The Words of David and Taco Hose



Autumn/Winter 1994

This is a good opportunity for you and Me. It has been quite some time since you could get away from the battle of your daily struggle to succeed at your business. About that: Please don't let worry become your companion day by day, because it encroaches upon our communication. You need to establish a greater ability to find the "calm zone" in yourself so that, even in the midst of the storm of daily worldly reality, you can reach out beyond and draw the resource, the insight, the special power to not only cope but to triumph.

Yes, this "is" a time for assessment of where you stand with Me. You are recalling the mid-Eastern teaching that says how every person is in need of a shock to their consciousness at certain points in their lives, since the present state of humanity tends to dictate cycles - cycles that cause one's life to act like a broken record unless these persons are shocked awake to themselves from time to crucial time. This is such a time for "you". You need to move on with Me, with yourself, with the world around you (most immediately, your wife) if you are to stay a vital being and not stagnate into self-repetition, which actually has less and less to do with the "true self" - as in My son and daughter. This beautiful morning I want to speak to you this beautiful morning about "sincerity".

Sincerity is a term that seems familiar to you, but in the sense that I want to speak of it you do not truly know its meaning. You see, I have a perspective that you don't have. That is what I'll share with you, because it is possible for you not only to understand My perspective, but to experience it as reality as our union develops.

I have already, truly, spoken so much about sincerity in the course of our talks, though perhaps not having used the word so much. This morning let Me go right to the point.

When you speak with Me, do you come to Me as a whole person or is there a part of you that stands back and doesn't participate in the communication? Think of the times when you've sat down to share with someone you know and then found your mind wandering miles away while they were trying to express something that meant a lot to them. Or worse yet, you dozed off! Then the person suddenly says to you, "Are you interested?!" You experienced embarrassment and made the futile attempt to explain away what was, in truth, a lack of sincere interest in them. Isn't that always fearful moment?

Then what of your sharing with "this" friend - "Me"? In My case it is somewhat different than with your earthly friend, for, you see, I cannot truly communicate with you unless you find that place in yourself that is open to Me and sincerely seek our relationship. Even within the churches today, the atmosphere to allow the individual to find that inner place of absolute sincerity has been lost to a lot of pomp and ceremony. How much more in the world outside of the church?

Do you know that this sincerity I speak of comes from your original heart? I put it deeply within you - like gold buried on the hill - to locate as you grow and mature. In your process of growth there is a very important tension between your outer experiences with people and situations and your inner development. While the whirl of outer events has the effect to pull you out of your "self", it is the inner gravity of your original mind and heart that want to exert that pull toward Me and toward our union. This tension between the inner (vertical, as you say) and the outer (horizontal) is the playing field or training field for a person to become a truly mature person IF that person understands this fundamental issue. If this is not clear, then read it again; think about this.

It is here that we must speak of the "fallen nature," as you call it. What is it? Viewed as part of the analogy above, the fallen nature is almost like an anti-gravity shield that wants to cover and surround the original mind and heart - really heart/mind - that I gave you, and wants to prevent that inner gravity from bringing your external senses under the dominion of a higher "sense" - a higher consciousness. There are principally two results that come from this fallen state: First, one is constantly pulled outward toward those external events that one finds attractive. Then, without the force of the "inner gravity," which is largely blocked, the outer has the greater attraction. Conscience alone is not enough to balance the outer pull.

Here I will digress for a moment to speak of "conscience", for it is important to state here that conscience alone is not sufficient to provide the inner and greater gravity needed when one is pulled outward toward external events - not in the ultimate process of life. Conscience deals, much like a compass, with right and wrong direction or, in religious terms, good and evil. Yet, unless the conscience is rooted in union with this original heart/mind there simply is not the power to balance and take a conscious inner dominion over one's many outer experiences - especially those of a seductive nature. Why? Because it is within the experience with Me, within the original heart/mind that one comes to know the realm of heart and love, of true integrity and true being, and a respect of self that goes far beyond the mundane meaning of "self-respect" that is often used today. It is this experience with Me that grounds the relatively mechanical conscience in the love of parent and child and allows it to function as it should.

To restate My first point, the outer events and attractions will, more and more, dominate the attention of the ordinary person out of touch with the inner gravity. And, in so many cases, the conscience, without thorough grounding in that original heart/mind, becomes like a small army outpost trying to fight off the legions of temptations to walk away from the self and go completely to sleep. (In the long run, also, the ungrounded conscience can be conditioned or changed by outside influences. This cannot occur if the conscience is maturely grounded in the original heart/mind.)

