Unification News for September and October 1999

Cordoba Declaration

Gathering in Cordoba, Spain, a city steeped in the culture and history of our great faith traditions, we met as scholars, as leaders, and as faithful believers at the invitation of the Inter Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) to discuss the subject of inter-religious dialogue and peace between these two great traditions and cultures.

We affirm that both Judaism and Islam teach the ideal of individuals, families, societies, and nations co-existing in harmony within a peaceful world.

Too often Jewish and Muslim believers approach one another with a spirit of competing religious and political ideologies. We decry the misuse of religion when it is allied to narrow political or ethnic interests at the expense of principles of justice, human dignity, and mutual respect.

We appeal to leaders of our respective faith communities to use their influence to promote interreligious understanding, dialogue, and harmony. In particular, we urge leaders and believers to affirm:

1. The human rights of all people, each one created with love by God, should be respected. 2. Education should promote attitudes of respect for people of other faiths. 3. Mass media should contribute to these educational values by fostering programming supportive of these ideals, and concern itself with accurate portrayals of Muslim and Jewish believers.

We make this appeal knowing well the obstacles, dangers, and suspicions that hinder the search for peace and cooperation. We also affirm, in the spirit of the teachings of both faiths, that within each human being is a deep longing for peace, and that it is the duty of religious leaders and governments actively to pursue peace for the welfare of all people.

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