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To Those Who Share These Messages

July 21, 1995
(letter from David and Takeko Hose)

In the course of the past two and one-half years, Takeko and I have addressed several letters to various readers of these written recordings. I felt it again necessary to write something as these things go out onto e-mail.

Near the beginning of 1993 when, after a lot of prayer and asking, we decided to send the first few of these writings out to close friends - Takeko and I never realized how far and wide they would spread. Also, we had no idea how controversial this would become.

Especially, in 1994 we began to be contacted by brothers and sisters from the four winds with all kinds of responses: (e.g., 'very inspiring;' 'Be careful with this stuff'; 'This is truly of God'; 'This is truly of the devil'; 'Why didn't you not sign them. Then we would feel better'; and on and on.

From the beginning, we have simply wished to share what has been so lovingly and unconditionally shared with us. In particular, after the life-jolting accident our family sustained in late 1991, we cannot express in words how deeply we cried out for God.

This, speaking for myself, had little to do with any great 'spiritual' abilities. It was, simply, the most (all concepts aside) desperate moment either of us had faced "in our lives" . I know now that it is only in those rare moments of overwhelming seriousness that any of us get "beyond" all of our religious 'shoulds,' 'dos,' 'don'ts,' and 'can'ts' and "find" our Heavenly Parent, or (more truly) allow that parent to touch us. It has little to do with position, or external realities.

As (freely and sincerely as) these 'talks' were shared with us, we wanted to share them with (a few) others. No, we didn't sign them. For more than one reason, we wished to let the messages to be the main focus, and not who had received them.

To me (to us), the main question that remains for all of us, is "not" "Did these messages have a divine source?" or, "Did this couple really make contact?" "No". The central question has more to do with the relationship with God in each person's life.

At best, these writings represent a dim reflection of the limitless meeting with our Heavenly Parent that is at the place in our hearts that has been so long obscured by fears; taboos of all kinds; anger (as was the case in so much of my life); feelings of unworthiness (i.e., satanic lineage); and more. In short, if there was ever a time to get beyond writings (including these) and into the realm of that place in the heart it is now.

Someone is fearful that the theme herein is too much focused on ego and not enough on the True Parents. All we would ask here is, 'What was Jesus' purpose?,' and 'What is True Parents' purpose?' I don't mean to lecture.

All I know is that so many of our brothers and sisters are deeply seeking a very real relationship with God (from so many conversations and letters in the past couple of years).

I know from my own experience that it is not enough yet to believe the Divine Principle; to be a knockout of a lecturer; to be in high position; to sit hundreds of times with our True Parents; or even to have big results, quantitatively. Truly, if my [relationship with] God is lost in all of these things, then it can be tragic for each of us and our descendents. Just witness our human history; so much of our religious history; and particularly mainstream institutions.

At this juncture of the work of the providence the maturing of this individual relationship with God "as a foundation" for our belief in the Messiah, our Blessed marriages, etc., is the only thing that will carry us beyond our institution to a Kingdom vision and quality of living. Well that is our conviction anyway.

Lately, we've been moved by the work of Stephen Spielberg. He has been building an historical film archive ("The Shoah Project") of the testimonies of as many of the survivors of the Holocaust as possible (300,000 I believe) before they pass on. He had a profound sense of conviction, according to his testimony, to do this for history as a result of making "Schindlers List". Now, this may not be building the Kingdom of God - but he is demonstrating, as a Jew and as an inspired person, just what may be done with that heart and vision. It is a testimony to all of us of what we can do with regard to the kingdom. Our five percent - far beyond obedience - must be a remarkable force for God and a source of immense goodness, power, and joy.

We'd be most inspired to hear from you:

David and Takeko Hose
1014 111th Pl., SE
Bellevue, WA 98004 USA
(206) 646-7444
Fax: (206) 453-5020

God bless you ITN,

David and Takeko Hose

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