Unity In Diversity - Essays in religion by members of the faculty of the Unification Theological Seminary - Edited by Henry O. Thompson - 1984

Those Who Contribute

Dr. Thomas Boslooper is a retired minister in the Reformed Church of America and Professor of Biblical Studies at UTS. He holds the Ph.D. from Columbia University in Religion and New Testament. Among his published works is The Image of Woman.

Mr. Lloyd Eby is Lecturer in Philosophy at UTS. An Unificationist for nine years, he is a doctoral candidate at Fordham University.

Dr. Josef Hausner is Associate Professor of Biblical Literature and Judaic Studies at UTS. His Ph.D. in Religion and Society is from Columbia University.

Dr. Tyler Hendricks is Adjunct Assistant Professor in Church History at UTS. He holds the Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. He joined the Unification family eleven years ago.

Dr. Theodore E. James taught philosophical ethics at UTS. He holds the Ph.D. from Columbia. He is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Manhattan College, NYC; Lecturer, Fairfield University and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT He is the author of numerous works, scholarly and popular.

Dr. Kurt Johnson has been Lecturer in Science and Religion at UTS. He holds the Ph.D. from the City University of New York. His special research interest is in butterflies.

Mr. David S.C. Kim is President of UTS. He was one of the first Unificationists in the United States. He was appointed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon to initiate the establishment of UTS in October 1974. He has guided its growth and development throughout its history.

Dr. Young Oon Kim is Professor of Theology at UTS. She is a graduate Unity in Diversity of the theological school of Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan, took three years of graduate study at Emanuel College, University of Toronto, and taught at Ehwa Women's University in Seoul, Korea. She holds the H.L.D. from Ricker College. Among her published works are: World Religions, Unification Theology, Introduction to Theology, and Types of Modern Theology.

Dr. Jan Knappert has lectured at UTS on Islam and African religions. He teaches at the University of London, School of African and Oriental Studies. He holds the Doctor Litt. et Phil., the highest degree obtainable in the Netherlands.

Dr. James Michael Lee has served as adjunct Professor of Religious Education at UTS. He holds the Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University. Among his published works are The Flow of Religious Instruction.

Dr. Joseph J. McMahon is Associate Professor of Education and Philosophy. He holds the Ph.D. in Philosophy from St. John's University. Among his published books is Between You and You.

Dr. Hae Soo Pyun is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Oriental Languages and Oriental Philosophy. He holds the Ph.D. from Columbia University in Philosophy Among his published works is The Metaphysics of E.J.E. Woodbridge.

Dr. Richard Quebedeaux is lecturer in Religion and Society at UTS and a Consulting Coordinator for Ecumenical Conferences. He teaches ecumenics at UTS. He holds the D. Phil, from Oxford University. Among his published books are The New Charismatics and By What Authority.

Dr. John Andrew Sonneborn is Lecturer in Religion and Society. He holds the D.Min. from NY Theological Seminary.

Dean Therese Stewart is Academic Dean and Lecturer in Religious Education at UTS. She holds the M.Ed, from the University of Minnesota and has completed course work for the doctoral program in education at Teachers College.

Dr. Henry O. Thompson is Associate Professor of Religion and Society. He holds the Ph.D. from Drew University in Old Testament and Archaeology. Among his published works are Mekal the God of Beth-Shan and Ethics in Nursing. The latter is co-authored with Joyce Beebe Thompson.

Mr. Jonathan Wells is Lecturer in Theology. He holds the M.A. from Yale in theology and is a doctoral candidate in theology at Yale.

Dr. Yaqub Zaki (James Dickie) is from Scotland. He has taught Islam at UTS. and has held teaching posts at the University of Lancaster and other schools in England and Scotland. 

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