The Words of David and Taco Hose


Pure Motive

June 3, 1994

Good morning. Over the past couple of years, we've been meeting many times. Sometimes, as you know, you had no idea what I wanted to share, and we just began from zero. And out of that came many wonderful sharings, and so even though you worry, H [husband], about having to ask Me to repeat some guidance or some understanding for you because you weren't confident in your focusing this last time, please don't worry. If you think about how many times I have to come back again and again and again to people to share very simple things such as "Please have faith, develop your faith; I am here, I am here, I am here." Well, did I ever leave? And so your coming out of that kind of world, remember that in the years past you didn't even want to talk to Me. You weren't open. You were angry, you had an attitude of just turning your back, and yet did I leave? No. I waited for the time to come and even though that time was devastating for you physically, I knew beyond all of the emotional up and down that this was the time for us to come together. And so if a few mornings ago you weren't focused and you were distracted by many things, do you think I'm going to give up and say "Oh, forget it"? Please don't be silly that way, because when you think of all that we both have been through to come together - you for the past years of your life and Me for all of human history - I'm not going to be diverted especially when your heart is open now and when your heart and mind are toward Me. I'm not going to be diverted by a few phone calls that came in or disturbances from your wonderful children.

Yes. I want to speak about pure motive. This is a subject for Me which is very powerful. That is why I am happy to share it again. Pure motive was to be the only motive in all of history had there been no turning away from Me at the beginning. Pure motive was to be a thing of perfect union between us and as you grew, speaking of My first children, there would be no two motives. Of course, there are many motives in life, in the practical sense, because one has to get dinner, one has to do this or that task, and so there are many small motives during the day. But understand that the overwhelming motive is what I speak of, the one that comes out of your original heart and through your relationship with Me. This would have been the groundwork for the Kingdom, and there would be no deviation from it once My children had moved to that point of what you call direct dominion. But again, let's not get lost in terminology here of one or another kind of religious tradition. Let's think about the real thing.

What is direct dominion? It's that perfect union of heart and it was rightly said that in that union you have no desire to do anything that would hurt Me. I'd like to extend that a little further and say that long before that union, I have no desire to hurt you. You see, that direct dominion comes once you really understand My heart for you and once you really understand My will for you, that far beyond the fact that I have no desire to do anything that would be taking away from you or hurting you, that I love you so deeply and want the greatest thing for you. That is why when you fully see that reality in your maturity, you could never turn your back. And so this whole period of time of growth was to be that learning, that kind of coming together, and then as a result the establishment of that pure motive.

Somebody said the other day, H is remembering now, that the key point is not the relationship with God for the individual but separation from Satan - again your Divine Principle terminology. But I want to remind you that if you, even after the Fall, do not have at least a concept of the relationship with Me, then this idea of separating from Satan only is such a ridiculous thing, because where are you going to separate to? Where are you going? And without Me doesn't it become sort of a personal struggle where on one day you can stand up and say, "Oh yes, I separated from Satan yesterday! I made such a good effort, and I didn't look at a girl (speaking of a man here), I focused on my mission, I didn't have bad thoughts, I overcame my bad feeling toward my leader." Fine. But if you're just basing this on some kind of abstract will or abstract providential desire "without that heartistic growth toward Me" and the nourishment that even a small relationship between us can bring, then doesn't this become rather egotistical? And your "separation from Satan" in one way becomes more and more caught by him. In the name of separating from Satan you are just making yourself object to another kind of Satan. And what this has been in religion many times is religious pride. And that's why it's so important for us to build a relationship because separation from Satan "is not the final point"! It's a gradual thing; I understand. You cannot separate from Satan by 21­day prayer condition, by a 40­day fasting condition, or by several heroic conditions. Even the growth of a pure and unfallen Adam and Eve would have taken quite a number of years. And so coming away from that darkness after the Fall in your own lives and really rebinding to Me, as the word religion means, finding that essence of rebinding and coming back into our relationship together. This also takes many years and it's not just a matter of conditions. They are part of it, and I will never devalue conditions. How many people in the world would fast for seven days for even a small insight from Me, or just a great notion of goodness or overcoming some problem. This is precious to Me as I see My children make that effort among a world of people who don't care. So don't make a mistake. I would never ever condemn even the tiniest condition and the tiniest desire, however incomplete, in your heart. Do you understand? But I want you to understand too the full scope of our purpose and goal together, and that is this establishment of original relationship of heart between us and the world of what you call direct dominion and ultimately pure motive . . . pure motive.

