Journal of Unification Studies Volume 5 - 2003

 Table of Contents

Entire Journal in pdf

Was Jesus the Son of the Priest Zacharias?

Church Growth through Start-Ups and Satellites

Dissonance Reduction in the Early Years of the Unification Movement: A Critical Appraisal of Christian-Unification Relations as Illustrated in Exposition of the Divine Principle

Forcible “Deprogramming,” the Japanese State, and International Human Rights - Chris Antal (pdf)

Unification Thought's Methodology and the Dual Characteristics

Cosmic Good and Liberation of the Original Conscience - Keisuke Noda (pdf)

A New Idea for the Mind-Brain Problem - Akifumi Otani (pdf)

Research into the Ontology of Spirit World and Spirit Persons in Unification Thought - Andrew Wilson (pdf)

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