Journal of Unification Studies Volume 1 1997

 Table of Contents

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From the Editor

Rush to History: A Notable Omission in Postmortem Literature on the Cold War

Theological Witch-Hunt: The NCC Critique of the Unification Church

Contextualization as Incarnation

Understanding the Word as the Process of Embodiment

A New Perspective on John the Baptist’s Failure to Support Jesus

From Dependence and Independence towards Interdependence: An Analysis of Cultural Trends in the Family and in the World

Stages of Moral Development and the Family

Book Review: Sacred Violence: Paul’s Hermeneutic of the Cross. By Robert Hamerton-Kelly. Fortress Press, 1992

Book Review: The Rise of Christianity: A Sociologist Reconsiders History. By Rodney Stark. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1996

Book Review: God’s Secret Formula: Deciphering the Riddle of the Universe and the Prime Number Code. By Peter Plichta. Rockport, MA: Element Books, 1997

Book Review: An Understanding of Sin and Redemption in Traditional Christianity and in Unification Theology. Doctoral thesis by Alfred O’Connor, University of Wales, 1995

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