There is a second result, as I said. That result is how one comes to see himself as a result of the situation we just spoke of. You begin to see yourself, to identify yourself according to your outer pattern of behavior (which is overwhelmingly dictated by your human environment and its mood and values, and doesn't that change all of the time?). You become so many different people without ever finding out who you "truly" are; you are seduced, in the deepest sense, away from yourself. And make no mistake, I use the word seduction here beyond the sexual area of life; it refers to any number of things that pull you outward and further away from Me and your own center - your "self". All the while, the conscience must suffer repeated violation if it remains without true grounding.

Here I must share about the often troubled life of the individual who has followed religion and the problem of the historical church: This individual may indeed possess an extraordinarily strong conscience, thanks to personal and ancestral background and commitment to his/her religious tenets. He or she may lead an upright existence in the outer sense - indeed, blameless. But the question remains, what is to take this individual "beyond" conscience to that place of meeting Me, that place of ultimate inner gravity? It is not enough to study My heart, to speak of it with great conviction or even to have those peak moments of experience that reveal it, because we are meant to live together, to feel together, to be together 24 hours a day. Sooner or later that "upright" life will come to a moment of crisis; this is an opportunity, a moment when there can be a chance to meet one's self and to know My love/perspective of you. Be thankful for crisis; it is often a signal to you that further personal growth is in order.

A final footnote on the above: If that "upright" person does not find the way to grow beyond the conscience alone as a motive in his/her life, sooner or later he or she will become the victim of comparison, superiority, inferiority, insecurity, arrogance, emptiness, or meaninglessness. I want them and you to "continue" in growth, and something in you, however upright you arein the eye of the world, knows when that growth is not occurring. Yesterday's greatness, therefore, can be tomorrow's curse if you identify only with yesterday's greatness. Such is the life of many tortured religious souls.

Now let us speak of the "many" religious souls together - the religion itself. It can very easily be a macrocosm of the very situation I've just spoken of.

How sweetly do I savor the moment when individuals, whether it be Buddha, Jesus, Sun Myung Moon, or an unknown soul, kneel on the alter of their own original heart/mind and come to know Me as I am and their own self as well. Yet how very bitter a taste it is to see so often the institutions that, in the names of people like those just named, have spread so much ignorance throughout the earth. Of course, I have used them, but often with "so much difficulty" because of the inability of individuals high and low to come to My altar within themselves. I have been enraged by their "righteousness," which is not of Me, and their words of "understanding," which have so often been stolen by insincere and unconscious individuals from conscious and truly holy sources - and, as a result, so many have been misled. A very bitter taste. Yet I must continue to try, for wherever there is a spark of sincerity in "any" pilgrim on the path, I am there. I am one hundred percent sincere.

A great and major problem of Western religion is the same as with the individual. There is a strong focus on right and wrong, good and evil. Yet while this focus "is" an important step, as with the education of a child, it is not the final step in the development of the individual.

When you examine that the individual, as before, is "already" in a level of separation from his own original heart/mind, then the teaching of the church, preoccupied with good and evil as an end in itself, is finally an added burden. That burden is the double burden of "fear" and guilt. This becomes pseudo-religion of a cruel and divisive sort. It is capable of spiritual and physical brutality. And in its highest counsels, counsels that should know the sweet moment of kneeling on that inner altar, there can be the "most" profound of evils, for they have become content with having first access to the intimacy of outer altars made with human hands in stone buildings. When their hearts are not clear, these outer privileges seduce and finally consume them like the Roman lions consumed My sons and daughters! Insincerity everywhere!

My children do not need this! I have no way to work through this self-important block that, in the name of "rebinding to God," has instead become a wall of ignorance between parents and children, much like Lucifer in the Garden. This is not what your Unification Movement was intended to become, yet too many ears have bent toward that seduction! Shame! This is the moment, if you have sincerely pondered the words of your own leader, and if you will listen carefully to the spiritual heart within you, that it all comes back to each one of you. In truth, it should have never been otherwise, for you have so often allowed your institutions to seduce you away from Me to a tragic degree.

Because you so often lost yourself in them, you've depended on your institutions for what only you yourself can do. It is only you who can find that gravity of the original heart/mind within yourself. Again I say, be grateful for crisis, even suffering, for it has the nature to help awaken the soul that is alert to Me and to bring it away from the deadly cycles of sleep that have dominated so many for so long. And don't waste your time aiming your resentments at your particular institution or those who guide it; that resentment is often simply the other side of unconsidered loyalty. This is your day, your moment to take responsibility for yourself. I have been waiting for you with so many tears in My heart, and I'll never turn you away.

