Unification News for December 1999

Final Gathering

Ina Conneally

Exiting our century
stating an emergency
three distinguished personalities
felt the need for worldwide peace;

So the prophet Mohammed
spoke aloud and passionate
"Father", whispered JesuNim
feeling sorrow from within
and you saw the Buddha smile
saying nothing for awhile.

And the three thought: when they meet
who should sit then at whose feet?
They decided: world peace vowing
comes along with mutual bowing;

So they bowed the intellect
for truth has to be perfect;
meeting heaven with nirvana
meeting providence with karma
till the truth among those earls
shimmered once again like pearls.

When the hours growing longer
and their friendship growing stronger
Jesus heart was getting lighter
Mohammedís passions turning brighter
and the Buddha, leisurely
stretched one, then the other knee;
till the love among these kings
all embracing, spread its wings.

And this world peace trinity
in a state of ecstasy
wants to share now all its bliss
just exactly as it is;

So the prophet Mohammed
speaks aloud and passionate
"Father", whispers JesuNim
Feeling sorrow from within
and you see the Buddha smile
saying nothing for awhile.

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