Let Me speak more now about this matter of pure motive. In your life you have already realized the problem of cross motives, that even belonging to a religious organization, still you find so many kinds of selfishness, self­centeredness in your life. And the energy that you feel everyday, you must admit, is oftentimes confused between an ocean of doing good, an ocean of service to Me, an ocean of service to others, and yet thoughts come, feelings and emotions come, that have nothing to do with pure motive but that are very much focused on yourself. This is the struggle in a religious life up to this time. Anyone who has lived it, from the very famous saints in history down to the person who will never be known, this is a struggle that is universal. But this is a struggle that is in the past as far as I am concerned. Why do I say that? Because we are entering a new era. It doesn't mean that you're not going to struggle anymore and that by some magic you'll sail very smoothly into the realm of only Godly purpose, Godly thoughts, Godly feelings, Godly emotions. No. In your life you'll continue to battle with those things that you know are not of Me and don't come from our relationship, but are old habits, old problems that keep cropping up. But the reason I mean that that struggle is in the past is that "I recognize a new day" and I want to "proclaim in so many ways to each and every person a new day that has come" when I can really divulge to you, not only verbally but "in your hearts", that if you will open yourself to Me in the deepest sense, I will show you this world of pure motive; and it's going to take you beyond the old patterns of personal struggle. That's another meaning of the end of the traditional role of the church and the beginning of My pure relationship with each and every one of you.

As you start to realize the power of pure motive in your life - and I think whether you recognize it or not, you have - W [wife] can you begin to feel when you are motivated by that, let us say higher power, that relationship between us, can you feel beyond even your painful body, can you feel that strength? Please if you want to share anything . . .

W says: "It's still a conscious process, but when I focus on parental heart that is coming from You, acknowledging that what comes out is always very warm, kind of loving thought. And then if I follow that, put that into action, it always leaves me with very wonderful joy."

This is wonderful. You see, we are growing together. It is so wonderful to hear that testimony from you, and I know that H too, you could share much about your own experience and the feeling of power that comes from having one heart and not two. I want to redefine for you this morning this whole idea of doing good in the name of God. Number one, it's not a religious duty; it doesn't come out of your church affiliation, not ultimately. It may for awhile be enough to have joined a church and elevated your life from what was before perhaps a very low place, but ultimately it's coming out of our relationship. I want to tell you just as an aside here, and I don't want to go into this deeply, but just a simple statement that many of your church members have stopped in their development and feel frustrated, because they are stuck in doing good out of their church affiliation and affiliation with your leadership but don't know how to continue toward that original relationship in heart with Me, and so things seem very dry. As you know, when you don't put water on a plant or when anything - for example food left out - loses its water content, it becomes old and dry and hard. And a religious life that is not continuously open to that content of heart through our developing relation­ ship becomes just like an old, dried piece of fruit sitting on the counter; you can't derive goodness out of that; it's no longer fresh, and, basically, you want to throw it away. Well certainly I don't want to throw you away. That's not the situation of parent and child. I do want to say to you that there is a reason that so many feel dry and hard and lose the sense of meaning simply because that continuous growth with Me has not extended from their religious experience. And now after many speeches, many workshops, many missions, many experiences in the church, so many are looking for something more, something more. Something more. And I, on the other side, am crying out to you, "Here I Am, here I Am, here I Am!"

I told you I don't want to get caught off in another direction. I want to go back to pure motive now.

W, your little testimony is more powerful than you think, because it's not just an ungrowing thing. As time goes by, and as your heart and our relationship develops, more and more you will be able to act out of that realm, even beyond your physical pain. In that sense, as I told you before, your physical pain is almost a friend to you because it pushes you to a different state. You cannot just be easy thinking about every moment of every day. You've really got to reach for the deepest and the best to overcome it, and so it's been like a friend. I do not say that this friend is always going to be with you, but it is a friend for now.

