The Words of David and Taco Hose


"Heart" - Core Of Relationship With God

March 17, 1994

Good morning. I want to make the point very clearly about what allows this communication between us . . . and it is not just for you. This is a point of clarification to any and all who are reading these papers that come out of these sessions:

First of all, I want to make it clear that the source of these papers is not "channeling"; it is "not" "mediumship"; it is "not" "spiritualism" of any kind. It "is" the relationship between parent and child. And what defines that relationship is "heart". That is the thing that cuts through all of the obstacles that are in between you and Me.

You know that in the Principle teachings there are eight steps to become a true child of God and then a true parent. The eight steps are not the end in themselves. The eight steps are the steps toward that heartistic relationship with Me and with one another. And it's "only" within the context of developing that heartistic relationship that those eight steps become important. Many people though, without realizing that context, that framework of heart, are just involved with eight steps - almost like baking a cake.

I told you before that this realm of heart, if a person is sufficiently opened up to it, will redefine everything quickly and profoundly. It is not a matter of just going through eight steps like reassembling some broken car engine. What I want you to find "never was broken", only hidden in the confusion of the fallen nature. In certain extraordinary circumstances what was hidden can suddenly be uncovered in an individual; the realization of our most essential heart relationship can come very powerfully. You yourselves had the opportunity to recognize this relationship when you cried out two years ago to Me from the deepest part of your heart.

I want to make it very clear (#1) that this idea of communicating with Me is not something that can be exclusive only to the True Family and that you can only communicate with Me through the True Family, in the very literal sense, and (#2) that it is not a matter of mediumship or channeling, but truly a matter of heartistic communication. Mediumship, channeling, psychic abilities alone cannot usher in the Kingdom of God. These gifts, of themselves, can be used for wrong purposes like any gift. It is in the realm of heart alone that the purest motive, My purpose in having you as My child, can be preserved and matured. In that place of our truest coming together, no impure motive can survive. I want to teach you how to live from that place more and more. Without this, there will be no Kingdom.

I am a parent of heart. That's why I created everything, because of heart. And so the ultimate connection between Me and My children was to be one of heart. That was "everything"! And that's what I have labored since the Fall to re­establish. This is the providential time for that relationship to be re­established. And it has relatively little resemblance to the sort of historical prayer relationship that most people have had with Me through the churches. Prayer is, of course, a building block toward the heartistic relationship, but ultimately the true heartistic relationship is 24 hours a day. It's a state of consciousness, a state of "deep" and constant communication between us. Now, even the term "heartistic" needs to be understood here. It is not emotion that I talk about. It is the "deepest" part of yourself that I speak of, the very center of yourself. This is the heart. Heart is My center; you're created in My image; therefore, it's your center too and the place where we meet.

Many people have lived their lives without ever having been in touch with their center, their deepest self, the heart. And so they conjecture; they make up all kinds of theories about why I do or do not exist. Some of them become religious after a form, and others become atheists. But without ever having found the realm of heart, they're not all that different from one another. They still haven't, whether they call themselves religious or not, found the right door. They can have great knowledge of doctrines, of pages of scripture, of all the holy laws, but without opening that inner door, they're still "stuck out on the street." They didn't yet enter into that most pure and simple realm. And so this has been the problem of history; and this is the major challenge that Unificationism needs to face today. The eternally important point is this: that it has to be faced, not because of "orders from your headquarters," or even because it was spoken of by your leader, but because you see the need in yourself - "even when no other person on the earth has ever spoken of it". It is between you and Me. Between you and Me.

Satan is very good at convincing people that their own relationship with Me is not critical, or can wait, or is good enough. As long as they relate with something like a Divine Principle and follow the law, or, in the case of working with True Family, as long as they serve and attend the True Family very well, then everything is fine. Or as long as they don't make big mistakes, they'll be okay. In other words, this is, in a sense, "works righteousness."

Now this is an issue that Unificationists have very righteously taken a stand on, because traditional fundamental Christianity always taught that it's by your faith that you're saved, not by works. This was in the teachings of St. Paul. However, I have to say St. Paul had a good point. Yes, it's true that Unificationism understands the point of humankind's five percent, that it's not just to sit and have faith all day and know that you're going to heaven. It's by your life and by your living and, therefore, by the Godly work you do. However, without the heartistic connection between us, the quality of heart in what you do, your labors become empty. So without this heart quality and inner content in your efforts, you begin to focus on outer quotas, identify yourself too much with outer successes or failures, compare yourself too much; herein is the problem of works righteousness. Finally, there will be conflict within and a person will lose power to do, as you call it, the mission they have, because they cannot connect the inner and outer. And so, ultimately, St. Paul had a very good point. Unificationists, so many times, with all of their strong convictions that it "is" a matter of the life you lead, the work you do, have been subverted internally by not establishing the heartistic relationship with Me. When you have achieved a lot on the outer level, but without that realm of purest motive as your center, it is so easy to not only be works righteous, but self­righteous too. "I've worked hard, I've sacrificed my family, I accomplished my mission; I've been on the front line for 20 years, what about you?!" The empty alternative to our relationship in heart is self­pride, vain glory. This defaces everything you have done in My name, because it more and more becomes in your name. Works righteousness, self­righteousness. To me this is ridiculous. It's the actions of the dead. That's why I desperately want to connect with each one of you.

