Unification News for December 1999

HSA-UWC Kodan: Appreciation and Congratulations Banquet

by Rev. Eric HoltóNYC

On Saturday, November 21, 1999, more than two hundred church leaders and elders gathered in the chapel at the Church National Headquarters to express their appreciation to Mrs. Yoko Kobayashi for her outstanding leadership as the President of Kodan since its inception some six and one-half years ago. Mr. Hiroshi Inose was welcomed as the new, incoming President of Kodan.

After the invocation by Mrs. Hee Sook Chin, the leader of Korean Kodan, HSA-UWC President, Dr. Tyler Hendricks shared warm words of welcome. As the sumptuous banquet began, Ms. Rikako Asanuma performed a delightful selection on the piano, followed by a heart-felt rendering of song from a choir of visiting Japanese sisters from around the nation.

During her address, Mrs. Kobayashi shared the deepest moments of her tenure as President of Kodan. Trained as an operatic singer, it did not come naturally to her to lead such an organization involved primarily in financial matters. Nevertheless, from her loyal heart of filial piety, Mrs. Kobayashi sacrificially guided the organization from its humble beginnings to its becoming a trusted and invaluable part of True Parentsí work in the US.

HSA Vice President Rev. Michael Jenkins is a brother who has been personally touched by the love and dedication of Mrs. Kobayashi and his rousing testimony deeply affected the audience. Mrs. Kayo Pederson shared her experiences of living and traveling with Mrs. Kobayashi and observing, firsthand, her unflagging dedication.

Another operatic performer, Mrs. Yoshimi Kadota sang powerfully as the congregation awaited Mr. Inose to come to the stage. In his address, Mr. Inose revealed the heart of a humble, sincere soldier who has dedicated his life to educating and counseling brothers and sisters on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Expressing his gratitude to Mrs. Kobayashi, Mr. Inose pledged to continue her work and to work in harmony with brothers and sisters of all nationalities in this melting pot we call America.

The evening concluded after Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the Continental director of HSA-UWC, North America offered his thanks and congratulations to Mrs. Kobayashi and Mr. Inose. Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi and Mr. and Mrs. Inose cut the ceremonial cake together, and thus a transition was effected as the ceremonial knife, or should one say the baton, was passed from one generation of leadership to the next.

Many thanks are due to the dedicated cadre of volunteers including: Abdel Mesbah, Kanae Holt, Tsumiko Szalowski, Chiharu, Mrs. Kono, Midori, Daniel, Jose, and many other smiling faces.

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