The Words of David and Taco Hose


The Unique Nature Of Womanhood And The Birth Of A New World

October 23, 1994

I look forward to the time when you are bright and ready to receive me, because it means that you are building a foundation in yourself for that give and take and that you hold it important. If your body is too tired or your mind is concerned with this or that, then it is as if I come as an afterthought or as second place behind whatever has been occupying you; or however hard your work has been, you haven't been making a place or cleaning a place that we could sit down and talk. You know how it is when someone comes to your home, someone that you hold in real esteem or in reverence even; well, you're going to clean up your whole house, even though they may not go through all parts of it, but you want to show them that respect. So, it is true that, in response to our relationship and in response to My visit, even though you know that I am always here, but let Me say that in response to our exclusive visit together, times like these, then it is important for you to prepare yourself inside and between each other. Believe Me, I'm not coming with the attitude of "bow down and worship Me," but simply, in this case, far more deeply than just cleaning your house, to really cleanse your spirit and to really prepare your heart and even your body is important. It means, truly, you put first our communication. And when this is the first thing in your life and everything else is bowing to that, it means your life has a rich foundation. And from that you can go forward and live in such a healthy and powerful way. So please understand that when you are not prepared, automatically something in you already doesn't feel right. Actually, this is a good sign. It shows that you do understand the importance of the foundation. I know that within your busy life each day you don't have time to roll up your sleeves to prepare everything for Me each day. But again, on the internal level, even as you're working, even as your hands are dirty or full of fish, B, whatever, inside you are anticipating the moment. And inside you're taking that shower, and inside you are preparing yourself. This is most important. Same with A. A has been trying to listen more to classical music in recent times, to prepare his heart and mind with creative input, rather than listening to Rush Limbaugh or some of the talk shows - although, they're good but they're on an earthly and political level and he finds his mind becomes very taken with this or that on an external political level. Especially on his juice fast recently, he wanted to listen to more classical music, to just go beyond all of those things and become more in touch with that realm of creativity and, ultimately, of Me. These kinds of influences are good - as I told you quite a long time ago when we talked about raising the vibration - so your thoughts and what you meditate upon has everything to do with that.

I am most happy when you realize something about our relationship, such as putting the trust in Me. It is true that I am very happy for you to be thinking of questions or points or even presenting your own thoughts on something. But, ultimately, if you just think of what "you" want to say through this communication, then it's the same as when you're having a conversation with someone who came to your home and sat down, and you're so concerned with what you are going to say that you don't learn anything about them, and you can't open your heart to them. And this is something that many young witnessers in your movement have to learn. It is an open heart that attracts people most deeply and not simply the words you speak that moves them. More closely it means who you are.

Yes, I do want to speak today on the importance of what happened the other day with women. I do count that there were women there. I'm not going to talk about A being there; that for Me is not important at this moment because I want to speak about the women. You'll notice, early last week, when there was the meeting of men and women to speak about the Eastside service and the agenda for the Eastside, that at one moment a suggestion came up for the "men" to have a prayer meeting. But all the men in attendance, including A, didn't say anything. They just passed that moment silently and then went on to other things. This is not a judgment on men, but men are a different breed from women in many senses. And for them to come together just for prayer, it takes a certain dynamic, which is different from the dynamic that brings women together. And so at this time, when women have been told by your leader that they have a very special role to play, their hearts have been waiting for this. And in many senses, the first thing they begin to think about, even beyond the projects or beyond the ideas that they have for helping society this way or that way, as with you, is coming together for spiritual renewal - prayer. So as you, last winter, conceived with your two sisters that this prayer would be a good thing, then many women throughout the country have the same thought. Whether they are doing it or not, they recognize this spiritual foundation building in their own lives that needs to be. The talk the other night among the women was wonderful, and as I said to you, really, you could sense My voice through the things that were said around the circle. This is "very good"!! because this is "exactly" what I've been telling you about, that this is something that really "should" happen. This was not a channeling session. This was not some kind of strange spiritualism going on here. "This was heart to heart communication, and this is what I have been speaking about"!!! It was the most natural thing in the world! And every one of them didn't want to go home. It is that heart coming from these women at this time that can have a very powerful impact, throughout not only your movement, but through the world.