Now, what I want to do is to proclaim that this world of pure motive, that sole and overwhelming purpose for living that comes out of our relationship is the only thing I see at this time and the only thing I want to talk about. That, again, is why I say the era, the old era, is finished even though for awhile you have to continue the old struggle with selfishness and with impure motives, but that it's a new era that is initiated. Put it this way - we'll make a very earthly example: You join the army. You go to training camp. And that person who is in charge of the training camp is not going to waste his time talking about your life before the training camp. He's not going to say, "Let's talk about your difficult time in the city before you joined and all the struggles you went through." No. He's going to say, "You're in the army now. This is a new time; this is a time for new thinking; this is a time for a whole new experience and I don't want you to remain in mind and heart back before you came here. I want you to "be here now"." That is exactly the truth. Be here now with Me and let us go forward together, and let Me show you the potential in you. Just like that army camp major talking to his new recruits, let Me show you that potential in you that you had no idea you had. Why? Because of impure motives, because you were caught up by 50 different purposes every day and you didn't really focus on building yourself in any particular direction. You were wherever your friends needed you. You were here, you were there, but you never really worked on yourself. Please don't worry, I'm not comparing Myself to an army officer or just a strong commander. I'm your parent! And "far more" than any army camp, I'm expressing to you a NEW DAY, A NEW ERA for your life. And I tell you, if ever before you felt like a dried up old piece of fruit as a religious person, I'm telling you that I can show you fruit and you will feel in your own heart the fruit that is delicious, juicy, full of water, the water of life, and you will never want to stop eating that fruit. And it's the same with Me. I have the same joy in seeing that coming together.

The power of pure motive is profound because, as I said before, it comes out of our relationship, our union, and it has an overwhelming direction. When I say direction, I do not mean in the narrow term - like you just want to go to the store to buy something and you're only thinking about that. That's what you might call a very narrow direction, to buy some butter or bread. No. I mean the direction toward the Kingdom and overwhelming in the sense that it involves every resource that you have, from your mental self to your emotional self to your spiritual self to your creative self. And you don't have to generate it by yourself; it generates automatically as we become closer and closer. And the person who is experiencing this growing relationship is indeed a powerful person who will not be pulled away by this or that temptation, by this or that random experience, by anything external. When I say external, I mean even within yourself, something that is more out of place, that really doesn't fit in the scheme of that realm of pure motive, that you can wash right through that like a flood of water coming down a valley - nothing can resist it; it just pushes everything ahead of itself. "That" is the power of pure motive in your life! And especially in this world, as you know, though the results may not come in one moment or one day, you'll know very clearly by what you feel in your heart, what you see happening to your relationships with people, what you experience as life each day, you will know that this is the only way you want to go. Because it feels "right"! So very, very right! That is your word: right, right. I can't express to you in English that feeling of real rightness between us - not just correctness, not just proper position between us, but RIGHT coming out of the HEART!!! It's like a perfect symphony. Like a perfect story. A perfect poem. You read it and something just says YES, THAT'S IT!!! And you would never turn away. You would never turn away. Every time you hear that symphony again or read that poem again, it just comes back to you and you say, "Oh, I wish I could have this feeling every moment." Well I tell you, there is an eternal poem to be written between the two of us and you don't have to leave from that poem. And "that" is what can turn this world around: the irresistible power of this relationship.

It's not a matter of changing yourself. Not at all. Change can't be stopped in the power of this relationship. You don't have to worry about how you can change or if you will ever change because that power that you feel coming, even as we share, is going beyond yourself. You're forgetting your old self and moving into a whole new realm. And, again, that's the goal of that army commander who has his new recruits. He's not just saying to them, "I want you to struggle with your old self and overcome." No. Though he might say that once in a while, in essence he's trying to show them a totally new self, and "that's" when they're going to become successful military persons. Okay, in the deeper sense, I'm not just interested in how you can struggle and overcome your old self. I want you to see and I want you to open your eyes and have you open yourself completely to a totally new and profound self. But I tell you, it's not just in trying to find that new self that you will find it. It's as you see the world and see what I see that you will find it. It's as you relate to the things around you that come into your life each day, as you relate to them in a new way as a result of our relationship that that new self will automatically start to develop, automatically start to grow. And so in one way people heroically struggle from this idea of separating from Satan and are so proud when they've made what they thought was a step, but their sight is almost blind. Very shortsighted. And, again, this is where pride can take over, in shortsightedness, in small kinds of goals without seeing the larger perspective ultimately. And so it's in showing you this longer vision that you'll go so far beyond the problem of pride or what you accomplished or whatever, that we can see together something far more. And what you have inside of you is the same substance of which I am made. That's why the idea of pride and small­mindedness and all of these things are something to laugh at and pass by without even a second thought. Can you see the realm I'm speaking from?

