The Words of David and Taco Hose


Role Of The Feminine ­ Elevation Of Mother

May 12, 1992

Tonight you need to understand more about the role of the Feminine in the Providence as it stands at this moment.

"H" [husband] has been very alive in his heart this evening, especially now about that role, and so I can speak about that more fully.

There is deep meaning to the elevation of Mother at this moment in Providential history. The challenge for Unificationists is to understand that the elevation of Mother is not only the elevation of Mother as one person; it stands for the elevation of the entire feminine world from Mother to the last atom in the universe - the elevation of the feminine.

True Parents are like a condenser or a microcosm of the whole universe. They embody the love, the pain, and every situation within themselves they feel, and so naturally the elevation of Mother has a universal meaning.

For the Providence in general, historically men have been responsible. And there is a reason for this in that as Father has taught, Eve was the original aggressor to bring Adam down, and thus Adam, as the man and the original leader of that couple, or of that family under God, should take the role to lead in the restoration work. But at the end of history, at the time of True Parents, when Eve's position can be restored, this elevation of woman has to occur. And this, as before, is not just one woman or women, but the whole feminine aspect of life. This means that even within men there has to be a rebalancing of these natures.

Why there is corruption even in the process of restoration, even within the church, is because so often the power of the church is concentrated in an unbalanced way without the feminine. The meaning here is that men are more conscious of position, worldly power, wealth, and achievement in the social or worldly sense. Whereas as woman is more, in the sense of a mother, concerned about the family, concerned about the individual child, and the care for each person, as a mother does. But this has so often been missing, even in the very central institutions of restoration. And, historically, the woman has been pushed down by the men, certainly in the Orient but also in the West. It is easy to say that because woman fell first, she has to go through this indemnity course. But man also fell. So it is easy even for Unification men to miss that point and to justify woman's oppression by saying woman fell first and caused Adam to fall. Without self­ reflection men can repeat the same problem as throughout history, even after the Divine Principle is given.

Father is unique in that he doesn't only claim his position or himself, but because Father follows the Principle, the position must come equally to the woman. And even though he is the most powerful, most masculine kind of leader, he is not betrayed by ignorance of what must follow. And that is the elevation of Mother. There are very few other leaders in this church who can see this point in terms of their own real lives, in their own real marriages. Many don't think of the application of the meaning of Mother's elevation.

Corruption comes when there is imbalance. When there is too much focus on the Worldly, the positional, the power in the external sense. And yet missing is the internal awareness that the woman has - the self­criticism.

Even as you, "W," [wife] have many times touched "H's" deepest weakness, in man himself there should be this self­critical faculty. And if it is not working in the individual, then you can imagine what it is like when you get one hundred or one thousand such men together. You can never imagine that it would work. If it can't work in any one of them, then it won't work with all of them together. Do you understand? So an institution made up of such men becomes automatically corrupt, full of egotistical competition, and large lying going on within oneself, to each other, and to the world. That is one of the great failures of Christianity. And this is the tragedy of Jesus' inability to marry before he was sent into the spiritual realm. This is the deep meaning of True Parents. True Parents, then, are not just two people, but finally, with the elevation of Mother, they represent the balancing of the masculine and the feminine throughout this entire cosmos and, most centrally, in the humanity of mankind.

The question, though, is whether the men and women of the Unification movement "first" can come to realize this. If Father and Mother are only looked at as something special, very much like Jesus was by the Christian people, as Son of God, unapproachable, and "nobody can be like him," then this idolatry will create, number one, an inability to apply this same thing to our own lives, to our own marriages, and even within our own individual selves. That's why there must be a very deep and penetrating eye to the meaning of Mother's elevation. This is the difference between life and death for the Unification movement.