Now let Me share more about sincerity, for it relates totally to everything we've shared so far. Let Me begin with a question: Do you know who I am? I mean this most seriously. Do you believe Me to be a member of your religious movement? Do you see Me as a religious force alone, in the traditional sense? I may indeed be fearful to you if you've been living the religious razor's edge of good and evil, right and wrong. Am I a judge, someone who sits high above you and who sees who you "really are"?

Yes, I see and know "who you really are", and it is that knowledge that sustains My power and hope as I look at you. You see, "you" may feel that My knowing who you "really are" hangs over you like a judgment waiting to be dealt out, but that very concept of yourself is a major root of your problem. You identify more with your sin (the "self" that is separated from Me) than with your original heart/mind (in truth, the foundation place of your "only real self"). Your conscience, even though quite keenly developed by years of religious teaching and discipline, is not firmly grounded in that original heart/mind. Your life has turned into an ongoing day-by-day skirmishing action between that ungrounded and conditioned conscience and the forces within and around you that constantly pull you outward. In this condition, there is no way that a true and sincere spiritual journey can become a reality.

[Note: There was a break of several days at this point of the communication due to an intense physical schedule. The communication continued and ended with the following:]

Sincerity comes from Me, from the deepest part of My heart. It is when your heart and Mine meet that you will come to know the truest meaning of sincerity and come to realize it as the most powerful force, so far beyond the human idea. It is so truly sad that your world has become a place where sincerity doesn't naturally fit in. There is fear in so many, and, as a result, a self-protection that douses the flame of sincerity. Understand that sincerity is not a calculating force and does not try to protect itself. It is not selfish. I was totally sincere at the time of Adam and Eve; Jesus was a totally sincere person. Today I seek the same heart in your world, one of unself-protecting commitment to another.

I know that many of you agonize how to approach Me with the kind of sincerity I am speaking of. As long as you live under the illusion that "you" must produce this finished sincerity by yourself before you come to Me, it will not work. Let Me explain. If we go back to the original genesis of your ancestry, Adam and Eve, before your Fall, the process of growth was so different. The connection between those infants and Me was from birth. A baby is such a reliant little being, very simple and clear in its relationship with its parents and very sensitive to love from that parent. As that parent is there for that child during its unprotected stage in its early years, there is a bond and sincerity formed between the creator and the created being that becomes a foundation for its whole being in life. That is how it began with Me and your first ancestors - then the tragedy and the breaking away from that precious relationship between us.

Now, I know there are so many of you who have seriously studied My teachings and who want so much to "go back" to that original bond between us. It is a great heartache within you. How to go back? Please listen. "You" can't manufacture that original relationship between us; we need to work on it "together". You don't have to make anything for Me. All I seek is the chance to share My heart with you - simply, honestly, directly. All I ask is that you find the sincere desire in yourself to know Me as I am. Even though traditional conceptions of Me may be correct (i.e., God is love, God is my father, God loves me, or God doesn't love me), they are still conceptions, and you have allowed them to lock you away from yourselves.

A baby has no conceptions about its parents, no library of definitions in its brain; it is just open to that bond, even in the way it lays, if you've noticed, with its legs spread, belly out, arms open. Do you know the purest tears in the world are those of a baby crying for its parent? They are so natural. As you begin to find that part of your own heart in seeking Me, you may find those precious tears. They are not yours alone, but ours together. There is no way to measure the value of those tears, and they will lead you back to an infancy of heart that will surprise you. You'll start to look around and see a whole different world. You'll find yourself ascending beyond the conceptual realm. You'll begin to discover this realm of sincerity or heart consciousness, and the world will become alive and growing. You and I will truly begin to grow together, and you will find the capacity within for unlimited development on so many levels. Call it an inner Eden. This inner realm has to be discovered before there can be real development of the outer Eden.

For this moment, there are two more points I want to make. First, be aware that 1995 is a year that will see the awakening of heart (as I have expressed to you) and sincerity that will begin an "earthquake from Heaven" around you. This will come "not only" from Me, but from our heart for each other. Second, again, please try daily to see that these writings, or for that matter, any number of messages you may receive are not an end in themselves for you. For the heart that is seeking sincerely, they are just a road sign on your journey. Too many times My children in the path of restoration have gathered around the road signs and forgotten to continue on.

There is so much more; however, I'll leave that for a later moment.

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