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Coming Back To The Original Five Percent

May 22, 1994

On this bright and very beautiful morning, I want to talk to you about what you call the human portion of responsibility, your five percent. This era, meaning the decade of the '90s, is ushering in truly the period of the kingdom. And though you may not see it around you in terms of popular culture or the world at large, you do know that I work in the human heart. And when those doors are opened toward My kingdom, though they may be invisible to the eye that only sees the material world, they are opened, and the invisible and agonizing work of history can be brought into bloom. And so I want to speak about this morning.

Let Me begin at the very beginning. My son and daughter in the Garden were exactly that, my son and daughter. I related with them as their Divine Parent. And they had no other portion of responsibility but to grow and to become a fully mature son and daughter to Me, fully awake, fully conscious of that relationship in their every movement, in their every moment, and then to finally bring grandchildren into the family - their own children - and to realize true parenthood.

Do you know when you say true parent, I want you to realize it's not just a title like emperor or king or monarch. True parent means someone who has realized the highest love. Truth comes from Me. True means our own relationship in heart and the absolute pure motive that comes through it. And the pure motive of those parents in the Garden would have been most fully expressed to their own children, to raise them and love them and to finally send them out to, again, repeat that cycle, to grow and to become fully realized children of God and then to realize their own parenthood. And the generations would have begun and the world would have had a start that was so powerful and so great and, as you know, the development of humanity, not only externally but internally, would have been dramatically different than what you see today and what you have seen in history with so many wars and conflicts and painful, evil circumstances. It would have been totally different. But this is not what I intend to talk about, I mean war or evil circumstances today. I want to talk about My ideal and relate it now to you and where you stand in this time.

Those first children of Mine, at the beginning of history, were to realize that pure motive, yet they failed. And so now after a long history of restoration, as you call it, there has been the coming of another set finally of a man and a woman who have deeply realized the meaning of parenthood - that it has to be on the foundation of a true childship to Me. And if they never did another thing, that would have been the greatest thing to realize that. But they have started a movement. And the movement was to seek and to realize, in the same way as they had, that same ideal, true childship to God and then parenthood. You recognize that that's your central purpose in life, to grow in relationship to Me, to realize marriage, and then to realize familyhood. This is the opener of the door to the kingdom.

Then you look at the Unification movement and feel great pain because there seems to be such a lack of love and a lack of true love or parental love in your church movement. I want to address this for a moment. It is a source of great pain to Me.

This no longer the age of the church. This is truly the age of My realizing true familyhood, of going back to that ideal of the Garden. And so if you want to call the Unification Church the final church, you may. But here's the irony. If, finally, the church does not realize the central point of that heartistic parental love, not only in the True Parents but in each and every member - leadership, those who serve without position, everyone - then the final church wants to hang on, hang on, hang on and not evolve.

What's the nature of parental love? For example, My love for you is to realize in our relationship a very deep mutual responsibility, Mine as the parent, yours as a son or daughter, in which you can grow and grow very consciously of Me. And finally, at that right time when you have matured and grown and begun to blossom as a human being, My desire is to send you out to the world and let you be, as you wish, a person who can reflect that love and that atmosphere that raised you, whatever you do, in every moment of your life. This is the nature of parental love, not to hold back or to demand its own authority on the child, or to just raise the child in the strict and selfish image, but to give "everything" to the child so that the child may grow in its own uniqueness and in its own inner genius into a completely independent human being. This is the greatest act of love.

The movie called Bear Valley that "H" (husband) saw many years ago, I can use that as an example: The mama bear took the baby out at a certain point after giving it loving care for many many months, and then one day seemed very coldly to just brush it with her big paw and push it into a little ravine where the baby bear couldn't follow its mother back to the den. And the little bear realizes that he's on his own. And what seems very cold, is actually the greatest act of love from the mother, because she knows that the little guy has to grow up and stand on his own two feet, that he lives in a world that's going to demand him to have his own fully developed sense of instinct. And she knows that if she coddles him and cares for him without thought for what he must do for himself, then she does him a great disservice - in the name of love she stops his growth. Parental love wants more than anything the growth of its object and knows, especially in the world of humanity, that that object at a certain point must be set loose and must be given, in love and in trust, its own independence. And this, believe it or not and ironically, is the deepest bond between parent and child, not that the parent keeps the child forever and ever trapped in a small place where the parent can love, love, love the child.

And so with that I come back to the situation of the church. This church represents Me. It was created to represent Me. And if it is to represent Me, especially in the age of the True Parents, it means there must be the bond of heart between Me and each and every member - the parent­ child relationship - and this includes your leadership. Truly, if that heart is alive, then ultimately this church will evolve out of itself, and it will become the final church, and it will finally open its door and send those who have followed its beliefs out into the world, as a parent sends a child. And there will be left a love and a trust and a bond that will be eternal.