So, corruption never starts out as corruption. People don't intend to be corrupt. But when there is incompleteness that believes it is complete, corruption invariably follows. Do you understand this? When a man is incomplete, but by the nature of his position or his worldly power he wants to believe he is complete, and then he acts as if he is complete and covers his incompleteness, this is where corruption is born. Do you understand? No child of three or four years old thinks that he wants to grow up to be a corrupt and evil being. But as a man grows, again, to cover his insecurities, his feelings of inadequacy, his weakness, he tries to put on the clothing of a complete person. And if this is taken to an extreme, especially of this man achieves power over other people, because he can only depend on his external position to give him a feeling of security, he will do anything to hold onto it, including oppression of others and this sort of thing. So understand that the elevation of Mother represents the completion of the individual human life. And it represents, as we said before, the feminine being elevated to make a total human being, marriage, and the world.

You will see, too, that more and more the so­called developing world, the children of the earth, those who don't have much, those who have struggled while the Western world and the wealthy part of the world have prospered, they must be regarded more and more. This is, again, the mothering element. Truly, the father, as it has been in history, is just happy with his wealth, his big home, his nice car. But now with the elevation of the mother, the compassion, the reaching out to the children of the world (especially those children who are hungry), and the nurturing (with the truest sense of responsibility and world family) has to come about. It would be impossible for this to happen unless, again, the feminine is truly elevated. And you will find, invariably, corruption occurring more and more within the Unification movement. This is not understood. So that you have, again, one denomination happy unto itself, full of people who have positions and don't want to move. That is why the woman's power is important now. And this is why Hyo Jin Nim cannot take the position of following Father as the next leader of the church after Father is gone. This "must" be Mother's position.

In Oriental tradition, the first son is most important. But in the tradition of restoration and in the path Father must take, again, it is the elevation of Eve which is crucial. Hyo Jin Nim is in the Cain position and, in this case, Cain must go through this model before he can assume fully restored power as a leadership person. And so Hyo Jim Nim may be thinking that he will take that power after Father goes. But Mother's position must absolutely be reguarded by him. Once again, Mother is not just a mother in this case; she represents the elevation of the feminine. The feminine is more insightful and more self­critical within than the man. If we speak of one individual, let us say man, then what is the thing within him that causes him to really look at himself and be self­critical and to examine himself before he gets off on the wrong road or a corrupt direction? This is the feminine part of him. Historically, this has been largely overlooked by people and, therefore, there has been much corruption in the world.

It is not just the so­called fallen nature that brings forth corruption, or we say selfishness or whatever. It is easy to say these things. But what we have to do is go to the root of these problems. What is the original root? The original root is the separation of Adam from Eve, and Adam and Eve from God. Again, Adam without Eve is not complete. Also Adam without Eve cannot make a complete offering to God and actually is even separated from God, especially if he has the illusion that he is complete by himself. Even religious leaders in history were so power hungry. This is one basic and major root of sin, of corruption. Understand that sin is not just generated by the sexual fall in the external sense, but it is in the inner separation from God and the inner separation of one another that created the Fall of Man and the sinful and selfish nature. Is this clear to you?

So the view of sin is far too simplistic. "H" is thinking sin means separation. This is true. Separation from God. And so Adam and Eve came in their own fallen relationship, to actually, even though physically unified as one, spiritually they lost their center, and, therefore, they lost one another. And so they were wandering outside of the Garden. What does this mean? It means wandering outside of the true relationship with God and with one another, wandering around by themselves! Mankind has wandered into so many problems without restoring that original nature. The Garden of Eden, remember, represents that original relationship with God and between Adam and Eve. That is why Father, in restoring the Garden of Eden, is in essence restoring that true relationship within him. And if I ask you how many other leaders do you see with that kind of connection with themselves . . . ?

This is another reason why the position of Oriental culture can never do to make the Kingdom of Heaven. And if the Oriental leaders have this concept and want to believe that that's the Principle, they are making a great mistake.

