Unification News for November 1999

DP on TV

Erling Lea—Katy, TX

Why not just give DP to America? Something will come of it; maybe not the way we want things to happen, but definitely some change will come to America.

Hello. I write to tell you about how we can witness to twice the audience that we had at RFK stadium each week for only pocket money. I have been a Public Access TV producer for four years now, and I want to counsel members for free if they would like to speed up restoration of their town on an extremely low budget. There is no studying or big investment involved, only pocket money and an average of one to two hours spent each week.

Public Access TV is still around even if it is unpopular and criticized. It is still available to the public so that we all can share our views and so that everyone can fulfill their right to free speech. It is proven that up to one quarter of the cable subscribers in a town regularly watch Public Access TV. If we in FFWPU took out all the VHS videotapes lying on our bookshelves collecting dust, we can show a new program every week for three to four years, without even one rerun. America will get restored and we can spend the rest of our lives in the Caribbean sunbathing and snorkeling. Please call or write me today for free information:

Erling Lea
326 Gentilly Drive
Katy, TX 77450 USA
e-mail: EasyLPTime@webtv.net

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