The Words of David and Taco Hose


Correction To September 4, 1998 Talk

Dear All,

I apologize for this intrusion but there is an important correction needed in the punctuation of a paragraph of the talk from September 4, 1998 which clarifies the meaning. I understand that there is a parenthetical phrase that should be set off by punctuation to be more clear in meaning. This paragraph is shown below with the punctuation (dashes) added.

David Hose has asked me to mail you a copy of the corrected talk with this message.

Thankfully a better proofreader will be helping next month. Any professional advice is welcome.

Best wishes,

Stefan Pfaender

Beginning Quoted Material

This is the time to realize Divine Parentage within your own heart. Ultimately your True Parents are not anyone on the earth. Your True Parents are Myself. And it's for that relationship that I've waited for so long. [tears] It is not good when I see people who worship a couple -- who walks among them in the name of True Parents -- but who in their hearts have their lights turned off with regard to Me. What does all of the posturing mean if indeed it doesn't ultimately lead to our relationship?

End Quoted Material

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