The Words of David and Taco Hose


Beyond The Greenhouse - Part III

March 3, 1994

You have, today, seen more of the meaning of "the greenhouse" allegory I gave you last time you were here in [city]. A true allegory will always take on new meaning as you make the internal steps needed for your growth in life. There are both inspiring and disturbing things within the greenhouse story - you need to look at them without faintness of heart and with faith.

Today as you walked up the street on your way to lunch, you found a door opening within you - a door you've known about for some time, but one that you just haven't been able to significantly push open. (That is often the case in the spiritual aspect of life. There is always a gestation period before an intellectually held idea of good sinks deeply enough within you to take root and later break the surface of your daily reality.)

Let me now speak of this opening: You saw vividly that it is "only" in the acceptance and realization, at the soul level, of My Love in your daily consciousness that you can take true authority over the million earthly loves and passions that come at you every day. Without the conscious and intensely alive framework of the daily relationship with Me in your life, you have no way to cut through and give proportion to these passions, especially in the case of what your movement calls "fallen love." Have you noticed how, when you have a true and genuine friend alongside you, that your personal strength to resist the vagaries of daily living is multiplied many times over? It is when you are alone that you become open to these temptations. Merely the conviction that you have a friend or the belief in your "friend's" goodness and strength is not enough to sustain you if you are alone (perhaps small help). It is, though, the close presence and sharing with that friend that multiplies your power.

It is completely the same in the case of you and Me. Belief in Me or convictions about My strength and greatness are small help when you are confronted with those forces that want to use you for no good purpose. It is only when you have opened to My presence with you, our moment by moment sharing together, that you find a strength that is far greater and more alive than anything you could ever generate by yourself.

You have lost the meaning of true consciousness after the fall. It is this "living" consciousness that I want to re­awaken you to "now".

There are so many who, while they attest to absolute belief and absolute conviction of My love, cannot in themselves connect to it because of feelings of imperfection, guilt, unimportance before Me - "fallenness," as you say. And so they walk alone, with all of this belief and conviction about their great Parent, God. Ironic and sad. I want to make you aware that there is another consciousness you have been missing; call it soul consciousness if you wish, or truly the re­awakening of your own connection with your original mind and heart. It is within this place that I walk with you. Once you have located this place in yourself, you will see how dead you have been without it and why you lacked strength in the face of the world around you.

You see, My son, the passage in the scriptures that refers to "the blind leading the blind" does not simply refer to those whose beliefs are incorrect. Indeed, their beliefs may be perfectly correct and expressed with great conviction and polish. They may be influential ministers, counselors, lecturers. The blindness is not one of logic or abstract ability; it is a blindness or darkness in the soul. And so many of these persons are secretly haunted by self­doubt, guilt (those things I mentioned before) even while sitting in high places professing brilliant truths. It is the light of the "soul" in the life of an individual that is the only true light, the only real light in this world. It is significant that you call your insights "the opening of doors."

My enemy knows very well that the real light can only come of "each individual. His weapons to prevent that enlightening are these: The very guilt, self­doubt, sense of small value, unimportance in the Divine scheme of things, sense of overwhelming "fallenness," that I have already mentioned. These attacks of the enemy are direct attacks on the individual. It is only when the individual begins to find the living meaning of what you call the "individual five percent responsibility" that he/she can do anything to banish this enemy. Will, intellect, creativity, talents of many kinds - none of these are enough to cope with the enemy's attacks.

Herein lies what should not be a secret, but, sadly, too often is: While it is comparatively easy to profess the greatness of the messiah figure (whether in Jesus' time or today), it means little ultimately until you recognize and follow the "Savior" inside of yourself. No other being, including the messiah or, in fact, Myself, can help you if you fail to find this internal savior. You see, you have the very Son/Daughter of God (in capital letters) within yourself. Fail to find Him/Her and no other Son of God or God Himself can substitute for Him.

This condition of the individual has been the single largest block to the Kingdom in history.

To passionately love Me or the messiah is to passionately "love" yourself, that which I put into you. I am grown so tired of watching you waste time cursing your sins, identifying with them instead of with truly who you are! Do you realize how perversely arrogant this is?!!! And you think of this as humility?!!! This has almost nothing to do with the true spiritual path. It is only a continuation of the fallen consciousness that has dominated you for so long (you thought of yourself as a sinner before you joined, and you go on thinking the same of yourself after you join). It is the part of yourself that you "are thinking with and taking so seriously that is the real problem. "It" will never change, but "it" is not **you**. **It"is** "you" that I speak of finding. Then you'll even laugh out loud at all this foolishness that you have slept through for so long.

