The Words of David and Taco Hose


Beyond The Greenhouse - Part II

December 2, 1993

"H" (husband) and "W," (wife) you know that a few weeks ago I spoke to you about the greenhouse analogy, and this is a time of transition when the plants must go from the greenhouse environment under the care of the gardeners and the keepers of the greenhouse on out into the field to be transplanted, to bear fruit of their own, and to send their roots down very deep into the heart of the earth. And in the case of the spiritual life, your life, it means sending the roots deep down into My heart and really coming into union with Me as the source of your life and your growth and your own journey toward true parenthood. You've been shown the example of tremendous sacrifice and great lives, lived for the sake of the world. Now it is your turn.

Whoever said that the first generation of your movement has a destiny only to die and to, in a sense, pass away without that much value, was blind. This person did not yet realize that the first and second generation, yes, though it may mean your own children, still though in the spiritual sense, the first and second generation are within yourselves, from the greenhouse generation to the generation of the fields. And so this is the moment that I've been waiting for, your time of transition and replantation.

It's also the time when the environment, as with the greenhouse, is no longer carefully controlled by a manager, no longer carefully taken care of, and, therefore, you cannot depend on the same climactic conditions every day. In this case spiritual and social climate. All around you many things will happen in the field, both good and what you might call bad, both easy and difficult, up days and down days. And yet, if your roots are truly growing down deeply, you will recognize through every kind of condition and every kind of situation, that you will grow and that there is no good and bad; that is all within you. And you'll see that your judgment of what is good and what is bad changes as your own consciousness internally evolves and develops. As you grow more and more, you will find that everything is good in that it helps you see more, grow more, and become a more substantial son and daughter to Me.

I have been concerned because this period of transition involves a lot of misunderstanding. Those who still relate to the greenhouse very strongly and don't yet realize the value and the purpose of the life in the field, are often liable to judge those who have a desire to go out into the fields. And especially as those who may look out of the greenhouse and see things happening in the fields, and the plants doing things in the fields that aren't done in the greenhouse; well, it's hard for them to understand. Hard to understand until they themselves make that transition. And it is one which can be done internally because this field kind of mentality can happen even in the greenhouse. You see, the greenhouse itself can turn into a field. It's really up to the mentality of those who are within it.

You must not be discouraged if you find this misjudgment going on or this misunderstanding going back and forth. Recognize that whenever there is a qualitative movement ahead in My providence, there will always be misjudgment and misunderstanding and false conclusions drawn because of limited concepts.

The point I want to make here, which is so important, is the point of growth and development. In the greenhouse age, you were all living there in that very controlled environment where, for example, the Cain and Abel relationship was so very important. But as we come into the field age, those who were formerly in the Cain position have come to be in a position of Abel. Indeed, regardless of whether you held a position of Cain or Abel in the greenhouse, the life of the field is no longer like that because you will now be joining your relatives. If you're the Abel, then it is now in relation to your family and your clan. Yet they are not even of your faith, not even of your religion, not even of your belief, and perhaps don't even believe in God. And so how are you going to bring them? You can't do it by command. You can't do it just by doctrinally reading all the laws and principles to them. How are you going to do it?

This is the age of heart and this is the time of the judgment of heart. It's a severe judgment because it goes right down to the very roots of the individual spiritual life. And if you do not develop the true understanding or the true root of religion in your life at this time, the time of the fields, how can you ever go forward with your families, with your clans, with the society in terms of restoration? There is no way. I am disappointed when I see that there are still members who believe that somehow, just by lecturing and by proclaiming the new era and True Parents everything will magically change. No. The greatest witnessing you can do is through what you have become in the transition from the greenhouse out into the field. And as those relatives see the substance of your life, there is no argument finally. You cannot argue with reality. No one argues the existence of Mt. Rainier. When you look out the window, who can argue whether it is there or not? And so the life of a great human being, a growing, developing person centered upon God, is an undeniable fact. Whether someone wants to give Me the credit or not, still they see a great life. Out of that life can come the influence to bring that person to the true spiritual path that they were to have. Whoever they are and however full of hatred, bitterness, or whatever, it has to be for everyone. And so this is the way the world can come.

Your own path now must become one of this kind of development. It doesn't mean you're to put away the doctrines or the books of Divine Principle. Every bit of that has great value. But if it simply remains in the books or just in your mental memories as the right thing to say, then I feel sorry, because you're missing the whole path that goes on for infinite time. It's an infinite path. You've got to realize that your growth with Me is an eternal growth. If you are to bring all people into heaven, heaven is the "place" of infinite growth. It is not a final destination for those who followed the law and who obeyed and who did all the right things and went to church on Sunday and then, somehow, they're all going to sit down in this nice place once they go into the spiritual world. NO! Heaven is the place that's made through the relationship between you and Me. And it's the place of infinite development and growth. What would eternity be without growth? What would eternity mean without the constant development of new dimensions of love, of understanding, of awareness? It wouldn't mean anything. So heaven is not a final destination. Heaven is a way of life and a way of being. So many of your religious forbearers and even those around you in your own movement are stuck with a very stilted concept of what heaven is. And it is, to say the least, childish. And to say more bluntly, it is a fixed and dead concept. You will bring your clans, you will bring your societies, you will bring your world through the lives that you lead. And it is through them that the True Parents' age will be testified to. Please understand and know that this can be and can happen.

There is no other power that can change the world as it is today. It is a world of sleeping people. It is a world of profoundly troubled individuals because they have no true spiritual connection with Me, and they have not really opened the doors of their own hearts. That's why someone has to begin this. And it has to go on in every clan, in every community, in every family. It's got to go on.

And you are the ones to pioneer this. And so you "cannot" think in old worn out religious terms; you've got to pioneer whole new dimensions in yourselves and really open up these doors. Then you will be able to see the "meaning" of the life in the field. The greenhouse is merely like the first year of your life. The rest of your life, which is infinite, is out in that field. Don't be blinded by staying forever in the greenhouse, because you will see it crumble around you and turn into a haunted house, as sure as I speak these words. It is yours to move out into the fields and then give the greenhouse and the lives of those who built it, the True Parents, true meaning and true blessing in all of history. I mean this with My heart. And I ask you to think most deeply of the life that you are living and the path that you have taken and realize that it is only in this path of growth that you will come to understand truly the meaning of My word. Growth is everything. Development is everything. So recognize that through everything that you go through this coming year, good and bad, whether on the financial level, the family level, the level of your relationship as husband and wife, in all of these things, if you keep Me at the center of it, in your deepest heart, you will be able to grow and become a true pilgrim of this path. Please, please don't let Me get lost. And don't become the one who gets stuck in your own subjective situation. Please go ahead and let Me be the center of this path for you, and I will show you how to go through everything, and how to bring the lives of many people to Me and to the very meaning of the True Parents.

I'll say goodnight now, and I ask you again to reflect on these things most deeply. Goodnight.

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