In the West, the men and women tend to be more equal, but their equality is based on certain liberal notions, and not feeling God­Centered. It's more that kind of "live­and­let­live" or humanistic type of equality that comes from liberal Western thinking. This is a step in the right direction, but without putting the Principle or God at the center this just becomes rather flesh without bones - not much shape. Therefore, the family breaks down.

So the West itself has a deficiency in this respect. You need to understand this because through this prayer time, you are coming into a deeper relationship with Me, with your husband and within your own course. This is important for pioneering. You are a pioneer in this respect. And that is why I am excited to come and share. Because you are open right now. You are not limited to just Unification Church truth, or Unification Church against the rest of the world, never, but you are really open to My voice as it comes to you, and not affected by closed minds, and not affected by people who just repeat so many nice words of truth, and looking for the open place. You know the story always is that when people open to Me, they see "light." But from my point of view, when people open their hearts, I see light. And that's where I go.

Do you understand this viewpoint of corruption? Again I want to repeat. I feel you don't catch it fully. Corruption, historically, even in the church, and specifically even within the Unification movement, is coming from the breakdown of man's relationship with woman. This is so important. It is man trying to be complete within himself, when by the very nature of Principle, he cannot be complete without woman. So when the man tries to act as if he is complete, he is insecure. He will lie about himself and he will sacrifice any number of things. Especially after he becomes powerful. He cannot face the issue. And that is why women have suffered, people under him suffer, he himself suffers somewhere deep within himself. And I suffer to see this ridiculous, non­Principled situation. It that more clear?

If you recognize what I am saying you will come to understand many things. You will see the actual weakness of men and you will feel probably even compassion or sadness to see them rather than fear or distance or revulsion by them.

The way you shared with your friend tonight was good because your sharing incorporates what I am sharing with you in a very natural and easy to understand manner. And this is good. You will find that what is being shared with you will come into your thinking more and more as a cornerstone for you. Yes.

The Heavenly Kingdom is the place of God­centered equality. The only reason there is frustration, the result of the imbalance of man and woman, is this terrible gap in communication and the complete mixup of the right position under God, position not meaning external but in the heart. Therefore, many children are born and raised and are so frustrated because deep within them they already know what they need. Deep, deep within them, deep within their conscious minds, like a plant knows what it needs, they know what they need. But if that is denied, then there is such disappointment, and such pain and anger, even suffering. But by the time people grow up, already they have many concepts, so like the pure little baby, they no longer know what they need. All they know is they feel angry and frustrated and depressed; but the mind is already confused. This is humanity to a great extent. That is why spiritual men and women are needed: to guard humanity. You have a pure heart, like a child. That is why Jesus said, "You must become as children," because children don't have a mind full of notions and concepts. They just simply know what they need, what they want, and so, like your youngest son - he is probably much more in touch with his needs than his older brothers and sisters, because he's more simple. It is painful to me to see children grow up and lose touch with that beautiful simplicity, and to become again the images of their fathers and their poor frustrated mothers. This goes on and on and on.

And so the Principle, as you know, is not merely something to believe in or a doctrine, but this is a living reality. Religious people who are called to witness to Principle are in a dangerous position. Because they're always speaking about it and always studying it, it becomes the center of their lives, but it is so easy to fall into the belief that simply that memorization or that external kind of study is enough. But it is not enough to be just good members who work hard to bring people or money or contacts. They must come deep within themselves to recognize this Principle beyond doctrine, beyond the Unification Church, and simply to be a deep place within themselves where the Principle can start to echo in a very real sense.