I am saddened because I see that many men don't recognize this. And, particularly leadership people who have been concerned with position, money, earthly power, these things. They do not recognize the source of that Heavenly power. It is just like the magic that is called pregnancy, the richness that is in a woman's womb, to be able to receive the seed, combine it with the egg, and then for nine months make the largest miracle in all of creation - the birth of a human being. To be given life and finally given independence as a separate little body, this is something astounding. And along with the growth of a child is the growth of a mother's heart. The father can never experience this, can never have that big belly and have that garden of creation within him. Of course, he has his own joy - he did plant the seed. But, honestly, it is the woman who has to bear the pain of that fruit and go through so much to give birth. Even labor pains, all of these things can be seen as making that child all the more precious as the mother sacrifices to give that life. Well, all of this is to simply say that it is that mother's heart and the unique nature of womanhood that can also do so much to give birth to a new world. That nature, that prayer, that heart, your communication as women, as sisters, is so much needed today. It is sad to Me when I see that one sister somewhere realizes this and, yet, may be in a situation where she can't really express it, has no one else to really talk to about this feeling, and is, in a way, on an island by herself. I give you the example of [name]. She has a very deep heart for Me and as a woman. She is really in touch with herself. And, yet, she has this kind of island existence. And, B, I really would like you to bring her into your circle of prayer, and pray for women like her as you gather with your sisters every other week, and let her know your heart. This will be very meaningful even though you are many miles away from one another. There are others too, too many others for you to deal with in terms of "bless this one, bless that one," but it's important for you to know these things.

The women's movement, if it is not in touch with itself, will go nowhere. If it simply is waiting to be told what to do, it will go nowhere because the key to restoration is the heart, and if the heart is not liberated, if the heart is not given that place to feel free and to come out, nothing can be accomplished. As I told you at the beginning of this session this morning, something must be prepared for our communication. Your prayer meeting each week is anticipated and that "already" is important. If everyone was coming out of obligation because B said you must be here Wednesday night or your name will be on a list, who would come? You would have only resentment. A hundred years ago it may not have been true, but the weather has changed and people recognize that fear and fear of retribution cannot be a motivation. Punishment cannot be a motivation for spiritual activity. And at its very deepest place, the women's movement must be on that spiritual, heartistic base. "This is the power of woman"! This is the power of Mother! And so, it is sad to Me and in one way I feel upset when I see My daughters - "My daughters" - sitting down and not being in touch with that heart. When they come together for a national meeting, do they have that rich anticipation of almost like pregnancy, waiting for birth to see what's coming and to be a part of it? This is the beauty of your prayer circle, because each woman feels equal and a part of something that's developing and growing, and none of you know where it's going to go! Does this mean you're not organized? Does this mean that this is something negative because you don't have any plan? This again, when we take it to a large movement, is an important factor. There needs to be a vision, a plan, but if there isn't that inner heart content and if there isn't that substance that I am speaking about, there is only dryness. And this is a great challenge that you face in the Unification Church, because men have been responsible for much of this church organization and structure. Women are placed here and there and have roles of responsibility, but by and large it's a man's movement. And so there is lots of planning, lots of discussion about money, politics, all of these things. But the one thing that I see deeply missing in your ranks is this element of heart. And now more than anything it's a time of richness, this garden of birth into your movement and into the world, because I do not separate your movement from the rest of the world and talk about your success just being your success. This is a time, more than any, where the success of your church is not the most important thing; it is the success of those things that make for My kingdom. And if your church is part of that, this is wonderful. If your church is not part of it, however successful you define yourselves as a church, it's not important. Do you understand? Maybe in a limited sense it has some importance because you speak of God, you speak of Truth, but if you lost that path of My providence of building the kingdom, then you are making another church. My kingdom is the most important thing, and My kingdom is beyond your church and all churches. It has been My hope that your movement would lead in this kind of thinking. It would be very sad if your movement only becomes concerned with itself. Then you become like a million other organizations that put themselves ahead of the kingdom and miss the main point. You love someone who serves selflessly, but someone who is self-serving is not liked by anyone.

