Unification News for September and October 1999

Mother In Mexico

Farley Jones
Albany, NY

Motherís visit to Mexico was a tremendous success. In the weeks prior to her arrival, a significant contingent of sisters from Japan came to Mexico to begin working with the Mexican members under the Korean National Messiahs, Rev. and Mrs. Chung Kwan Yoo, to prepare for Motherís speech. Well, it was a winning combination! The large main hall where Mother spoke was filled to overflowing and a large number of guests had to be seated in the overflow room. The official count of attendees for the program was 2200.

Equally important with the numbers was the very nice feelings which developed during the evening. At one point, about the time Mother was cutting the celebration cake, the audience spontaneously broke into a Mexican song of celebration, in effect serenading Mother. It was very warm.

There was also a nice response from the VIP community with approximately 13 embassies represented as well as a large number of other VIPs, from mayors to organizational presidents to community leaders.

The VIP representation was augmented significantly by the fact that only several weeks before Motherís visit, Tiempos del Mundo had begun publishing in Mexico and a number of guests came under Tiemposí auspices. Also, Tiemposí offices were made available for the campaign (my wife Betsy made ample use of the phones). In contrast to what I understand to have been the situation in some other countries, the Mexican editor of Tiempos was eager to cover Motherís visit in the newspaper, and indeed ample coverage was given. Kudos to Bret Moss, manager of Tiempos in Mexico, as well as to his wife and assistant Annette.

Mother left early the next morning, shaking the hands of some members at the airport. It was a very loving touch.

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