Children all over the world are very much the same, babies are completely the same. It is as they grow in the image of their parents, then they become widely different and even wind up hating one another without having met one another. And so that is why it is important to encounter this Principle as a child, quickly drink it in, and recognize (beyond your concepts and beyond all the mental activity) that this is something you can go by. Is this clear? Man is in many ways to blame for great problems we have now, and, again, it is easy for Divine Principle men to say the woman was the first to fall; therefore, she must go through indemnity and to suffer much. But now that Father has elevated Mother, there is no excuse if they recognize Father should be the first and then everyone should eventually follow. But why could Father elevate Mother? It's because of his investment in Mother; it's not just an empty act. And, therefore, how much would the Unification men invest in their women, in their wives, rather than just being impressed by themselves and their position? This, again, is what very, very few, almost none of them understand. Why does Mother love Father so much? Because she was loved by him in a very true and real way. And so even before we can talk about Unification women being elevated, there must be a real relationship with their husbands before Me. And this is many steps down the road. Not so easy. It didn't have to be this way, but, again, Unificationism or Unification Church structure has been stubbornly following the old path in this respect. Even though the truth is new, the words are new, the attitude of man to woman is still very much the same. That's why until the person in the Adam role can forgive Eve, stop blaming her for causing the fall or look at her as an inferior being, until he can reflect on his own wrong, then his wife has a rag stuffed in her mouth. She cannot say anything to him because she's not free. He doesn't even feel, within himself, the feminine side of himself, to be self­critical. So most wives - you are an exception - but most wives in this Unification Church (particularly we speak of the Oriental leaders, whose wives don't have much freedom to say anything) are placing Father so far above themselves, and, again, please understand that I don't look at Father as the only good man and then everyone else as so bad. I must deal with each person and I must respect the good in each person to the extent that they are trying to bring it out. Again, in your own family, your second son may be a problem, but if you see him make even one small step in a sincere direction, I'm almost more excited than about the best child you have. And so this is My heart. That's why even if the man who would consider himself very low compared to Father makes one step in the direction of recognizing something true and right, and applies that in his relationship with his wife, then I am right there, quickly But Satan always wants to make people separate themselves from goodness. Therefore, it is easy to begin to separate ones self from Father, because "He is so high and I am so low, therefore, only Father is good, I am a sinner." Isn't this the same pattern as in Christianity? "Jesus is the Son of God; I am a sinner forgiven by Grace." This is the trick of Satan to keep men down! Yes it is true, no one can be exactly like Father because he's a unique person. But within their own nature, men can become truer and truer. It is not important to Me if they become complete perfection immediately or even by the time they die. If they are growing in that true direction and their wives are growing together with them, then this for Me is really the beginning of the Kingdom, the foundation of the Kingdom . One other point is if, for example in Japan, the men and women of the Unification movement only see their direction of growth in terms of mission that Father gave, they are missing the point. This is not an army. This is really restoration under God. That is why our life is not a mission in the external sense. What We are speaking about is not something that you can undertake as just one obedient mission given by the Messiah, so then you just work hard, like fund­raising for example. This involves deep honesty with one's self, with one's partner, with Me. And all the will in the world and all of the strong conditions in the world, as with fund­raising style, will never break the wall. It, again, takes some very special substance inside. And so this matter of mission is good for some things, but not good for other things. This is a realization each man and woman needs to have in front of Me. Through their own foundation of integrity, even if it's a small foundation, if it can serve as a foundation for this opening up, then this is good. And so the Japanese are very good at the mission things, raising money, selling art, doing this, doing that, and they're very proud of that, but the opening up isn't there. It's not a mission. It's something that demands a great depth, of needing something much more. Do you understand this?

Koreans too are in this situation because they are very close to Father, the leadership, and have been for many years, so they are very used to getting the strong direction at the table and then they run out and try to fulfill. But, again, they need to have their place with Me where even Father doesn't enter, their own quiet time to reflect. And many times this is lost because of all the sweat and blood going into fulfilling Father's direction.

This is not blaming Father. Father has to do what he has to do. But it is, again, the failure of the individual to recognize the internal substance needed. So, real success is not coming with "newspaper headlines" about some great mission fulfillment.