W replies: "Yes, as You spoke I recalled that in 1987, when I was struggling through each day and I had this hunger to change, just exactly as You said, then You told me through somebody that what you have inside you is a precious jewel in the Kingdom of Heaven. You encouraged me to acknowledge it, nurture it, value it. So I was just recalling that."

Yes indeed. And now you're starting to see that jewel come out. Perhaps you never thought it was going to come in this particular way. You couldn't understand. You couldn't begin to see that. But I see that jewel very clearly inside of each and every one of you, and I know truly what its potential is.

I know that your time is short this morning, and I could talk about this for years and we'd never reach the bottom, but one more thing that I want to say in conclusion, at least for this small part of the Kingdom that we speak of, is that day by day don't worry about practicing pure motive in your life in the sense of "How can I get pure motive?" No. Let your thought and let your heart be one of closeness to Me and simply flow as much as you can from that relationship. I'm going to show you through your experiences how you can keep and carry this purity of motive with you. I might say it the other way around: how you can be carried by this pure motive. It's very powerful, our relationship and the power that generates from this relationship is far more than something you can just generate by trying to do something by yourself, and so this motive can carry you. It is a realm, in fact. It is in essence the expression of the realm of our heartistic union. There is no other motive that comes out of that union.

Remember I told you before that that world of the heart is where there can be no untruth, there can be no falseness, no two standards, no two motives, but just one. That is a secret that can blind Satan, that he wants nothing to do with, because it can wash him out just like that powerful flood of water coming down the valley - pick him up and throw him off completely.

So, indeed this can begin to carry your life. And then someone starts to say to you, "Oh, your life is so wonderful, you're such a wonderful person; how can you have such a pure motive through all of the circumstances of your life? Oh, I want to be like you." And then inside you just laugh because you know that the secret is a power beyond you and your husband; it's something far beyond. And, again I have to say, this is why the world of religious pride and pride of position, pride of your personal achievement, pride of wonderful medals that are on your chest, unlike the military world or unlike the world of earthly power, it's something far, far greater, something so transcendent. And that's why I say you can laugh at the realm of pride and continue on.

I really want for those who read this message to "understand". We talk about simple things here in essence, but we talk about "very essential" things. Things that are so infinitely deep, far beyond the mental world or far beyond the "Oh, I know that already" type of world. No you don't know. And that is why I want so much to express this "new" world of heart, because that is what you don't know, this realm of heart and the pure motive world that comes out of it. Don't think you know just because you memorized the doctrine or because you know so much in terms of head knowledge. This is a world of knowing that is so "infinitely" beyond that! Head knowledge has gotten humanity into hell. Well, let Me say head knowledge alone is not enough. I certainly gave you a brain and a head to function, but its original purpose was to be objective to this realm of heart and the realm of pure motive. Everything was to be used in that world and in that realm. So, don't say that you know. There is a knowing that is coming so powerfully, like the dawn today, and as you begin to know that world it will be a knowing and a living that can convert this world of darkness. So, again, I do not acknowledge this old world any longer. I only speak as if the day was already come, as if the sun was high already in the sky. It is for Me. It's just a matter of opening your eye.

Thank you. Please express this quickly and let those with whom you are related know what I want them to know.

P.S. Yes, in your final prayer, W, you expressed that it hard to know this world. And let me indeed make the comparison with moving into a land where a different language is spoken: You have to learn the language to really understand fully the culture. And so as we come together, I do indeed want to teach you both a new language, and I want to teach everyone a new language that goes with a new culture. Your English language and the other languages that are spoken in this world, if they have nothing to do with this world of pure motive, then these languages, however lovely they sound to the ear, are unconscious languages and have nothing to do with the original language. I want to teach you the original language of heart. For example, one word that you speak in your English language is the word "heart." When you have come to understand the inner language that I want to teach you, that one word would flood you with tears for the whole day, because you know its value. And so your languages have been developed in an unconscious culture, an unconscious gathering of humans who didn't have that original language as they began their life on earth. And so day by day try to study this original language between us, this language beyond words and then, even your English language or whatever, Japanese, Korean. Someday perhaps we'll even develop a completely new language of this world of heart and world of absolutely pure motive. So realize that this inner language of heart is what will give your life so much meaning. And also, once you have begun to become conscious of this inner language, then somehow, even to those who don't know that language, even your English words will seem more alive, will have something in them in terms of inner substance that has more impact. You'll notice this, so realize that it's a result of this inner language training that I want to give to you


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