Unification News for December 1999

Leadership Seminar: Establishing the True Family Culture

Frank Kaufmann
December, 1999

On Friday, December 3, 1999 Hyun Jin Hyung Nim convened and directed a one day seminar on "Establishing the True Family Culture." Approximately 45 people were in attendance, representing Pure Love Alliance, Korean CARP, Korean 2nd Generation, NY Region, Unification Theological Seminary, Special Task Force, Japanese CARP, Kodan, USA Regional Directors, Women's Federation, European 2nd Generation, Japanese 2nd Generation, Japanese Blessed Family Department, International Education Foundation, Korean CARP, New Eden Academy, USA Family Federation, and others.

The conference ran from 9:30am - 5:30pm. Dr. Tyler Hendricks, US Family Federation president, served as conference MC. He called the meeting to order and gave introductory remarks explaining the purpose of the conference. Dr. Chang Shik Yang, North American Continental Director followed with brief remarks and an introduction to Hyun Jin Nim.

Hyun Jin Nim spoke for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes delineating the purpose for the conference in the context of the transition of the Unification family into the settlement era. The essential points of emphasis were, 1. Building an awareness that settlement must include both 1st and 2nd generations, and 2. The necessity to build an homogenous community of faith, based on a vertical standard of heart. Hyun Jin Nim presented his view that cultural barriers obstruct blessed families and members from relating fully and freely in the realm of heart.

Following Hyun Jin Nim's Discourse, Jin Man Kwak read an academic thesis written by Hyun Jin Nim in which the latter analyzed the splintering of Christendom. He argued that this historical phenomenon can be traced to the fact that Christianity as a religious faith lost its moorings and rootedness in the family traditions of the chosen nation.

Following these presentations, conference participants divided into five discussion groups, led by Dr. Kathy Winnings, Dr. Anthony Guerra, Mr. Young June Kim, Mr. Michael Balcomb, and Dr. Frank Kaufmann. These groups met until the mid-day lunch break. Following lunch, group leaders reported the findings of their groups and, participants then engaged in open discussion and debate on the conclusions and positions of each group.

Next, department specific, small groups convened for the purpose of identifying concrete actions to advance the two express conference emphases, namely united generations, and vertical traditions. Following that discussion, small group leaders once again reported to the group at large. Individuals committed themselves to the actions and projects described.

Based on these conversations and public reports from small groups, Hyun Jin Nim offered approximately 30 minutes of closing remarks. His remarks were impassioned and well received.

Following the formal conference, international guests, US leaders, and group discussion leaders joined Hyun Jin Nim in the skylight room on the 39th floor. There folks reflected on the conference in a more intimate setting. Once again, those in attendance expressed genuine appreciation to Hyun Jin Nim for his insights as well as his own willingness to embrace and take up responsibility for the Unification community in its current time of transition. He is passionately concerned that Unificationists fulfill conditions for settlement in a worthy manner and according to eternal standards.

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