Jesus was close to women in his life and longed to consummate a relationship, because he was so close to Me and he knew so deeply what had to be done. So his agony on the cross is fully joined together with the agony of having to die as a single man. And he knew the pain that his people would suffer, not only because of external persecution, but because of the relative ignorance that they were still in. At this time it would be an even darker tragedy of Father is to die and Mother is to die, and still their people are literally in the same situation as the Christians two thousand years ago, without having really recognized the importance of the elevation of the feminine in the true sense. This is another reason why the idolizing of the messiah and his bride is not productive, in that the whole glory is focused on just two people. And the person who is emphasizing how glorious the messiah is, is forgetting the glory that wants to be born in his own life. Yes. And her own life. The marriage too. So please know that even though the situation in your marriage is unusual (you cannot so easily have a physical relationship now), but still, on the spiritual level, this is a good time for Me. Because sometimes even that time that you are more like husband and wife can create blocks for your relationship. Do you understand? Physical relationship alone brings up many emotions, and in one way right now you have a physical separation. And so in that respect you are separated. But it creates a comfort between you that can help you take many steps ahead during this time.

["W" says "Actually, this is a period when I feel more close than any other time in my marriage. We are sharing the same feeling together.

"H" has been the same victim of this incompleteness, trying to be complete. And his problem is that because he has a fantasy type of mind, large internal imagination, his dream of completeness does not take on the characteristic of external arrogance or power hunger, but more making his own complete world inside. So, he doesn't look externally like a bad man, but internally this has to be cleaned out.

When it is kept inside, and he's still under the illusion of his single kind of completeness, then putting everything together you have a mess. You understand? Finding a way to express himself is very healthy now because originally that's the way it should go. Then other things can fall into place more, take the right proportion. But if things are out of proportion, all kinds of problems can come up. This is the same problem in every man, and the same frustration in every woman.

"W" deserves the position of elevated woman. This is important. In Christian history, woman's position is given to the Holy Spirit. The Christian finds it a very valuable experience to be filled with the Holy Spirit - certain Christian groups. And so they long for the infiltration of the Holy Spirit and then speaking in tongues and having many kinds of experience. For them this experience is very spiritual and almost magic. Do you understand? But they fail to see that the feminine aspect of God needs to be embodied, not just turned into some spiritual experience for Sunday night. And they don't know how to embody it because, again, the Holy Spirit never took flesh and blood on the earth. When you see Mother's course, then it's a tragedy if Unificationists, much like the Christians with the Holy Spirit, expect magically they're going to have some benefit from what Mother did. Of course, there is certain benefit coming because she opened the gate. But they must walk through it. That means they have to have their own realization, their own understanding, and their own substantiation of her course, and not just be wishing for some magic power to come down upon their head and change them. Especially Unification women must recognize this. Some of them may be dreaming of this kind of thing because they don't know how to relate to the man in their life. They're just hoping somehow magic is going to make it better. But this is a mistake. They must recognize that together with their husband they must labor deeply on the foundation of Mother's accomplishment. So Mother's life, Mother's words are important.

Mother is a pure woman who is very specially qualified for Father. It's important to recognize that you must not separate Mother from yourself by looking at Mother as if she was completely perfected and absolute, and you are very low, far below her. The reason Mother could elevate is because she really chose to follow this extraordinary man. She was tested beyond endurance almost. So this is one thing that made her grow.

So, in the woman's position in the Unification Church, even though your husband is not the messiah, you too, as a woman, are put in extraordinary positions to try to restore yourself. Even with a very incomplete man you'll be facing anger, frustration, despair, feelings like you can never do it, all of these things Mother too went through. And even though your man may not be Father, still this is your opportunity to rise to the occasion. Again, if the man recognizes his need to work with you, and you work together, then you can grow together.

Many Unification Church leadership people, men particularly, are still thinking they're far above their wives. The wife must come up somehow. But actually, in many cases the opposite is the truth. The wives are much better people. But they don't want to accept this because they're afraid of falling from their high place and hurting themselves. So they're hanging desperately on to that position out of fear of losing everything, because they don't love themselves. The man who would really come down from that tower and realize his true position, his true relationship with Me, with the messiah, with himself, with his wife, he can begin to take steps along with his wife. But as long as he is on this tower and has his wife down below him, he can never take even one single step, because he's not on the ground.