Again I want to say it is the women who can bring this about. And as I spoke in the last two talks, courage is needed, not mediocrity. Fear will benefit no one. Obligation is not a motivation. It will be this element of heart and the feeling that each person has something important to contribute. And none of you can set up that framework; it is I who sets up that framework. You see?

And here is another important point. In your whole movement you are so busy setting up your own frameworks that I have no room, many times, to set up the inner framework. If you recognize the importance of that inner framework . . . again, I take it back to My first few words with you this morning. The reason that I want you to prepare yourself is that even as you prepare yourself before any of our communication begins, I am with you there in that preparation. And we are coming together, for many hours perhaps, so that when the moment of meeting begins, we have already been together, and there is already a warmth there. It's just like opening a door and light pouring out! It's the same thing. If the individuals within your movement are themselves liberated and recognize, as part of the movement, that there is that room for that inner growth, inner life day by day, even within the main ranks of the movement, the main missions that are carried, then when they come together, then that inner framework will meet together without a framework, and very dynamic things can happen. Do you understand? So, I am not speaking to you of breaking down any movement, but I'm trying to show you the importance of the inner substance that can only come from each individual and not come from just a mandate or orders from headquarters, or whatever. And this is what is not recognized so deeply. And this is indeed talking of, you might say, a feminine aspect of your spiritual life. In one way it's not; in one way it is a very powerful masculine-feminine aspect together, but in another sense it is a feminine aspect that needs to be. It's quiet, it's working behind the scenes, but it is oh so powerful.

The women who came here the other night, in praying for those women in your community and in the nation that you know and, perhaps, in the world, and women in general, whether you know them or not, can help to set a foundation of this kind of atmosphere. Your prayer meeting here is as important as you make it, and it has as much impact as you give it. So please understand that even if a new door is opened a little bit, that new door is so important because it is indeed that - a new door. And this new door that is being opened doesn't have to be opened just in headquarters or in the upper circles of your movement. It will be pushed open wherever those hearts are that come together and recognize - whether it be in America or Thailand or Egypt or somewhere in Europe or some little island that nobody ever heard of - if the heart is "there", THAT'S THE IMPORTANT THING! "I am omnipresent"! Somebody thinks that the chosen nations - the key nations - are Korea, Japan, and America, and this is where God would work very powerfully. This is a limited concept! God works where that unique and powerful recipe of heart is coming together. And so believe that about your own prayer group. I am "not" wanting to set up an external structure or framework for you, but "know" within your own hearts that you must seek for the "deepest" meaning and the deepest expression. I will come. I will come again and again and again. Don't limit your prayer meetings to a format: "Well, we'll discuss for an hour and then we'll pray." Don't think that way. Come in open to whatever your heart tells you.

And the impulse of your heart is very important. I will work very often through impulse. But many times you don't think it's important, so you pass over the impulse and you go back to the same thing you've been doing. So if you feel an impulse some night, right away say to yourself, "Oh, I want to pray." Follow that. For example, understand that impulse, this whole communication between us, opened up in one night. A didn't have to say "I just want to speak something to you, B" the first night. No. He could have said, "Oh no, this is just ridiculous, I don't want to do those kinds of things anymore" and swallowed it and gone on. Maybe the condition would have been over and he would have been left wondering, "Gosh, what was that?" And your life would have gone on pretty grey. But because he opened that door, something happened. So - the same thing - your women's meeting is like an impulse in looking at the whole world, an impulse that several women have come together in this place and started to push this door open. And what started as an impulse, ends as a very powerful force. That's what the meaning of following your heart is. It means your heart will tell you something for a long time or sometimes, like a flashbulb in a camera, something comes. And it is the wise person who will recognize that this is important. Of course, you shouldn't follow every impulse you have. Some people have impulses to jump out of windows or to hit someone. I don't speak of ANY impulse, but in the spiritual life you become slowly attuned to the good impulse that comes from your heart. Don't degrade it. Don't think it's not important. This is one way My enemy has of stopping all that light. Even if part of them knows this is something good, another part says "Nobody's going to listen" or "No, no, you shouldn't upset the meeting schedule," etc. They swallow it. And something that had a chance to build a big fire for this Godly purpose is blown out. So remember this.

