Unification News for November 1999

America, Once Blessed By God

Brandon Olivia

I feel as though the heart of man
Has waned a bit too cold,
People say that God is dead
And that truth is getting old.

To see the children run in fear,
To see them bound by chains,
Makes me think of a sorrowful God
As I watch the autumn rain.

On the edge of some forgotten town
A heart has been marred by hate,
And the hope of a childís tender heart
Has been taken in the name of fate.

America, once blessed by God,
To what shall I liken this day,
The father embraces the little child
Yet the child turns away.

In what seems a loss of innocence
And a blow to our nationís soul
We take our needs from other people
And leave them less than whole.

Those who fought for heavenís sake
In the battles of the past
Had laid their lives upon the field
So that theirs could be the last.

To see us now in such a state
To take their sacrifice in vain,
Reminds me again of our sorrowful God
As I watch the autumn rain.

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