The Words of David and Taco Hose


A Phone Call With Ron And Connie

David and Tacco Hose
September 4, 1998

Good evening. I always find it very interesting to come through the doorway of David's consciousness. Sometimes he doesn't open it far enough and I have to push it a bit until finally he relaxes to just let me open the door as wide as I wish. The times when he doesn't let Me in so easily are because of his own anxieties as to whether he's prepared enough, or whether it's just his mind or thinking coming through.

For your own education, I want you to understand that this anxiety and these thoughts themselves are the problem; faith is going beyond those anxieties that it won't be God, those thoughts that perhaps it's just your own ego that will speak. Such a thought itself locks you into your ego and anxieties. If you can, see those thoughts for what they are and simply let them go; let them go with no concern. Give Me My way and simply let Me open the door. David has been through this a thousand times, yet it still happens often.

I Am here and there are several things I want to express to you tonight based on your questions and the things that you've been sharing. Your purity in holding onto Me through your lives, through the several groups that you have moved within, truly touches Me.

[Phone call intervenes.] Here is another lesson: In the situation of this phone call just now you can see how thin the skin named 'David' is over My face. He could instantly step in and speak to you about the call -- that was him, not Me -- but I had already gotten the door of his anxiety open for him, so we could immediately return to our discussion. This is how close I am to you. And this is why it's so tragic that for so long through human history My children haven't been able to see through that very, very thin veil of consciousness that is that door between you and I. I am not far away!

You have not become so corrupted that you have no way to approach Me through the miles and miles of forest that you think you have to travel! No, I am always and have forever been close to you! If your child is misbehaving does it mean that you go far away? No, you're all the more concerned, all the closer to that child as you try to bring him through his time of darkness, of rebellion, his time of ignorance. And yet from that child's perspective, you appear far from him due to the very things within him that he has manufactured. So you are close to him, he is far from you -- both are true. When the child can simply accept what he has done and open to you the parent, suddenly he realizes how close you've been all along.

Generations of religious scholars and leaders, (particularly your fundamental types), have projected onto Me that of being a far away God. In other words, "Because of your sin I walked away from you and cannot accept you until you go through the prescribed ceremonies and acceptances and repentances." I am much more comfortable with someone who is simply honest and more open to Me in the moment -- without ceremony, without altar, without cathedral, without synagogue -- than someone who feels they're close to Me because they've gone through all the prescriptions, and have become pompous as a result. I much prefer the first.

Your hearts have been pure through your varied experiences, and it is valuable that you do indeed embrace Me, even though there have been shocks in the recent times with regard to your commitment to your Church. Please keep that purity, I can't say more to you. Keep the purity, keep that kind of eye toward Me. If someone tells you that it's impossible to relate to God in your way, quietly smile to yourself. You don't have to argue; but quietly, you will smile to yourself and say, "All right, when you're ready, when you're ready, you'll see." Some will never see while they are on this earth; some will have to wait a long time.

The two of you have a rare ability, and that you're married to each other is very special. This is the same with David and Tacco, although I would say there has been anger at their past as they looked at your movement. They had leadership roles and were around a lot of people of influence and power for a long time, so for David especially, it was particularly hard for him to give up some of his anger toward those that he felt had abused power.

That anger can really throw you off your path toward Me. This doesn't mean you can deny it. If it is there it's there. But when, even for a moment, you finally take that veil of anger away from our relationship you can start to see what you need to do with your anger -- resolve it and move on -- because you have a road to travel and the anger is not your baggage for tomorrow. It will not sustain you through this road, and finally you have to leave it behind.

The more you travel this road carrying such baggage, the more ridiculous it looks. And the sillier it seems to carry it with you, the more clearly you can grasp that it has to be resolved. And this is the course that David (and Tacco to a lesser extent) has gone over the past years. But truly, I am moved by your hearts when you express no anger. If you find it comes up it's like gas on the stomach: It has to come up, you burp it, and then you move on. Your burps are not going to sustain your life, that's just gas. Let it go, and know what truly sustains your life.

With regard to your questions, Ron. I Am One. I Am beyond time and space. I Am beyond any entities in the physical world and even the spiritual world. I Am the root of all existence, and that root is absolutely One. But that does not mean one as in just male or just female, for within Me there is a total union of both of those essences. And as you come closer and closer to Me you will discover that within yourself. This is a point that certain Divine Principle scholars have pointed out in the past, and they were right.

