The Words of David and Taco Hose



David and Tacco Hose
August 16, 1998
Bellevue, WA

David: "This is the second tape regarding trust this morning. There is a sense of urgency here after the last talk -- something else wants to be said."

Even though it's been just five minutes since the previous talk this morning I don't want you to make an addendum on the end of it; I want to share with you a separate talk. There's something very essential I want to say to you, and though I may have covered it in earlier sessions over the last few years I want to share with you about it much more deeply at this point:

This matter of trusting the divinity within yourself means trusting Me. The problem of trust that Tacco brought up this morning touches everything, and it does include too, the trust that I can work through you! Each and every one of you. If I spoke of the original path of your life -- to become fully mature and nurturing in relationship with Me -- do you think that I am just spouting an empty sermon to you?

Over human history the very ones who have come to be lights among you in so many ways are telling you over and over again what I will tell you now. But down through that same history, very, very few were able to simply hear without interpreting the message down. The gospel of a Christ, or of a Buddha, or of many great men and women, has so often been reinterpreted for comfort. In your Western world the primary example is the concept of "sinners forgiven by grace." That was not the message of Jesus Christ! His message was and is that you are divine sons and daughters with the potential of realizing fully awakened lives -- as he did, and even going beyond his life on earth.

This is not comfortable. It does not fit the daily life that you have become accustomed to, the place that you hold in society. For some it becomes a threat: "Are you saying that you are as good as our Jesus?!" Look closely at your many religious movements and you will see this mentality. This is blindness and has to be brought to an end NOW!

I am not putting these talks out -- or any talks by or through anybody -- to give you nice things to read! I am desperately crying out to you to be aware while you yet have life and breath and still walk on the Planet Earth! Get a grasp of these things before you pass on into the spiritual realm! This is NOT to be bound into books that sit and gather dust in libraries! There are already so many holy scriptures and holy books. I'm talking about a living, breathing dialogue! You and Me together, in union! That is living knowledge. That does not gather dust! This is the time. This is the time that was prophesied through the past.

Your teacher Paul, in the Bible, spoke of the time when he would see God face to face. This is the time! Please understand that you do have that within you to be fully realized. But it is a matter of trusting. If you cannot fully and deeply trust the words that you may receive on the pages that come to you from the Hoses or some other source like them, then look within yourself and find Me. I told you over and over again [tears] that it is not a matter of just following some words on a paper! The REAL communion with Me is there within your own heart.

The most essential trust problem in the world is that trust that I am there within you. Tear the papers up! It's the trust that you and I share together. Beyond any mistrust that you carry with you from betrayals in the past by those who seemed to represent Me -- like your mom and dad or any elder at any point in your life -- beyond any of those betrayals there is that trust with Me. In all of the most beautiful fairy tales from your childhood there was the path of so-called evil that the hero or heroine had to walk, but at the end the shining prince or princess comes and all the suffering is left behind in the glory of that embrace of hope, of light, of love. This is such a moment! Please know that! [tears] You don't have to search those old libraries any longer.

There is a living Word within you; it will never become old, it will never be musty, it is forever present. It is that relationship of most essential trust between you and I that needs to be developed. In this you will find the light and the beauty within each and everything that crosses your path, whether it be something sends to you in the mail, something that someone says on the radio, or something spoken face to face with you. You'll be able to see and learn so much. It will no longer be important whether people or messages are one hundred percent sincere or not, for you will freely see and glean that which is of value from each exchange. You will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. You will develop a heart which discriminates. This will be coming from within your heart, from your real relationship with Me.

I tell you, THIS IS THE TIME! I don't know how to say this deeply enough! The last talk was longer, but for Me this one is far more essential. It has everything to do with our direct relationship, which is your internal destiny. I say to you again and again, it is our DIRECT relationship! This was the way it was intended to be from the beginning. You don't have to work through an embassy to reach Me. Come directly!

I'll leave it at that this morning, but let that word that you read on this sheet or this e-mail continue to flow within you from your own heart, for that is the real word. I'll end it this morning.

Tacco: "As I listen to You speak, Heavenly Father, particularly on this issue of recognizing the time of directly communicating with You, of recognizing that divinity within ourselves and learning to trust, there are quite a few who immediately come to my mind and my heart. They will say, 'Okay, I understand, but I have tried. I try to make that direct communication, but no matter how much I try I just don't feel God's presence or experience direct communication. I just can't break through.' In Your perspective, Heavenly Father, what is missing for these people? They try this way or that to trust that they are divine, that divinity is within. You've given many very helpful insights in the past on this issue, but is there something more?"