Also, of course, you have external leadership to this women's movement. It is a reality. But don't worry too much about that. Follow your hearts in your meetings. You see, when Martin Luther put the 95 Theses on the church door in Germany, he didn't have a big plan about who he was going to call or who he would write a letter to about his big idea and his thoughts of reformation, although it was of great concern to communicate to the churchmen. That's why he put those theses on the church door. He knew it would cause a disturbance. But the point is that he wasn't just following his own plan. His heart was prompting him to do something. And this is what I mean. Your hearts will tell you as you meet, more and more. The reason thousands of prayer meetings in religious history have died out is that they didn't follow their hearts, and they fell into a certain pattern. What started out on an impulse, as it did with you, so fresh and wonderful, because it became "Oh, are you coming? Okay fine. Alright, then you come and let's have coffee cake tonight." Then everything is lost. So please recognize this.

This talk is really for you. I don't want to call it Autumn Number Three because, again, just an external plan is not important to Me, a title is not important to Me. It's something that has come up as a result of the meeting you had the other night. And it is important for you to "keep this going", this direction, whatever form it takes. Open those hearts, because A doesn't have to be there for Me to speak. And it doesn't have to be someone who had rich spiritual experience in the past. This is something of community, and this is where you're going to see more and more miracles taking place. So share this with the ladies and have faith. Have faith. And go to Me often. You know, make all the plans and thoughts you want, but come together and share deeply. Don't limit yourself.

One more point, and I want to say this with deep urgency. My enemy is trying to degrade your society. Especially women being abused - this is the direct action of My enemy - to degrade them, to take away their dignity as My daughters and as Heavenly sisters. Of course, not every woman is abused, but there is this action going on. And the turning of women into sex symbols on television, or wherever, turns them into nothing but a bag of meat that men lust over. They advertise beer or used cars or whatever. How far beneath the very thing you are seeking in that meeting! And, therefore, in that meeting, don't ever for a moment have a limited concept of yourselves as women. If you knew fully who you are, you would be totally without words for several days. And that is "one daughter of mine", not because of external position or just this daughter or that daughter. It's "every daughter"! So, that's why I say to follow your hearts. I'm not limiting anything, so if you trust in Me you won't either. Leave it open. I wanted your husband to be there the other night so that there was an opportunity to kick a door further open, but he doesn't have to be there. I tell you that. As I told you, this is not the age of just mediums here and there or people who have some special gift. All of you have this wonderful gift called daughterhood, and your sisterhood is the greatest gift of all. Each of you has that deep spiritual heart.

B, what you yourself have struggled with about men historically, these things I understand very deeply. You are calling out for the dignity of women. I understand, especially in these past two and a half years. I don't think you are just caught by anger or suffering anymore under men, but you have begun to see something more rich about who you truly are in My eye. And, therefore, you can go out from under. Otherwise you'd still be "under" those men, even though they may be dead now. You understand?

This is the problem. Many women, passing on from mother to daughter, mother to daughter, have been under the yoke of inequality for a long time. It's important to know that those men who dominate have no authority to dominate and, therefore, the dominion is not of heart. You needn't be worried about that. This is what is meant by "the Satanic Realm;" the dominions are all false just as his was. Those men are My sons and they are just as much victims as the women. So, this is the time for overcoming the victimhood. You see how everyone is calling out, "I'm a victim, I'm a victim" these days. It's the sign of the end of an age. Again, it's the sign of the end of an age and many people are getting tired of hearing victim, victim, victim. They want to be responsible for themselves and go beyond just feeling taken advantage of or abused. Something in them knows there's something more there, but very few, very few know where it comes from and how it can grow.

You women who are in this prayer meeting have a key to opening that door so that you'll go so far beyond that as a whole. This is the importance of your communication. And I tell you, I would love to have you think of a way that these things can be preserved. Of course, in your own heart, but . . . okay . . . in your talks, you finally thought it would be good to have a tape recorder. You need to think too how some of these things might be preserved. It might not be good now to talk to the ladies about putting a tape recorder on the table because then they'll be intimidated perhaps, but it's important to at least think about the historical meaning of these meetings.

Okay, I wanted to share these things with you tonight. And understand that there is so much more, but I leave this to "you" to uncover. That is the most important thing. Goodnight.

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