["W" says, "Since 1982 when Mr. Eu taught so much about this masculine/feminine nature within man, and he was giving advice that the man looking at his wife is like looking at the manifestation of his inner femininity, so the wife is the manifestation of your inner femininity. That close. You have to look at it that closely. I will never forget that explanation because somehow things became very clear to me at that time. Seeing Oriental leaders practice in the traditional way, and then mixing that up with the Principle way, and emphasizing the certain way, which I couldn't see as the Principle way... I've been thinking a lot about these things. Tonight You explained this corruption in terms of imbalance, man trying to insist that he's complete when he is incomplete. And I'm thinking how can that be understood by us?"]

You see, this is really the meaning of man's five percent as it is expressed in the Principle, but because the Unification movement has been such a movement of mission, the will and the "army," the five percent in the practical term has become to mean more like just obedience. Blind obedience might work in the military, but it will not work in the truly spiritual movement. Man's five percent portion of responsibility, yes, on one hand refers to obedience or faithful following, but if there is not an internal five percent exercised, the five percent that means deep self­reflection, deep reflection on the words that one has heard, deep reflection in one's own original nature, digging down deep within oneself to understand the real substance of the truth and to verify within ourself and our own experience, then all of the sermons, all of the lectures, all of these things and all of the commands that are given don't have much meaning. It is like the flowers that you sell on Mothers Day - they are blooming for awhile but without the root they will die. So unique within ourselves is the source.

I chose this man [Father] because he had much lifting power, to lift the heaviness of sin in the world, and to push ahead a very heavy kind of historical course. He is a fighter and within him is deep self­reflection. There are other men around him who do not have that natural gift. And he is pushing them to the limit to accomplish what he must accomplish. In one way he is ruthless. He does not spend much time to talk about what We have spoken of, and it is really up to those men around him not to wait for him to say it, but to come to meaning within themselves. At various times, Father has spoken very deeply of human relationship, of sensitivity to one another, and we recognize that he is more sensitive even than Mother. But because of the shortness of his life and the hugeness, the bigness of his job, he has to focus on the seemingly external levels of accomplishment.

But, again, those men around him must recognize Me within their lives and not only Father. This is why I am even jealous of their relationship with Father, because they pray to Me and don't listen to what I want to say. They make me listen to what they want to say and what they are aiming for in terms of their goal. Even if this goal is given by Father, they still don't become neutral to hear what I have to say to them about themselves. So when a man has opened to Me, then he can open more to his wife and those around him. But no matter how much a man is proud of his obedience to the messiah, his achievement, his accomplishment, if he has not opened his heart to Me, this becomes very external, like a very expensive suit - you take it off and still underneath is just a very very human skin, the same in everybody. Do you understand? They must come to me. Otherwise what good is the spiritual life? The messiah has a certain job to do, but he cannot replace Me. And as Father said, you don't pray to him, you pray to Me. This is a great problem.

You spoke tonight of "H's" problem of prayer. I can tell you what his problem of prayer has been and even now still remains a bit, although it's better. His problem came from a certain notion that prayer is what he's supposed to do. If someone tells you "You should talk to this person or that person," it still isn't enough. The best time to talk to the person is when you deeply want to. So "H's" notion of prayer was that he is supposed to do this because "Father said", and because as a leader he "should"; then if he didn't, "this is wrong." Well all of those reasons aren't enough. It's only when he really wanted to come to Me in prayer from himself, with just simple reaching out of son to father, that he can begin to talk to Me. And to stay awake. And so it's the same for you. And that's why I became someone that "H" didn't even like, because I seemed to be a very religious God, full of "You must do this, you must do that, you should do this, you should do that," but I am just one helpless father trying to make a connection. And I've been so misrepresented by My people. So please understand the loneliness I feel when people are talking to Me and not even connecting. I could walk away, and they're still talking. It's like, who am I to you anyway? It's very lonely for Me because, again, if someone's heart is not open . . . . For example, if your child is not open to you and someone in the Sunday school has told him that he has to talk to you one hour a day and try to make a connection, then he's just obediently trying to do that. But you want to say something, and he just continues to talk and talk and talk and then looks at his watch and then after one hour he stops and walks away from you. How do you feel? That's how I feel. ["H" is crying] It's so painful. It hurts so much to care. Your heart is hurt sometimes when your children aren't sensitive to you. Perfection doesn't mean invulnerable. I'm very vulnerable. That, again, is why I'm so much in love with Father because I really want to talk with him for his heart.

