Exploring Unification Theology Edited by M. Darrol Bryant and Susan Hodges

The Unification Theological Seminary

The Unification Theological Seminary was founded in 1975 in Barrytown, New York. It occupies 250 acres of land next to the Hudson River, ninety miles north of New York City. The Seminary has applied to the New York State Board of Regents for a charter to grant Master's degrees in religious education, and more than one hundred men and women are presently enrolled in a two-year program in religious education.

The purpose of the Seminary is to promote interfaith, interracial, and international unity. This purpose is reflected in the unique composition of its faculty, which includes representatives from the major branches of the Jewish and Christian traditions, for example, Roman Catholicism, Greek Orthodoxy, Reformed Protestantism, Free Church, and Rabbinic Judaism. The academic program provides broad-based preparation in Biblical studies, church history, theology, philosophy, and psychology. Graduates are expected to assume Church or civic leadership positions, and to promote unity between Christian denominations and other religions. In addition to the regular course of study, students frequently participate in conferences with visiting theologians, such as the one recorded in this book. 

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