The Family And The Unification Church Edited by Gene G. James

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The Archetypal Cult: Conflict and the Social Construction of Deviance - David G. Bromley and Anson D. Shupe, Jr.

Function of the Family in the Process of Commitment Within the Unification Movement - Kenneth P. Ambrose (pdf)

Doing Love: Tensions In the Ideal Family - Eileen Barker

Families Within a Family: Spiritual Values of Hutterites and Unificationists - Timothy Miller

The Family: The New Christian Right's Symbol for a Lost Past, The Unification Movement's Hope for a Second Advent - Donald Heinz

The Restitution of Family as Natural Order - Na'im Akbar

Three Models of Family: Marriage Encounter, Parenting for Peace and Justice, Blessed Family - Jane Zeni Flinn

Blessed Marriage in the Unification Church: Sacramental Ideals and Their Application to Daily Marital Life -- Hugh and Nora Spurgin

Celibacy, Virtue, and the Practice of True Family in the Unification Church - Tom Walsh

Crisis of Single Adults: An Alternative Approach - Michael L. Mickler

Women: Guilt, Spirituality and Family - Patricia Zulkosky

Relations in Progress: Paradigm for Education and the Family - Diana Muxworthy Feige

Marriage and the Family in Unification Church Theology - Frederick Sontag

Marriage as Eschatological Type in Unification Theology - Frank K. Flinn

Family, Spiritual Values and World Government - Gene G. James

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The Family And The Unification Church Edited by Gene G. James

Conference series no. 15 First edition © 1983 Unification Theological Seminary Barrytown, N.Y. 12507

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