You have those qualities within yourself even as one being, that in yourself there is masculine and feminine, the active and the passive. That exists in all creation from the minute to the very large, and it issues from Me: Truly, I Am not two, I Am One. If you want to call Me Mother at times or you want to call Me Father, in both ways I am absolutely flattered; I am absolutely melted by this because I am, indeed, your Divine Parents. So many who have been attached in your movement to the idea of True Parents still see two entities, a husband and a wife. But ultimately their faith must take them to the One, the union, because within yourself is that union.

Within yourself is the basic harmony of those two essences. When truly, each man and each woman grasps within themselves that wholeness, it is then that they can make a whole marriage, and a whole family, and a whole community, and on out -- truly in this way alone. In your world you will find there is still an old, traditional, and musty idea of what is a man and what is a woman. And it is particularly in your movement, coming out of the Orient where the concept has been very strong as to the separated identity of what is masculine and what is feminine, and what are the separate roles of each, who is in charge and who is to follow, etc.

These are obsolete concepts and they hold back the very providence that so many have spoken of. Humanity has had an amazing genius to cast Me in your own image and reinterpret Me through your own lower selves (that are largely formed by your blind traditions). Indeed, there has been wisdom, insight and enlightenment all along the way through your history; the problem is when you attach yourselves and still hold onto these things that were spoken of, held up and believed in as holy two or three millennium ago! At some point these things may have been vital and important, but the human mind so easily holds on rather than progresses. And what was fluid and growing and transitional at the moment becomes hard and cold and unable to change. You become attached, and there is no transition, and you die in those beliefs. It is a sad thing for Me to see.

What starts out as an inspiration is then held onto. An example is the fountain at Lourdes: Someone had a vision there. Someone was healed. Someone was inspired, their life was changed. It's turned into a holy place, everyone goes there. I don't fault anyone for this, but they turn that fountain into a small god and begin to worship it. That's the way it so often has been with your religions. It's something that happened within the movement that you've so recently realized you are no longer a part of. Perhaps even to a greater extent., what should have been transitional and fluid and leading to Me became a block: cold, hard and unable to change.

There is great fear when you hold onto beliefs and do not move forward. It is as though you are standing on a precipice, fearful to take the wrong step lest you will plunge into hell, a place of alienation from Me. It is this fear which deeply hurts Me, I who treasure growth, transition, development -- a fluid continuum between you and I. I would far rather work with a very flawed human being who will go with Me, then with someone who is brilliant and who for all the world seems unflawed but who is stuck in a belief, unable to change or move. That is the greatest flaw; it's the one that cannot remain.

It is the time to break all those shackles and move ahead. Growth alone is what makes eternity the wonderful eternity it is. The ability to grow is perfection!: to develop and to become and not just stand as a stone pillar somewhere. In all their radiance stone pillars are cold and hard. They will erode and wash away. But what you establish as you walk with Me in your growth can never be eroded. It is that movement, that eternal growth that we both look forward to, you and I. That is what gives eternity great meaning. If eternity were simply many stone pillars standing around full of beliefs and convictions, then eternity is hell and I want no part of it Myself. I'd rather disappear.

With regard to the Moon family, I have not told David many things about them over the years. Whatever responsibility he feels coming out of our sessions together, it is focused on sharing with others his and Tacco's experience with Me. These sessions are to help others realize My immediacy, the potential intimacy that is there, and to comprehend the wrong ideas that they and most people have carried about themselves: that they are incapable, that they are unworthy, that they are unable to relate with Me. I want the talks that go out through the mail and over the Internet to be a testament to My closeness.

This is no longer the time of one Messiah walking around the earth. This is the time when each of you is to discover that the most powerful messiah of all is within your own heart! So, I have not given inside information regarding the goings-on at the Moon compound because that's not My purpose. Long ago I told David that I alone can judge each and every human being, and this is in terms of their unique eternal destiny and what they must deal with in terms of their eternal lives. And long ago David realized that he's incapable of giving right judgment to this family that he has followed for so many years of his adult life, as have you.

Truly, though, one thing that you can do is to make your choices with regard to where you will go in light of what you have experienced. There are choices that you have to make for your life, for your marriage, for your family. You need to make them in deep communion with Me, knowing that I Am with you under all circumstances. I am so hurt by the torment of many who have walked away from their beliefs in confusion, shocked by things they weren't ready for. But then they felt that by walking out of the door of their church God had abandoned them.

