and God is out there so free and moving around? Probably everybody else is with Him and I'm the only one in here!" But from My point of view, your earth is a massive hotel full of these little rooms that don't have doorways. And so you see My predicament.

I am not who you identify Me to be by your experience, or who you hope I will be, or who you imagine Me to be. I Am Who I Am, as I said in the Bible. And I can be no less, I can be no other. Yes, I can say different things, and I can approach you in different ways, but in essence I Am Who I Am. And that is, One Parent absolutely motivated from the heart. And the only way that you can discover Me is to begin to find Me within yourself, beyond the limits which you've placed on yourself and on Me.

How do you find Me? I know, that's your question. It is not something like a map where I can give you directions and you just go there; again, you're waiting to be told. You have the native intelligence within you to know exactly what you must do. That intelligence, however, is not in that little room that you have made for yourself, your so-called fallen or unenlightened ego. The intelligence to know how to reach Me is not part of that little room. You need to take the time to get in touch with that intelligence within yourself.

How do you do that? You can think of ways, but please don't allow yourself to run around in circles anymore, making those marks on the wall that say that you did your job today, and that you were somehow almost successful because you made enough marks on the wall. Please, take the time and forget the marks. Quit scratching. If you need to go off somewhere, if you need to take time with your spouse to really discuss these things, do so.

One other important point that I want to make is that to find Me you sometimes need to find others around you: Open up to the world around you, give it importance, listen to others. You may say that they have nothing to offer you, but as you listen to them in their lives, taking the time to pay attention, you'll start to discover the little rooms that they live in and that will help you reflect on your own. You may also discover someone who has begun to open up a hole and get through the wall, and on some occasions you may even find someone who has gone beyond that little place. Meet people and listen. When you are so wrapped up -- in what you have to do, and what you didn't do, and how you feel because you didn't do it, and how you feel because you succeeded -- when you're so wrapped up in yourself you have no attention to give to anyone else!

In other words, in the name of becoming a great being you become totally egotistical, caught by your own self. Very small. Sometimes in the middle of all of that struggle you need to just sit down with somebody else. Suspend all those thoughts about yourself and listen to another. Take time to hear what they say. Sometimes another person may not even be greatly advanced in his own path, but as you listen to that person and really hear him you'll escape from your own place and find Me. You will start to hear My voice speak to you, "Look at this brother, look at this sister, listen to them." You'll see that this state is not just yourself; in one way or another it's everybody's situation.

For you to open up to another person is already to start to put a hole in your wall. When you become so caught up in reaching Me in your own little room you become totally closed to other people. You become ever a more selfish being who wants the light of God to come into your little room while you're not willing to come out of it even for one other person in need. Lay it aside even for an hour, and take the time to simply listen to another.

This is important because even if that person says nothing about you, sharing will help you see yourself more clearly. But really take time to observe and listen, then you will see that in one way or another you are every-man, you are every-woman. You're not just one person in the world but part of a very large family. And you'll start to see a destiny that is perhaps different from what you fashioned your destiny to be. Come out that way. Many have finally discovered Me through really going out to others. It's very seldom, truly, that people come to others by just breaking through to Me first and then going out to others in a loving way. It's easier coming from the other direction.

Someone said -- and this is David's memory coming up -- that you take yourself too seriously. This is a good point. You can get so wrapped up that there's no humor left in your life, no ability to laugh at yourself and to recognize that you are a part of a greater thing. This is very important. You may say, "Well, God takes me very seriously." Yes I do! I take you very seriously, but not the way you take yourself seriously. Your seriousness about yourself totally limits you to your little room! I take you seriously as being something so much greater. I just . . . I can't begin to tell you how I see you. If I let you see who you are in My eyes you'd be so shocked! You'd see a great and brilliant being full of light and occupying an entire universe, and beyond.

I'm not coming to you like someone on the freeway who stops and puts a quarter in the cup of a beggar holding a sign that says "Will work for food." I don't come to you that way. But based on the way you view yourself, that's oftentimes the way you ask Me to come to you. It's a joke, something I would almost laugh at were I not overwhelmed by tears when I see this. Is this the way you love your children? Drop a quarter in their cup? No. I'm the same and far, far more so.

There are many things more that I want to express in this area, but I have to say that still I can't fully express Myself through you, David. You've got perhaps most of your body out of the room, but you've still got one foot stuck in the wall. I know you're trying to get free and I'm encouraging you. But still, on your path you have a ways to go. We'll make it together. And in your life, whether it be verbally or not, you'll find that ultimate freedom, and you'll see yourself through My eye as I see you.

I won't say everything I could say, because if you look back in the body of work that is these talks you'll find many things that affirm what I said this morning. It's basically the same thing, there is not so much difference. But until you get free it's hard for Me to tell you all of the things that I long to say and to show you; to take you with Me where I want to take you. Bit by bit, as you understand and realize, you will see. You will see.

I'm going to close that this morning, and I'll ask Tacco to offer something.

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