The Words of David and Taco Hose


Beyond The Greenhouse - Part I - My True Intention For Your Life

October 26­27, 1993

I am with you. Tonight as we sit here, I will tell you more of what I began to share with you today. It is about the loss of true identity that your first ancestors suffered at the fall of humanity and about the key to returning to whom you truly are.

The "critical" and "most tragic loss" at the Fall was the loss of the true identity of son and daughter of God. "Whatever" goodness that would have come from the lives of an unfallen Adam and Eve would have come out of that true identity of Divine son and daughter.

This Divine son­and-daughter­ship is, then, the very central thing to be restored in living the life of a religious person and rebinding yourself to Me. That is the one simple goal of the true religious life. Everything flows out of that. Without re­discovering this true child­ship to Me, no matter how much goodness and benevolence one may exhibit in his religious life, that life is so very empty.

Why do you think so many religious people in western culture have suffered from feelings of incompleteness and fear and guilt? While they may think their suffering comes from not doing enough, not being righteous enough, it is a false assumption most of the time. The truth is that without re­discovering and experiencing this heavenly child­ship, even 27 hours of work for God and the messiah every day will not stop or satisfy the guilt, insecurity, and incompleteness.

So the problem is "not" in the "amount" of goodness done, but rather the "source" in oneself from which that goodness emerges. So­called religious acts­of­virtue, if they are prompted by a sense of guilt or incompleteness, have relatively little value in the final analysis. This is not to mean that it is of no use to do good while still experiencing feelings of guilt, fear, or incompletion as you grow spiritually. Especially since you come out of a world that is fallen, your acts of goodness will have a mixed influence of both positive and negative motivations. What I speak more of is the religious life that has become stuck or trapped by guilt, incompleteness, etc. Acts of goodness in such a life are so often done in the spirit of making "payments" to get out of the hell of suffering, rather than coming out of a developing son­or daughter­ship.

Your own sons and daughters know without a doubt that they are your kids. It is just that they are still immature and still underdeveloped in giving. They will learn to be giving souls as they grow toward maturity. But when it comes to people's relationship with Me, it is a different matter. There has been a fall away from Me, and you don't really know in your heart of hearts that you are My son and daughter. Besides this, I am not a visible physical external parent; I am the invisible internal original Parent Whose eternal presence within each child has been largely forgotten and hidden by the results of the Fall. So, you can go your whole life, to your last breath, without making vital contact with Me, though your actions may look righteous.

You yourself, "H," (husband) know the difficulty of opening up to the father­son relationship with Me as one individual because you weren't certain that you were "that" important to Me among all My many sons. So it was easier to speak with Me while you were with your wife, because you didn't have any doubt about My love for her! You know that you don't pray as fervently when you are alone because of this view of yourself. Right?

It goes back to this individual identity with Me. That is the key to truly open up the true religious life - and that alone, finally. Too many of My sons and daughters are quite content to carry the identity of the church or sect they belong to. They are satisfied belonging to the "flock" of the congregation, because somehow God loves the "flock," so as a member of the "flock" they, too, can be accepted and loved. How foolish this is! Ultimately, the membership in the "flock" becomes the main thing, and the true child­ship, as one individual face­to­face with Me, gets almost lost.

The time has run out on the institutions that thrive on this "flock" dependency, for the institutions become more and more collectively blind as the result of blind individuals. (Put 100 blind people together and you don't get some great vision, it only gets darker.)

Have confidence, My son, this is My time to reveal Myself to many individuals. I do not have enthusiasm for more "God Agencies" that claim to represent My thought and will. It is not that they are all bad; it is just that the providential time has arrived for each of you and Myself to establish real face­to­face communication.

For a long and painful time, I have waited for this historic opportunity but now it will not be denied. It is only you who will deny your true self (son­ship or daughter­ship) until the right timing and situation will allow you to open up to Me in the true sense.

There is much more to relate. We can continue in the morning. Goodnight.


Life has stages like a day. As with the passage of a day - morning, midday, evening - so it is with your life. In particular, the state that you establish in the morning (I mean your inner state) is so important. By inner state I mean all of your inner processes: mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. The early health of these aspects of yourself, in the morning of your life, is so important; this is the foundation time.

Herein lies the meaning of true parenting. Parents need to be there in the morning of your life to help you build a healthy base for your inner life, which will be the real foundation for your mature relationship with Me. It is the nourishing, protective, and loving atmosphere of parents that provides the "greenhouse" for the child as he/she begins the journey through life's early day. This little child/sprout is by no means ready to be put out of the parental greenhouse into the fields during the sprouting process. But as the stage of youth ripens toward maturity, it is time for the transplanting into the fields outside the greenhouse. Healthy, "growing" young plants ready, even if not fully experienced, to take to the fields are their physical parents' "and" their Divine Parent's genuine hope, for it is in the "fields" that these lives can become fully established and great.

The True Parents of the Unification movement have the key point in knowing the primary need in a world of people who have fallen away from Me. This need is the love of God­centered parents who are dedicated to the right growth of the children of the world. Here lies the final and the most important meaning of the messianic mission.

What I will tell you gives you the key to understanding the relationship between the True Parents and Myself. It is they who truly know the meaning and importance of the "greenhouse" period for each person. For the people of this world it is crucial that this understanding be established as a first step toward their own maturity in the future. This means that eventually the "sprouts" are transplanted from the greenhouse out into the fields of the world to grow and flourish, becoming true parents themselves to new generations through their relationship with Me, established in the greenhouse period and thriving by the time of transplantation.