I have never abandoned anyone! NOBODY! NEVER! And I never will. That would be My failure. I will not abandon anyone! As I've said before, if even after an entire lifetime of wrongdoing one will but glance over his shoulder in My direction, seemingly from a million miles away, already I am ecstatic. I'm so happy to see that response! The hope that I have and that you have is that passion, that love between us. It's there within each of you. You know what your heart wants. Even an atheist knows what his hearts wants, he can't put it into words, and he might have many emotions about his concept of Me that prevents him from being conscious of those emotions, but down deep even in the heart of a rigid atheist is that hunger for My embrace. It's there.

There have been no hidden points that I have kept from you or asked David not to publish, for the focus has been on the real relationship between each individual and Myself. Because many of these talks initially have gone to Unification members or people, like yourselves, who are no longer finding a place in the mainstream of that movement, I have wanted to help people realize that God exists outside of the Unification Movement. But especially in the past three years I have asked that David not just deal with movement jargon, concepts, or activities, so that those who are receiving the talks can realize that I Am the God of all people, all situations, all movements. I want to liberate you from the narrownesses that you've been stuck in. I do not speak about True Parents or use movement terminology from this motivation.

This is the time to realize Divine Parentage within your own heart. Ultimately your True Parents are not anyone on the earth. Your True Parents are Myself. And it's for that relationship that I've waited for so long. [tears] It is not good when I see how people worship a couple who walks among them in the name of True Parents but who in their hearts have their lights turned off with regard to Me. What does all of the posturing mean if indeed it doesn't ultimately lead to our relationship?

Yes, I am a jealous God. I'm not jealous by way of destruction, but time and again I have been shut out of the affairs of humanity because of the relationships that pretend to represent Me and yet fall far short of Me. You bow down to your altars yet you don't reach far enough. And you become chained to your altars and chained to your messiahs and don't realize it. Your lives become fearful. And when you hear My voice in your heart trying to speak to you, you even sometimes think it's the voice of Satan luring you away from your altar.

My altar is not in anything that you could build, it is in your heart. It is no mansion, it isn't properties, and it is not in bowing down to any man or woman. It is in coming to recognize the divinity within yourself. Of course you can respect anyone who has taken that path and you can bow a knee to them, but don't substitute them for Me. If they taught you, if they could be used as a vessel through which I could work to move your life and help you, yes, you can certainly have a heart of love and thankfulness toward them, but don't get the two mixed up. (I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I'm saying this for any who might be touched by these words later.)

This is the time to go beyond all your attachments and insecurities. I've released a talk this month that perhaps you've received, "The Real Romance," where I told David that he had in his life many smaller romances but I'm not interested in puppy love, I want the real romance, and that's between you and Myself. Once you've come into that embrace and we've consummated that embrace, there is nothing that can make you fearful.

With regard to your question of sexuality, this is a heart rending question for Me. There literally is no one who doesn't struggle with sexuality, and I don't mean simply those who are obsessed with it. There are also those who are afraid of it, those who haven't discovered the highest meaning of it in their lives, and those who cannot unite with Me through that relationship. All of those veils of ignorance have hidden your eyes from the real meaning of that consummation of love. And indeed, it is that turning away from Me in your love that was at the root of the problem in your history.

The distorted sexual relationship was an outgrowth of that turning away from Me in the moment, and because that was the first problem, truly, to turn your heart back to Me is central. And on the path toward returning your heart back to me you will struggle with the physical expression of that love, which is the sexual expression, that is the key point. And here again you'll find in your own experience, and within the movement that you followed for so long, an obsession with prevention of wrong sexual expression. But at the same time there is an ignorance of the path of returning your heart to a union with Me, and therefore people are immensely frustrated. Do you understand what I mean? The cart got before the horse. And it's heartbreaking because I see how you struggle. I know.

It's not an easy thing but I want to encourage you. I want to encourage you. The most important thing for Me is that your heart is on the path and that you realize that the turning back to Me is in your heart. Even if the sexual expression still seems to have a mind of its own and wants to take it's own direction, keep on that inner path and you'll find a way. It's a matter of bringing all of that under what in the Unification Movement is called the hierarchy of heart, and well it is termed. Indeed there is a hierarchy of heart in this world and in your relationship with Me.

