Hermeneutics and The Shape of the Future - Edited by Frank K. Flinn

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Hermeneutics of Divine Principle: In Search of a Context - M. Darrol Bryant

Hermeneutics of Scripture

Biblical Hermeneutics in Divine Principle: The Context of Confucianism - Andrew M. Wilson

The Use and Abuse of the Old Testament in the Christian Scripture - Henry Vander Goot


The Historical Jesus and Divine Principle - Anthony J. Guerra

Luther's Reading of the New Testament -- Donald Deffner

Discussion 2

Critique of the Divine Principle Reading of the Old Testament -- Kapp L. Johnson

Critique of Divine Principle's Reading of the New Testament -- Thomas Boslooper

The Hermeneutics of Completed Testaments -- Frank K. Flinn

Discussion 3

Theology and Hermeneutics

The Unification Understanding of God -- Lloyd Eby


Unification Hermeneutics and Christology -- Jonathan Wells

Notes on Christology and Especially Regarding Dialogue with Unification Theology -- Durwood Foster

Discussion 2

Hermeneutics of History

Unification Theology as History -- Dagfinn Aslid

The Periods of Christian History in Unification Theology -- Klaus M. Lindner


Historical Narration in Divine Principle: The Ideology of Religious Story -- Stanley Johannesen

Hermeneutics: History and Providence -- James Deotis Roberts


Hermeneutics of Society

Divine Principle and Natural Law -- Stephen Post

Society and Ethics in Unificationism -- Lloyd Eby

Religion and Society in Unificationism -- David F. Kelly

Unification Social Hermeneutics: Theocratic or Bureaucratic -- Lonnie D. Kliever


Hermeneutics of the Future

The Future God -- Dagfinn Aslid

Women and the Hermeneutics of the Future -- Lorine M. Getz

The Principle of the Future -- Frederick Sontag


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Hermeneutics and The Shape of the Future - Edited by Frank K. Flinn

Conference series no. 11
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