Unification News for November 1999

New President for The Segye Times

Sun Jo Hwang, President and the chief director of the Foundation, took office as the third Vice Chairman of The Segye Times on Sept. 9, 1999. Byung-Joon Song, the executive Vice President, was appointed as the executive President and was also inaugurated that day. The inauguration ceremony was held at The Segye Times grand hall at 11 a.m. on Sept. 9th, with approximately six hundred distinguished guests, executives and employees attending.

With Sang Jin Lee, manager of general affairs, serving as the MC, the ceremony commenced with a report on the history of The Segye Times by the general affairs director Chan Ho Kim, introduction of the honored guests and a presentation of bouquets. Following a brief introduction of both Vice Chairman Hwang and President Song, inaugural speeches were delivered. Then, congratulatory speeches were made by the Kumgang Group Chairman Bo Hi Park (former president of The Segye Times), Myung Hun Choi, vice president of the National Congress for New Politics, other congratulatory messages were cited followed by commemorative photographs.

Distinguished guests who attended or congratulated the inauguration were as follows: Chairman of the Free People and Democratic Congress, Chul-Sueng Lee, Representative Dae-Chul Chul of the National Congress, Dr. Hang Yong Lee, advisor to The Segye Times, Mr. Chul Jo Paek, Vice Chairman of Soon-Haeng Cho, former president of The Segye Times, Hwan Chae Hwang, advisor to Tongil Group, Yong-Hyun Moon, President of Sun Moon University, Kyung-June Lee, former president of Seil Travel Co., Jung-Ok Lee, president of the Women's International Federation for Victory Over Communism, Soo-Ja Moon, former president of Sun Moon University, Se Won Yoon, chairman of the Committee for the Compilation of History, Kwang Yul Yoo, vice president of the Women's Federation for World Peace Lan Young Moon, tribal messiahs and chief directors of church member-run companies.

In his inaugural speech, vice chairman Hwang said that "The Segye Times has a clear basic vision provided by the Chairman and founder of the paper, Sun Myung Moon, who has taken the initiative in the movement for world peace and unification throughout his life." He emphasized the necessity of an all-out reform and of facing up to the reality that there can be no regression. He also said that "For this, it is necessary to examine many aspects such as organization, personnel management, finances and projects as well as the basic areas of editing, sales, printing, advertisement, etc. It is necessary to check whether the founding ideals are being realized, where we are standing as an established opinion paper and how much influence we have on government policies." He added, "I can't help but give special attention to company members as they are the driving force for the paper's development. In order to be first class, we should create conditions in which employees can make optimal use of their abilities. For this I wish to re-examine everything from the starting point."

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