As our hearts join, and as more and more you keep your door open to Me, you'll find that sexual or physical love coming under the light of a higher love, and it can move more and more into a proper relationship and union with the rest of your life rather than being blown out of proportion. But those who simply try to stop the sexual urge without bringing the inner heart back into union with Me are fighting a totally impossible battle.

And here is the pain of a religion that looks only at the outer and doesn't see the inner reality: All around the leadership of such a movement there is sexual corruption. And from that corruption comes all forms of corruption including the abuse of money, power, the misuse of and misdirection of people. I don't want this to be understood in the wrong way; it's a matter of getting the inner heart going in that right direction. There is corruption because hearts are not growing in the right direction and they attach themselves to an altar that is less than the altar that is within each of you. If you knew truly of what I speak you could surmise that whole reality already without going into details. It's an absolute reality.

Now if you stumble, keep going. Don't think that I've shot a million miles away from you because you've stumbled. I've known you, I've known your parents, I've known your grandparents, I'm the best coach you could ever want! When you stumble I'll tell you "Stand back up and keep going. Don't lose heart. Don't become discouraged. Don't walk away into the darkness, that's the last thing you should do! Keep coming to Me." This will reaffirm more and more deeply your sonship and your daughtership to Me. That's what gives Me joy! That's what gives Me joy.

So it's truly a matter of bringing the outer increasingly under the influence of the inner. Such is the evolution that has to take place. You suggested that the evolution of the sexual desire is coming out of the animal stages, eventually to be brought under the control of God. But I would say to you that the sexual desire is not merely physical but comes from a deeply spiritual root. It is a life force which originates in Me. It is not simply a matter of overcoming some animal urge from an earlier stage of creation, it is a matter of the discovery of the heart of God that is within you. And as you do you'll find the right place and proportion for it in your life.

Let Me ask a question to you. Do you have very strong sexual urges when you're having a passionate prayer with Me? No? Well, that should show you right there. As your consciousness opens to Me more and more, you'll find a proportionality there and you'll be able to walk more and more with Me. I know the ups and downs, the moments of spiritual ecstasy, the relationship between us and how joyful it is. I also know the moments when you fall into sexual darkness, temptations, desires, this is true of any man (particularly men I speak of. I speak to the men here, including David, because he struggles here also).

If there's a mistake or if you find yourself fantasizing, I always encourage you to reaffirm your relationship with Me right away and move on. As soon as you can reaffirm our relationship you'll find a cleansing moment there, and you'll find that I didn't walk away in judgment of you. People will do that but I don't do that. So many of you have so many concepts about each other, and when somebody doesn't live up to your concept you get angry at them, you judge them, you walk away from them. I know everything. I see everything. There are no surprises that you could ever give Me. But I am indeed absolutely overjoyed when I see you stand up from the old patterns and reaffirm our relationship. I encourage you. I'm your best coach, you couldn't find a better one.

Reaffirming our relationship is throwing a string. And when you throw one string, two strings, three strings, you begin to make a rope and we start to build something that will hold us together ever more securely. You have the key: I am always with you. But I have to say to you that so many thought they couldn't be worthy of Me. That sense of unworthiness is actually the withholding of all the string in your hands, for you couldn't throw your string of affirmation of your sonship or daughtership to Me. So no matter how present I was to you your hands were closed and they couldn't affirm with Me. You could only repent of your latest sin and walk away saying "Lord forgive me, a sinner." It's an old pattern and the record has to be changed. It's a matter now of affirming that sonship and daughtership more and more.

Women have their own equivalent problems, but Connie, it's not easy for Me to speak through David about a woman's problem because he's not a woman; he has a man's experience. I'm sure if he goes deeply enough within himself maybe he can find a way, but it would be better to search your own heart because you know who you are far better than anybody else does, even your husband. Through exploring your relationship with Me you will uncover many, many realities. Know how close I am to you and affirm that day by day.

Those are the things I wanted to say. But I wanted to tell you how deeply, how deeply I love you! And I want you to know that I'm waiting and I won't be denied. You might deny Me for a few hours but I won't be denied. Please know how close I am to you. I encourage you also to wait for the times when you feel that inspiration that you might write or express on your own tape recorder in some way. That would help you to affirm what is going on inside you each, and between you two.

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