Herein lies a problem with the Unification movement; the problem is many sided:

1. Those spiritual "sprouts" in the greenhouse of the Unification church should not confuse the greenhouse proprietors (True Parents) with the "source" of growth. While the proprietors themselves know the source of growth (it is Me), still the tender young sprouts may think more of the proprietors as the source. Let's talk plainly here. In the movement there is great emphasis put on the True Parents. There is nothing wrong with this if it is within the greater framework of Divine life and growth, namely the importance of the relationship between the individual and Myself. Then it is plain that True Parents are the gardeners for the plant and I am the source for its growth. Simply, the gardeners' loving task as the parents is to get each plant in as complete and healthy a relationship with its growth source as possible.

2. The historical Christian movement has had a problem with knowing the true identity of Christ and his relationship with Me. With the deification of Jesus, and the great emphasis on his act of atonement (without sufficient understanding of the responsibility of his followers), and emphasis on Jesus being My Son (without understanding the process and substance of their "own" son­ and daughter­ship), there has come a quagmire of confusion.

The Unification movement has a unique opportunity to restore these unbalanced perceptions. That opportunity lies first in knowing the part that the True Parents play (as the greenhouse gardeners) and that they are not to be confused with Me. They have their role to play; I have Mine. They want to help each young sprout make a good contact with Me toward the time of transplantation. This involves, must involve, each person's self­cultivation, day by day, of an openness and daily relationship with Me. Herein lies the next problem:

3. If there is too much emphasis placed on the "gardeners" without sufficient awareness of the importance of the growing internal relationship with Me, then the greenhouse becomes, more and more, an end in itself. No one wants to leave the greenhouse and the gardeners, because, again, this relationship has been stressed disproportionately as it relates to the inner­growth relationship with Me.

Negative consequences arise from this disproportion:

1. You fall into even greater danger of repeating a cult­like focus on the messiah, as seen in the most narrow and fundamentalist brands of Christianity. Include, too, the overemphasis of certain Catholics on praying to saints, often for personal benefits. You can be in danger of "cultifying" the True Parents, and this has very little to do with why I called Sun Myung Moon to My service.

2. This disproportionate emphasis on True Parents, without building the right individual relationship with Me, has results. There is, particularly around the Parents, much in­fighting and competition - selfish competition - for their approval, recognition, and love. This profanes the parental position much like that of Jesus when his disciples argued about who would sit closest to him in the Kingdom. This, then, becomes much like an old royal court or monarchic system, complete with intrigues and treachery. So, is this not simply a replay of countless fallen­world scenarios? !!! Again I ask, where is the growing individual, growing daily with Me and ready to go out into the fields?

3. In fact, those involved with this disproportion and those who follow them blindly "don't"want" to leave the greenhouse. Their whole reason for existence has become the greenhouse. Tragic! Their example affects the new generations of sprouts one by one.

4. Then the life of the fields beyond the greenhouse, where everyone should reach their personal "golden era," becomes a threat - something less desirable than the greenhouse existence! This is "real" disproportion.

Any religious tradition that does not know or emphasize the right way, is not religion (rebinding to God) in the true sense; it is a masquerade. It is the fault of the individual and the failure to sincerely seek out the meaning of "your five percent." So there is now confusion and conflict in your movement because True Parents want to send so many aging sprouts out of the greenhouse to fulfill a genuine destiny with Me. But some sprouts are so sticky! They want to stay, stay, stay! The fields are not attractive to them. They have become spoiled for the gardener's touch because they have not yet understood the inner­touch of the Divine Parent. This is lonely and perplexing for Me historically. These spoiled sprouts do not understand, do not know, that their Divine Parent wants to truly meet and be with them more deeply than ever before - in the fields.

At the same time, those who have dedicated their lives to building the greenhouse (the Unification movement in this case) have, for a great part, lost the greater vision. They have lost the meaning and importance of the fields beyond the greenhouse as the final goal and significance of the individual spiritual life. (This refers to many of the movement leaders.) Hence, the conflicts between the Unification church "greenhouse" and the growing community of hometown families who have left the greenhouse for the fields. There are many examples that plainly display this loss of vision and the problems that multiply as a result.

This brings one more related point: The idea that going into the fields is just another mission given by a central figure and True Parents. Those who think this way still think of the greenhouse as their only home, like little children. Of course, the early home is forever treasured by an adult. But your ultimate home, and the home of your greatest joy and blooming, will be the fields where you will become true parents and true sons and daughters in the most real sense.


True religion or religious life is about living as a true individual, not as a "flock" (as mentioned earlier). Religious traditions have focused too much on the common religious identity and not on the true development of the individual. Ironically, it is within religious groups that you will find some of the greatest misjudgments and vicious condemnation when one of its own, an individual, has felt the call to a higher personal path beyond the limits of the group's agenda. It threatens the group and its world view. It may even be simply a personal "task" the individual must undertake - not necessarily a higher path or path beyond - but still the criticism is likely to be heard.

If the Kingdom is to be a "group," it will be a group of those individuals who are growing into the fullness of mature relationship with Me and a true heart toward all that are around them, a fully opened original mind. This group will not need to rely on the outer group identity but will be freely drawn together by that boundless and eternal realm of growth and heart that each has begun to open up to and enter. The feeling here is one of deep mutual love, respect, and infinite freedom. These bonds will never demand outer enforcement.

You cannot fully imagine the distance between the church as it stands today and what I speak of, but I know you are starting to see it.

I close with this: Go forward in confidence and don't shrink from the immensity of what you perceive. I am. I am. I am with you. And I am that very realm, too, beyond the universe and as close as the deepest personal feeling between us. Besides, I have already given this to you. Fear is not in this realm. Never, ever fall back into the past. I don't think you wish to anyway. End.

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