Now, how does this relate to the greenhouse allegory? Try to follow Me as carefully as you can:

Try to imagine the greenhouse (your church) as one individual, (that is, having a body, mind, emotion, spirit, all the aspects of an individual). Just as with the individual, the key to your success is just how your body of believers can truly connect with My love, beyond itself. But here is where an interesting and historic twist takes place in comparison with the individual problem of unworthiness I have spoken of before. In the case of the historic reality of the church (i.e., church government/leadership) the problem is more one of a falsely conceived and assumed "worthiness" that stands in the way of true, higher Divine influence. The "authority" that comes from this assumption is not the true authority of My Heart, My Love, but a vain authority, self­glorious and, of itself, empty for the most part. Combine this "worthy authority" of church government with the daily feelings of "unworthiness" in the individual believer's life and you have a very bad "marriage." Both partners in this marriage are living in unconsciousness of Me day by day, and they are both bearing a certain responsibility for the historic failure of the marriage (much of western church history). This marriage is a major part of what the Unification Church was born to restore. Is this truly happening?

I want to focus very intensely on the Unification Church at this moment. It is most important to avert more historic suffering. Let us go back to the greenhouse allegory. First, yes, the period of the greenhouse is a necessary step (go back and read that section if you don't recall what was said). For restoration purposes, the Unification Church had to begin as, at least in form, a traditional church organization. However, because of the inner vision and the consciousness that should grow out of that vision, this Unification "Church" has a way to grow beyond the traditional format and consciousness of the historic church (i.e., restore its role).

At this point I ask you to think, what is a church? It is simply a group of individuals. The key to whether a church will succeed or fail its "mission" comes down to "each" of these individuals. Here I want to come back to the meaning of "five percent." Most essentially this pertains to the individual's relationship with Me. This relationship is the basis of truth in a person's life. The authority of church government or doctrines means nothing if this individual has no being in truth (true relationship) with Me. Now, here is where the historic problem comes. (Read carefully):

If, indeed, the individual member, with his/her daily feelings of unworthiness and unimportance in the Divine scheme of things (lack of real relationship with Me as a son or daughter), he/she will look to this "worthy" church structure for a connection to the Divine, to Me. But where you have the situation of church elders (that is, church government/ leadership - other individuals) with also the same lack of that connection with Me, here is where you see the poverty of this historic "marriage."

Especially where the church elders have been taken "too" much with "position equals worthiness," (i.e., equals Divine connection) there will be big problems. In essence, here is where the "form" has become the main purpose, and the essence (consciousness of individual son­ship and daughter­ship to Me and the life that comes from that consciousness) generally goes to the wayside. And so that Divine purpose, started in the true son­ship one individual found with Me, finally becomes its own opposite. And here is why reform movements have been inspired in history: to get back to the essence. Is that not why Unification Church honors Martin Luther so greatly as an "Abel" person? (Actually, he was the most threatening "Cain" to those in the old church's structure/government; but in Divine Principle he is honored as "Abel" because he stood up for Me - beyond the church - when the church could not go beyond its own vanity.)

When the church (greenhouse) cannot go beyond its own authority and structure (when individuals get too taken by the outer form, position, etc.) it cannot represent Me. Here is where the Unification Church has come to, in great part, today. There is the great need, once again, for reform. But I would not say "reform" so much as truly the individual in the Unification Church, positioned or unpositioned, needs to get back to the real point of what it all truly is about: Your child­ship to your Divine Parent and the Love that defines that relationship.

There cannot be any real reform if it does not involve this individual enlightening. Look what happened within just a very short time of Luther's 95 theses. The only "reform" of real substance takes place in the individual soul; otherwise, what you call reform is just a re­shaping of the same ignorance. What do I look for and truly cry for in your movement? To sincerely go beyond itself in service and love of Me and My children, the people of this earth. This comes down to "each person who calls himself/herself a member. And this is truly what the "field" mentality and heart is all about. It is this heart in even a few people that is more valuable, to Me and to the world, than all of the church governments and structures combined (if, indeed, that heart is "not" there in those structures).

My only motive for creation was the motive of Heart. There was no other motive than but to create an object of Love for this Heart. No other motive. No other motive. If this same Heart and motive are fully in your life, then there is nothing else you need.

