Unification News for November 1999

Japanese Sisters Descend on NYC

Rev. Andrew ComptonóNYC

The Campaign for Blessing 2000 has begun! From the beginning of October, our Japanese sisters began arriving from Japan, of whom several hundred arrived here in the New York Region. About 80 have settled in at 4 West 43rd Street, with smaller groups staying in the Brooklyn and Queens centers.

What a whirlwind of spirit and activity they have brought! It feels as though we have gone back in time to 1973 when the first Japanese members came to work in America. Every morning they are out on the streets carrying surveys on clip-boards, diligently approaching the citizens and tourists of the city. Within the first couple of weeks they have brought over a 1000 guests to the 2nd floor of 43rd Street, where they have set up a system of embracing the guests (sometimes teaching origami, sometimes reading their palms, and always smiling), educating them (introductory lectures are given every two hours) counseling them, and ultimately signing them up for the matching and a one or two day workshop.

Not only has 43rd Street, Queens and Brooklyn come alive, but camp sunrise is seeing a surge in workshop guests. 14 guests at the first one-day workshop and 11 at the first two- day workshop. !0 of the two-day workshop guests signed-up for the matching after the concluding lecture. Terry Walton, the lecturer, brought each of the guests to the front of the class where they were cheered and had their pictures taken. In addition, an actionizing program for possible full-time members is beginning on Oct. 22.

In Brooklyn, under the care of Rev. Hiro, the Japanese sisters are divided into two teems, one group is visiting churches and the other is bringing guests over to the center, a smaller version of what is happening at 43rd Street.

From the beginning there were many logistical problems, finding space for everyone to sleep, getting the toilets and showers in working order, and providing three meals a day for everyone. Fortunately they have received many food donations from our church related business and friends.

One of the main handicaps has been the lack of English speaking lecturers and councilors. Sometimes it seems that there are more guests than we can handle. What a happy problem.

Under our regional leader, Rev. Kimís support and guidance the focus of activity for the Japanese sisters has become more clear; sign up candidates for the matching. Every evening at the end of the day Rev. Kim meets with the sisters working at 43rd Street in the chapel to listen to reports and testimonies which would often continue until after midnight. One inspiring testimony from Washington D.C. was of three Japanese sisters who had visited a Korean church. When they entered the church the pastor had a vision of three angels entering his church. When he found out that they were representing Rev. Moon, he was shocked, having believed in all of the negativity that had been spread about us. Finally, moved by his vision, he invited them to move into his church.

Our True Parents want to bring a heavenly hurricane to America through our Japanese sisters. By their sacrificial example this hurricane is beginning to grow as more and more American brothers and sisters are becoming involved in the campaign. What a historical time it is as we approach Blessing 2000. Donít miss out on it!

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