Many times, you have a very hard time believing that on your own merit you can connect with Me. But it is not your merit or lack of merit that is the most critical point. It's the fact that ultimately I created you. Satan didn't create you after the Fall. I'm the one who has made you and the formula by which you were created. That's My creation formula. Satan claimed the process at the time of the Fall by intervening in the love relationship of Adam and Eve - he intervened in the right process and turned it into the wrong process - and then the conception of children. But, those children and that whole process was created by Me. And so, after you have come back to the understanding of the right relationship with Me through the Divine Principle, through your understanding of My word and, finally, through your own Blessing, then to go on judging yourself based on lack of merit is foolishness. It is truly your identity - your most fundamental identity as My child - that I am seeking to reclaim. I am not counting how many good things you did on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday before I start relating to you. Ultimately, our connection is one of heart, not one of quantity of good things that you did even before you met Me. Do you understand? I simply want to meet you first. If someone is lost in the forest, are you going to sit at home and see how many good things he does in that forest before you decide whether he is worth saving or not? No! You want to go out and save him, find him first, especially if it is your child! That is My heart in seeing you. That has always been My heart. Truly, when you realized that you were lost in the woods of your own making, then truly you wanted just simply to connect with Me. That essential desire is your salvation. You are the author of your salvation, in one sense. Not just Me, but you yourself. When you simply cry out with no concept of yourself, with nothing except the pure desire to reach Me, whatever you bring, this is what moves My heart. So truly, do you understand that this heartistic connection is so different than channeling, mediumship or the holding of seances? I am not like another "spirit man." Even spirits in the spiritual world cannot connect with Me if their hearts are not sufficiently developed.

Those who are in judgment of this relationship, to be channeling or the like, just simply don't yet see their own true relationship with Me. And so it really breaks My heart to have people standing back so far that they can't see most simply what I am doing. Especially for Unificationists who have been in the movement for 10, 15, 20 or more years, not to realize the relationship I want to have with you, I want to ask you, what do you think this path is finally all about???

And so, in one sense, I am angry. I am angry at your stubbornness to just simply open up and to realize what I long for. I would tell you if you would give Me an opportunity, but you're so busy telling yourself everything about what's right and what's wrong, and who's worthy and who's not worthy, that you miss the very simple point that I want to make. I am very simple. I am very simple. The realm of heart is a very simple one, and that simplicity comprehends a world of complexity. The intellect is a complicated thing, but the heart is a very simple thing. And the heart, in that sense, comprehends the intellect. The world, the way it is today, including much of the Unification Church world, is so full of complexity of relationships, of understandings, of feelings, of projects, and purposes. And yet without the realm of heart to serve as a framework for all that complexity, then you have nothing but confusion and people running into each other and so much struggle. So, I simply want to give you that framework, and that framework is your relationship with Me.

So if you repeat the same problem of the old churches by making these locked doors around Me, then you have only repeated history, and you have done nothing to restore that essential problem. These doors must be opened. At this point I'm not even waiting for the doors to open, in terms of the church structure. You've got to open the door "in your own heart" and recognize your own most essential worthiness as My child. And I'm not counting your good actions to gauge your worthiness. Remember this! I am looking at you as My offspring, especially as you came to understand truly the message of what you have believed. That's what it all boils down to - you are My child. And if you don't see this, to Me it's the greatest of all tragedies, because it's like you ran the race for 25 miles and then two steps before you finished and crossed the line, you gave up; then the race means nothing. This is the time where that line has been drawn and where you can have a chance to cross it. That will pull your own movement to a whole different level, a whole different realm. And that's why, as I said, I feel very upset in many ways by those who still think that communication with Me in this direct sense is something to be afraid of, or suspicious of, or some sort of channeling or whatever. It is a matter of the heart.

I want to address this to "you who are reading this paper now", not just to those who first received this message, but to you who now read this paper: I want to have this communication with you. If you only "see". Close your eyes for a moment. Take time . . . think with the heart . . . feel with your heart how I feel. If I was to unlock My heart to you fully you would be flooded out with tears . . . because this has been a long lonely time in coming.

This is the key to restoration, I told you already. The key is not just being obedient servants to My representatives on the earth, or to your elders, or to the mission that you have. If you go on in this ignorance about who you are, then you won't cross the line. And I too am just as frustrated as you, but in a sense far more frustrated because I know what it should be between us, and perhaps you don't. I know our relationship as it should be. Please read this until you really understand it. These words are imperfect. The bearer of this message, yes, is imperfect, but please know the heart behind it. Behind it! This message is for "you"!!! The important thing and the important issue is not who it came through, or "What are they doing to get it?". This is My direct plea to you. You need to find this most "essential" point in your own life, or otherwise you will never ever "ever" be happy, no matter how obedient you are, no matter how many victorious missions you fulfilled, no matter how much your elders smiled upon you, and no matter how much you could serve - even in East Garden. The important thing is here. And it will put everything else in a clear perspective. This relationship between you and Me will help you see everything as it is, and then you can make the judgment you need to make to go ahead and do the things that you need to do and that I would be very happy to see you do in your life too.

This is what I wanted to say to you, and I hope it's clear. There is no more important thing in your life. Everything, you will find, flows from this - the relationship between us. I love you.

I'll finish here, and I'd like to ask the ones who have this message this morning to please send it to those whom you feel can be open to it.

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