Unification News for December 1999

Alaska Workshop with True Parents

by Eugene Harnett—Kodiak, AK

From November 20, 1999 until November 28th True Parents held a workshop with Korean, Japanese and American leaders. Never before did True Parents come to Kodiak at this time of year, when the snowfall has come. Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim also came to go hunting and Father wanted to join them. Cheong Jin Nim, the youngest daughter, was also in attendance. About 50 Japanese leaders attended, and about 30 Korean leaders, half from Japan and half from second generation CARP leaders in Korea, and only four American leaders stayed in attendance throughout the workshop (nine Americans came for the first three days).

As an American, I had no clear reason why Father wanted us to be there. He only addressed us directly very briefly on the first evening. I have one sentence of him speaking in English: "Please live by the tradition and way of True Parents." We were fortunate that one Korean sister who lives in America stayed for the entire workshop and helped translate. Father did say at one point that the children (America) were witnessing or participating in the relationship between the mother and father nations, Japan and Korea. Father, I believe, needed some American representation there to experience the Mother and Father nations becoming one.

This workshop started with 40 days remaining until God's Day 2000. Father, intently, emphasized this workshop is held to create the condition of unity for North and South Korea. That was the theme. We read over the course of the week for Hoon Dok Hae the entire Volume 2 books, Parts 1 and 2. These deal with Father's providential work in Korea over the years and his desire to create unity between North and South. Personally, I had not read these complete volumes before. Father interrupted often during the readings to interject much comment.

Also, we read twice the new letter from Sung Han Lee in spiritual world. He explains that each proclamation that True Parents have made over these past couple years has created an explosion of love, light and warmth in the spiritual world that emanates continuously throughout the heavens. Additionally, Lucifer's old cronies are more active now, witnessing and organizing their evil compadres. As well, on the Heavenly side, the feelings are like the original excited feelings of the early church members, according to Sung Han Lee. And throughout the darkest regions of hell, where no light ever has shown, there now pass rumors about the light that people have seen. He wishes that we might believe in this reality. Father emphasized this letter's truthful contents. The letter was in Hangukmal. If I can, I'll get my translation notes typed up later.

We celebrated Thanksgiving dinner together with joyous entertainment by Hyun Jin Nim and True Parents. The graceful voice of Mother as she sang moved our spirits to feel a peaceful tranquillity. Father at the end was dancing and all members joined in around his dining table. Father, by the way, will make any teenage dancer envious. He has got the moves. I was stunned.

Immediately following this lively expression of celebration, Father emphasized spirit world and had us read Sung Han Lee's letter again. He declared that at all gatherings from now to speak or talk about spirit world and at HDH to read some part of the spirit world books. "Every day" it says in pledge number five. Father also mentioned that he doesn't pray at this time, because as soon as he does spirit world will act. Father seems to be waiting. He says that all of spiritual world is waiting for his directions. They will act immediately, if he gives some direction.

Father spoke often during the workshop, very strongly, to the Japanese members. Very strongly. But then he loved them very much, too. He told them to sell their blood like they did in the early days to raise money. This condition in Kodiak was to create unity between the Korean and Japanese leaders, the mother and father nations, witnessed by the children. From my own observation, I could not tell the difference between them as they mixed together well. I perceived them as a united husband and wife. Father wants to create North and South unity in Korea. The HDH series we read is entitled such.

We could not go fishing but once because of the weather. We did go hiking and rabbit hunting. Hyun Jin Nim brought back two deer from hunting. We watched sometimes with Father our Il Hwa soccer team on video. They had won, recently, a tournament in Korea amongst and beating all the best teams.

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