Thank you for searching ever more deeply. Please understand, as urgently as I feel it, the statement I just finished was very general, and now you ask the question of the person who just can't seem to break through. Let Me say that via this medium and this session of taping, each person cannot be dealt with because we're speaking of hundreds of millions, billions of people in the world. Each person has the unique key for himself. What I can do in this particular session is to make many points to help a person walk the path, but on that path they alone can know about themselves.

I will say this though. There are those who have sought and sought to find Me, but as yet have not found that point of living contact. While I can't address each one of you here, I can bring up a couple of points. The first is that when a person has sought many times but has not been able to open up that living contact, there is sometimes a residue which forms. By residue I mean the substance of experience. And when there have been a number of unfulfilled experiences, then the person must look through those many experiences when they again come to the point of wanting to connect with Me. And there is a voice within that says, "But remember all the times in the past? It didn't work!" The question is, will you listen to that voice? Will you have all those unfulfilled experiences in front of you when you again come to the moment of wanting to reach Me? Here again is a lack of trust.

These memories are not you. These unfulfilled experiences are not you. They are a residue of the past. But they need to be laid aside, just as you would lay aside those people who betrayed you in the past coming in the name of goodness or authority or wisdom or God. When you come to Me you have to lay them aside, because if you hold their faces in front of you it's very hard ever to trust again. Innocence has to do with not having that backlog of poor or unfulfilled experience, not having it in your pockets, not carrying it around with you, but of being open to this moment. I know this is hard to do, for the memories of the past don't easily disappear, especially bad past experiences when you couldn't communicate with Me and you wanted it so much.

There is another point here that needs to be made. Whether you are conscious of it or not, if you read these words from Me in this moment that tell you how much I want to communicate with you, [tears], and yet you look back at all your efforts in the past and I didn't seem to be there,. There may be an anger at Me. There may be a feeling of impatience or frustration or yes, anger, at your own God, the one who says He wants to be in touch and yet, who when you called out wasn't there.

There are times when you need to reassess how you call out, because in your desperation to be comforted or to be loved, you are so caught by your subjective circumstance that many times you don't even see My presence. It's not that I am not there, but you are so caught by your own suffering. It's like a child who is screaming and screaming while actually sitting on the parent's lap with the parent's arms around him. Until he calms and begins to become quiet within himself the child can't even see the parent, and certainly can't receive. Only in the quiet can the parent begin to speak. But if the child is screaming and screaming and cannot reach that point of quiet, he may just jump off the parent's lap and say, "Okay, you didn't give me anything so I can't continue to sit here." This is one type of reaction of someone who has residue from the past of unfulfilled needs for God.

Many times it's not in the very moment of desperate need that you will find Me but in the moments after, when you begin to reflect. How many times have people said, "In the moment I didn't recognize God's presence, but afterward I realized how close He'd been to me." If you have residue from the past, again I ask that you don't put it in front of you when you come to Me. See it for what it is, lay it aside, and just open your heart like a child.

On the other end of the scale is that person who has perhaps been in a position of authority, or representing Me, or who has had many experiences with Me, and who has come to be "an authority" on God. This person also carries with him a great sense of "I did it. Yes, I've had many breakthroughs with God. Yes, I know God very well." Ironically this can be a more difficult case for Me to work with because such a person carries with him all his badges and special ribbons and loving cups and awards for his spirituality. This person, then also, is not innocent.

So whether it be a person who sees only failure in his past, or the one who reflects back on all his triumphs, both are held captive by a certain identity. And whether it is a poor or over-blown identity (most people are more on the side of a poor identity, the unfulfillment), it is this identity that holds a person back. Please don't be caught by these. Memories become your betrayers. The moment you need to be in is this moment now.

So while I can't deal with each and every person, at least through the medium that you have here, each person who reads this and has had such experiences of unfulfillment with Me will see them for what they are and release them. Release the identity of failure or importance that goes with them and simply be open in this moment now, with Me. Then our learning and our communication can begin. And though it may not be in one moment or in one session that this communication can be established, if you will consciously let those patterns of identity go you will start to find a part of yourself that you have not known before.

There is a very pure core within each of you that knows no defeat, no discouragement. It is as pure as the center of the sun, burning brightly and forever powerful within you. You have only wrapped around it all of those identities, covering the light that is there. It is simply a matter first of unwrapping, and then of letting those wrappings, those identities, go. And as you do, automatically you will start to see that core of light within yourself. If this is too mystical, please just think more deeply about it; reflect on what I say.

Okay, I'll bring this to an end.

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