And yet I can ask is this happening today? And if it's not happening, why? Very simply, My heart for each and every child is not being realized. And I will say that this has been the problem of religion down through history. If we look particularly at the Christian church of the New Testament, it has only been Jesus who understood My heart and loved his people with that heart. Yet in promising to come back again it was the fully expressed parental heart, and truly the role of true parenthood that he wanted everyone to know and everyone to experience, first as children and later as parents themselves. It was for that reason that he gave his life. Well, in the New Testament church that heart was not inherited, and when the church in My name practiced great evil, it was precisely that they only used the authority or power of God in a positional sense. They produced great art. They produced great buildings. They produced amazing crusades, and yet they couldn't produce the parent­child relationship out of the ranks of the church men and church women. They couldn't open the door. In a sense this can be excused because there was no true parental standard established as yet. But at the age of the second coming, when that true parental standard can be fully realized by a man and a woman and then taught, I want you to know that behind that teaching, invisibly, I am standing and not just standing but reaching out to every one of you. The biggest challenge of restoration for the Unification Church is not to repeat the misuse of the authority that occurred in the old Christian church. In other words, each member has to look beyond the church structure, even beyond the True Parents, and see what is operating behind them. And that is Me. And it is that relationship with Me that will give "life" to each and every one of you.

Let Me say it again. It is something beyond the church, beyond the True Parents. Do you take that to mean I don't need the True Parents? I don't need the church? No. These are an expression of My love. But if the church itself can't express that love, loses that connection with Me one by one by one, then its authority becomes empty. And what is lost is the expression of that parental love that wants to raise up each son and daughter to finally go out into the world on the foundation of that love and "fully" express the greatness that I've put in each one. That authority that cannot recognize My heart and, in the name of its own structure, in the name of its own vanity and insecurity, doesn't want to let people go.

Yes, the great churches of the past were strong, but they were based upon so much insecurity. They did not realize My heart for each and every person and, therefore, positionality, power became a corruptor.

The "greatest" power in the world is the power of true parenthood - first true childship to Me, but finally the realized power of true parenthood. And the love that empowers those children from those parents to become a multiplier of that love as it goes out into the world, there is no greater power. And yet the churches of history have been riding on a counterfeit brand of power that has nothing to do with that true parental love. That is why the Unification Church - and I truly love what has been created, let Me say it clearly - but that is why the Unification Church "must" at this time realize the "importance" of recognizing that true parental heart. The problem here is that many of the central people in the church do not look beyond Rev. and Mrs. Moon and take them almost as an earthly King and Queen and then carry out the work on that relational foundation. But I tell you "it is not deep enough". Rev. and Mrs. Moon will pass on and the centuries will come, and what will then empower those who have inherited what they gave? I tell you, at this most important moment while they are on the earth, it is important to go "beyond" them and "realize" the power behind them. Because that is the power that is intimately connected with your own life. You talk and talk and talk about cause and effect in the Divine Principle, the importance of the realm of cause. You must realize that I am the cause and Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the effect, and their family is the effect. If you become caught by only the effect, then positionality and politics will ultimately take over your church, as it has. But if you will go to the realm of cause, that is the very realm that is in your deepest heart. As you know, Rev. Moon himself has said, "Don't pray to me; pray to your Heavenly Father" because he knows that I am in each and every heart. And that it's in those prayers and in that relationship that lies the key to your understanding truly who you are and what is your five percent.

Now, to come back to this matter of five percent. If the Unification Church will truly realize today the role that it plays . . . that means if each and every individual who is identified with the Unification Church will truly realize in their own lives the being of true childship and true parenthood finally, at least be striving for it and recognizing the key point, then My love can be expressed. And those who live under the authority of the Unification Church will recognize that ultimately they are living under My authority and, therefore, they can be sent out.

Let Me make it clear. It is not enough that a person live their whole life, giving their blood and sweat for their mission under the Unification Church, if that is all they identify with, and then they feel their five percent is to break their bones every day doing their mission, and get old and tired doing their mission - somehow they obeyed, they accomplished - but if they never realize that sonship and daughtership to Me and they said, "Well, I did my mission; isn't that my five percent?" That is "not" your five percent!!! That's only a small part of it, and it's a very small part of it because the realization of childship is where the key lies. If you die with feelings of frustration, distance from Me, feeling only that you obeyed Mr. Smith or Mr. Kim or Mr. Whoever . . . this is blindness and it very much puts you close to any obedient hard laborer in the world, not really laboring in My name, not really living your life in My name, but just proud that you put in your eight hours or your twelve hours or whatever. And you can say, "Well, I was obedient." How does that differentiate from anybody?

