The Unification Church in America -- A Bibliography and Research Guide - Michael L. Mickler - 1987

VI. Government Documents

A. Legal Records

The Unification Church has been embroiled in near constant litigation since 1975. Though costly and time-consuming, several decisions, won on appeal, have gained the Church gradual recognition as a bona fide religion with tax exemption privileges, public solicitation rights and access to missionary visas. In addition, the Unification Church has been able to extend constitutional protections to its members, successfully press for action against deprogrammers and combat inappropriately applied conservatorship statutes. To a certain degree, these organizational gains have been overshadowed by Rev. Moon's conviction on tax evasion charges in 1982. Nonetheless, it is important to examine that case in light of unambiguous court affirmations of the Unification Church's legal and religious status.

United States v. Sun Myung Moon [1800] involved 1.7 million dollars deposited in two accounts with Chase Manhattan Bank between 197376 and fifty-thousand dollars worth of stock held in a Unification Church-related import firm. Although Rev. Moon's personal tax liability (using government figures) amounted to only $7,300 plus interest, prosecutors successfully pressed criminal conspiracy charges based on back-dated documents submitted by the Church to account for those funds. Defense lawyers contended that Rev. Moon held these assets beneficially as a trustee for the Church and had no tax liability. They further cited selective prosecution, refusal of Rev. Moon's request for a bench trial and improper jury instruction as sufficient cause to overturn the decision. Despite broad support from the American religious community [1790], these objections were denied on appeal.

As stated, it is important to view Reverend Moon's 1982 case in the context of other court rulings. For example, in that same year, rights of the Unification Church and its members were upheld by federal and state courts in six separate decisions. In Ward v. Conner [1802], the U.S. Supreme Court upheld on appeal a lower court decision allowing a Church member to bring suit against deprogrammers, arguing that Unification Church adherents are entitled to the same civil rights protection which the law grants to racial minorities. In Larson v. Valente [1779], the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Minnesota law which discriminated against Unification Church solicitation practices while not affecting established denominations. Similarly, by unanimously overturning lower court decisions which had refused to recognize the Unification Church's religious purposes, the New York Court of Appeals in HSA-UWC v. Tax Commission of t:'~w York City [1772] held as a matter of law that the Unification Church was a bonafide religion. In In Re: HSA-UWC, Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Anthony Colombrito [1776] and Eden v. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, HSA-UWC et al. [1756], the Unification Church won rulings against subpoenaed testimony on religious beliefs and against a damage suit brought by a former member on the grounds of alleged "mind control." Finally, after several years of struggle, Unification Church, Nikkuni, et al v. INS [1799] recognized the right of foreign members of the Unification Church to enter the country as missionaries on the same basis as members of other churches. Reference earlier was made to Katz v. Superior Court [1778] which, in effect, outlawed conservatorship proceedings as a method for extricating adherents from the Unification Church and other groups.

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B. Hearings, Legislation, Reports

Unlike legal rulings which, on the whole, have vindicated Unification Church claims, legislative hearings, proposed legislation and investigative reports have linked the Church to alleged abuses in the areas of recruitment, fundraising, child care and political lobbying. These hearings, proposed laws and reports, however, have been non-substantive. That is, they have led neither to actual laws nor to further investigations. In this respect, legislative hearings and investigative reports shed no more light on the Unification Church per se than on the social milieu within which it operated. This is true even of the U'S government's Investigation of Korean-American Relations [1825] which, while more thorough its treatment of the Unification Church, nonetheless reflected an effort to protect government interests during the so-called "Koreagate" scandal of 1976-78.

The most important legislative hearings related to the Unification Church were two a:1 hoc meetings convened by Senator Robert Dole (R-Kansas) in 1976 and 1979; five days of testimony heard by the Vermont Senate Committee for the Investigation of Alleged Deceptive, Fraudulent and Criminal Practices of Various Organizations in the State in 1976; and a legislative inquiry conducted by the New York State Assembly Committee on Child Care in 1979 [1807, 1826, 1819]. None of these hearings led to subsequent legislation. They did, however, highlight significant levels of strain between the Unification Church and major sectors of the American public. Robert Dole's initial hearing, for example, was said to have been prompted by a petition signed by 14,000 Kansas residents. His second hearing and that of the New York Assembly Child Care Committee resulted from pressures to link the Unification Church and other groups to the People's Temple. During the late seventies and early eighties, several states proposed legislation designed to hinder Unification Church recruitment and to facilitate removal of members by guardianship statutes. Only one such law passed--in New York, and this legislation was vetoed by then Governor Hugh Carey [1806].

More substantive than any of the above-listed hearings or legislation was the United States House of Representatives Subcommittee on International Organizations' Investigation of Korean-American Relations [1825]. Funded, in part, to uncover details of alleged Korean influence buying during the early seventies, the committee took pains to investigate and highlight possible connections between Unification Church officials and "Koreagate." Though concluding that "the Moon organization was not an agent of influence for the ROK government so much as it was a volatile factor in Korean American relations," the committee, chaired by Donald M. Fraser (D Minnesota), alleged systematic Unification Church improprieties and recommended "combining investigative activities related to the Moon Organization into an interagency task force" (389-390). This recommendation, however, was not acted upon. See Our Response [492] for the Unification Church reaction.

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