My son, Jesus, came into his adult life with this motive of Heart. There was no church authority or organizational motive - just the pure Heart to bring Me and My lost ones together. You cannot know how much I love him unless you enter into the realm of My Heart. Then you too will love him as you never did before - a different dimension of love. Think of all the tears shed by Reverend Moon, when he began his ministry, for Jesus. Those tears came from that realm. When someone cries consciously for Me, knowing Me in the awakened sense, there is no greater fulfillment or comforting for Me in the course of restoration.

What, then, has happened? Why do I speak of the need for individual reform throughout the Unification movement. It is that that awakened sense of My Heart, that purest motive in the heart of the individual is not being cultivated.

I will go back for the moment, back to the very earliest days of your church, when it wasn't really a church at all, but just a few precious men and women around Sun Myung Moon. He and they spent many, many days and nights immersed in the tears of opening up to My world of Heart, in tasting the Heart of Jesus and in looking at themselves, one another, and the world around them through these newly opened spiritual eyes.

As well, they were drawn together and to Me in taking the beatings and misunderstandings and, yes, hatred of a world, especially the Christian churches, that could not understand their newfound and miraculous experience. This is not unlike the very early Christian communities trying to communicate to the citizens of the Roman Empire this Heart and message of Christ.

The decades have passed and the holy child has grown up. In fact, he has fought many battles for acceptance, struggled (with a new doctrine) in a world full of doctrines hostile to his beliefs. Today that early group of faithful followers has turned into a relatively large worldwide group of people with a comparatively sophisticated structure of government.

The serious point is how that original heart can be maintained. It is such a subtle change that occurs, from reaching out with that heart of Love without motive to witnessing to get members for your church. That is how churches become "eternal" institutions that cannot get beyond themselves. That hardening into the old mold and subsequent loss of the awakened sense of My Heart is now the biggest problem faced by the Unification Church. Even the love and praise of the True Parents and True Family is now becoming much different than in the very beginning, when those early first disciples (old women who had been praying all their lives, simple school children whose guileless hearts were drawn, etc.) were just deeply drawn to a young man who loved God so much that they couldn't contain this miracle of Heart and Love. I want to ask many of you about your heart for Me: Do you know Me? Has your love for the True Family become an end in itself?

Please know that I am speaking to you about your own reality as an individual and not about the True Family.

I want to tell you that my son, Jesus, has been hurt so much in the past two millenniums by those on earth who have worshipped him as a God, but who never truly knew him - or Me. In ignorant hands, the "Messiah religion" can do so much damage to My Providence. You desperately need to see this and not make the same mistake as so many Christians, or there is only repetition of the same mistakes. Jesus did not come to be worshipped; neither has my son, Sun Myung Moon. Do not turn him and his family into an object of worship!

Please understand, if you, each of you, is truly living with that true relationship with Me, then it is "so"natural to love with all your heart anyone who lives sincerely for My will on earth. If True Family are living for My will, then no one could stop their heart of love for them.

It is, again, a matter of your consciousness! You need to ask yourself how, in the name of loving Jesus, could historic Christians burn their brethren at the stake?! It is one of the great perplexing puzzles of history! Generation by generation, they had completely lost the original Heart of "God's Love" that Jesus wanted to give the world, and they have become an organization taken with its own authority, superiority, and claim to having the only true messiah - no more consciousness of Me.

At this early stage, now passing into the third millennium, I urgently warn you: Don't make the same mistake as so many of your elder brothers. Even at this time, there are among you those who are feeling a stirring in their heart of hearts, a stirring born of their particular responses to circumstances in their lives, of awakening to Me.

This is a time, when so many historic bridges have been built, that I can and "will" work with the individual. I told you that the individual is the key. You say the age of the "church" is coming to a close. Then how will I work? I will work "directly" with each one who is willing to wake up from this long sleep. What do you think the fruit of the Blessing is supposed to be, if not that awakening with Me? I tell you that I want to show you dimensions in the realm of Heart that will silence any questions you may have about what this inadequate writing is trying to convey! Please believe Me!

Finally, please be open in heart. You will see phenomena going on in the lives around you as they begin to experience this hunger for Me (which is just as fully My hunger for them). They may seem strange to you. They may even be criticized for being "heretical." But if you have sincerity as My son or daughter, take the time to talk to them. Seek out their heart; try to understand the motive. If in your heart of hearts you find no value, move on. But if you, indeed, have the hunger in your own heart, then it is certain that you will be able to sense it in the heart of another. Just know that I am behind your desire and theirs. It is My desire for you, to be with you, to be known by you, and to bring a great Love, higher in dimension than you can currently imagine, to this world (the field) through you.

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