Unification News for December 1999

Appeal from the Congo

Dear Community Members,

Iím 20 years old, a member of the Unification Church and blessed in 1999. Iím also a secretary of the Youth Federation for World Peace, in charge of culture and sport. I have a scientific general certificate of education. I would like to pursue my studies in the U.S.A. African students are not studying in good conditions here because of the political disturbances. We are also unable to get good paying jobs and I would like to come to the U.S.A eventually. Our universities are not well ruled. I am looking for American blessed couples who can help me. My address is:

Ndzeli Ngakosso Tsana
Federation des Familles pour la Paix Mondiale et líUnification,
B.P: 1089
Brazzaville - Congo

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