And to the leaders of the Unification Church I must say that truly, without recognizing the parental heart and realizing that each of those people who are so­called "under" you are truly under Me, and they are My sons and My daughters, and if you cannot recognize your own parental love for them, then recognize My parental love for them and their sonship and daughtership to Me. And realize that that is the most important thing - not that they were an effective computer operator or laborer or fisherman or whatever, and that if you truly care for those people, you will realize that their lives must expand and go out and that they cannot just live their lives forever doing the same job. They may. They may, but the central point here is that you must realize that they are My sons and daughters "before" they are your members. And if you recognize My heart for them, then you want to see them fully express what I put into each and every one of them, not for your sake, but for My sake and for the sake of a suffering world. Nothing makes Me more sad or angry than to see the misuse of precious sons and daughters coupled with their own lack of understanding about their relationship with Me - ignorance on both sides. And then the result is so much anger, so much pain, so much suffering and "so much" confusion, and then the work that you want to be done automatically cannot be done. You might catch a few fish or accomplish this or that, but nothing is growing and the work becomes empty. And down inside of everyone's heart you know it, but you don't know what's wrong. It comes back again to the most simple and fundamental thing of the parent­child relationship. You look to yourself and you're proud of yourself sometimes as a leader because you say, "Well, I'm quite parental and I love my members." It's not your love for your members that's important. First it's My love for them and your recognition of My love for them. And I tell you, if you don't see that strongly enough it's because first of all you don't see strongly enough My relationship with "you". And so your treatment of them is a reflection of ignorance of My relationship with you. The way you see them has to do with the way you think I see you. You think I am just a strong taskmaster who's going to just push you, push you, push you, and so you do the same in all obedience. And yet you never open your heart to the true relationship that I want to have with you as Divine Parent and Divine Son, Divine Daughter. That would enlighten you so deeply. And I tell you, if you multiply that to all the membership of the Unification Church, then by the power of parental love the Unification Church will disappear. It will not be the same as throughout history where churches have held on, held on, held on. They became spiritless hulks, not able to generate life. No. Your church will evolve out of itself. Your people will be able to go out and build the kingdom. But I want you to understand that the church in the way it is now "will not" build the kingdom; individuals will build the kingdom. That is the whole thing behind the hometown movement, and you don't know that. And that's why even many church leaders have conflict with people who've gone to their hometowns, because you don't understand that the church has to grow out of itself, has to graduate and become truly what it was meant to be. The church is truly the human heart. The church is truly the family. The church is truly the quality of each and every individual's life in terms of their relationship and as child and parent to Me, and then parents to their families, parents to their communities, and not in a patronizing way - in a true love way. No. If you don't catch this point, you are going down a road that will only end in a dead­end, and already you are tempted on that road. I tell you, you must self­reflect very deeply. And this is not something Rev. and Mrs. Moon can demand of you; you must see it in yourself, each of you, and not let this blindness happen again in history, but return to the purity of what I saw in the Garden.

I didn't intend to speak about these things this morning, but My heart is full of these things. Day by day, if you don't see these things, you're going to see more and more deadness spread throughout your ranks until you wake up and see what I am trying to express to you. If you take these words only as some person's rebellious attitude on paper, then I am only sad for you. Yes, this is coming through someone. But please, please search in your own heart and recognize its source, because that's the key point - not these papers, not these writings. The key point is in your heart. The key point is in your heart. These writings are a very poor, very dim reflection of what I want to do in your life, of what I want to say to you personally. Then you won't need to read anything on paper. You will know exactly what you need to do, and your life will be so changed. The bitterness and especially the fear will be gone, and we can live in happiness together. This is the "time" for it. Why do you go on and on thinking that the fear and the anger or whatever are just part of the indemnity path? No! This is the time of kingdom building. This is the time to leave the darkness and come into the light. The door has been opened for kingdom building and it demands of its builders, those who are full of the power of love, the power of joy, the ability to express My love, and a freedom that comes from no sense of positionality, no sense of the old egotistic idea of who you are, but a sense of being under Me in which you almost don't feel yourself any longer, and you are just free, free as the wind, free as a tree to grow and to become everything that I intended you to be. It's a liberation that cannot be described in English words. So please know, I want to speak next - and I have to close this talk now - but I want to speak to you next about the realm of pure motive, and I want to do this right away. So I will close now, but please understand what I have said. It is "absolutely critical" for the on-going work and the fact is, I don't want to have another delay because of these problems. Please understand.

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