["W" says, "Tonight I tried to speak about the fact the Principle movement came through Oriental culture, and that has some devastating effect of why this communication with You became very impersonal and because in the Orient vulnerability is not looked at as maturity. Many times you just suppress your human and tender feelings that you want to express and just pretend with your pride that you don't have a problem. And just keep going. And that's considered to be a mature person. And, therefore, educated by an Oriental leader in that way, the Western members who have had a Christian education get really confused, they really struggle. I know couples who are traditional Japanese husbands with traditional American wives or American husbands with Japanese wives and here comes a great problem, because Westerners want to communicate, want to be more personal, and they are vulnerable sharing their problems. But then the Oriental wives or husbands feel very uncomfortable about responding. That's why when an American husband, for example, shares a very tender heart, his Oriental wife feels very uncomfortable. She feels that's not what a man is supposed to be. It's according to her opinion. She tries to acknowledge this and not to feel this way, but it's such a deep thing within her - this kind of cultural habit. So much pride gets in the way. The genuine heart becomes suppressed and, as a result, the Orientals don't know what they are thinking or feeling any more." In the Orient, vulnerability is considered to be weak and childish. Therefore, genuine heartfelt feeling is suppressed most of the time."]

All these cultures were born after the Fall, and the culture that Father is working toward is not like anything in this world. Yes, there are some good points of Korean culture to be brought along with Father, who very ceremoniously is a Korean man and he loves Korean culture. But the root of the True Culture is not in Korea; it's within True Parents themselves. And that means within Me. I am still educating them as to the meaning of that True Culture. And so it's a great mistake if the Japanese or Korean or American believes that their culture will be the True Culture. The inner aspect of humanity has to be restored, and then the art form, the way of life, the culture itself in every aspect will be transformed. So some good things from Korea, some good things from Japan, some good things from the West, yes they can all be used. But the important thing is the inner aspect. Good is good whatever the culture. This is why the wrong attitude of some leaders to hold up one culture and then publicly deny another culture is very wrong. They need to be much more broad. This again is the historical restoration of the problem of Christianity to make Jesus isolated in his perfection and to emphasize only the sin of ourselves. This is actually far from humble. This is a very arrogant way. To humbly recognize what is Divine within ourselves, to seek to fulfill that same path is the true act of humility. It is a great treasure that I have put there. To recognize it is to recognize Me. To put yourself into subjection to Me, this is the meaning of humility. So many Christians think it's humble to proclaim that they are nothing but sinners forgiven by God, but this is arrogance, because they never want to see the divinity in this world and begin to go in the right way. This can happen in the Unification Church. This is seen clearly and spoken of! This is why this problem of idolatry is such a major problem. We all know it's wrong to worship an idol, but we don't know why. It's because when we separate, especially in the case of the human idol, we separate them from ourselves and put the focus of God within them, not within ourselves. That's the big mistake. There is a deep irresponsibility and a deep dishonesty and arrogance within that way of focusing. Can you understand this? True humility is recognizing the divinity that I have put within each one of you. And recognizing Me through that. This is not an egotistical attitude on your part, but it "is" egotistical to only see your own sins and to call yourself the sin

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