Journal of Unification Studies Volume 6 - 2004 - 2005

 Table of Contents

Entire Journal in pdf

The Da Vinci Code and Divine Principle (pdf)

The Marginality of the Cross

They Shall Be One Flesh: Fulfilling the Ideal of Creation through the Family (pdf)

Unification Politics in Theory and Practice

Headwing Philosophy and the Law of Nations

A Unificationist Reconsideration of the Jewish Role in Earliest Christianity, 30-70 C.E. - Mark W. Callahan

What Can the Black Church and Black Theology Contribute to the Unification Movement and Unification Theology? - Roderick M. McLean

Taking Religious Education Out of the Classroom: Service Learning as an Effective Contextual Pedagogy - Kathy Winings

What is the Matter? Understandings of Matter in Unification Thought and Modern Physics (pdf)

Book Review: Stephen G. Post. Unlimited Love. Templeton Foundation Press, 2003. - Andrew Wilson

Book Review: Michael Breen. The Koreans: Who They Are, What They Want, Where Their Future Lies, revised edition. New York: Thomas Dunne Books/ St. Martin's Griffin, 2004. - Mark P.Barry

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