Unification News for September and October 1999

The Meaning of 9.9 Jeol and 3.10 Jeol

by Rev. Sun Jo Hwang

At an early morning meeting held at headquarters church in Seoul, Korea on September 12, Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, President, FFWPUI , gave a speech summarizing and clarifying the contents of True Parents' declarations on September 9 and 10, 1999. The following is a summary of President Hwang's speech.

True Parents arrived at Seoul Kimpo Airport at 6:00A.M. on September 9, 1999 and offered a special benediction for The Liberation Ceremony of Cosmic Unification at 9:09:09.A.M. True Father spoke until 2:00 P.M. and hosted a leaders meeting after returning to Hannam-dong.

The next day True Father held a meeting from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Yesterday (September 11), True Parents made a visit to Chung Pyung and the Won Jeon. After concluding the leaders meeting at 2:00 A.M., True Parents visited Sun Moon University. Tomorrow True Parents will be departing.

The new dormitory has been completed and to hold an opening ceremony, this day was the only day to hold it with the attendance of True Parents.

True Father named the holy day of September 9 as 9.9 Jeol and September 10 as 3.10 Jeol.

The naming of The Liberation day of Cosmic Unification came from the fact that True Father chose to declare the Liberation Ceremony of the Unification of the Parents of Heaven and Earth at 9:09.09 A.M. on September 9, 1999, True Father's age is 79, which means the number 9 is repeated nine times. The number 9 is Satan's number and therefore Father chose this day to make the declaration. At the same time, if you add 1 to 9 it makes 10, and therefore True Father established this time and day of 10:10 on September 10 in which the number 10 is repeated three times as 3.10 Jeol.

When we see the achievements of True Parents, we find ourselves in habituation. We can not engraft deeply into its meaning. God's providence of restoration began when Adam and Eve fell. The record of what happened during that long history is the Bible. There is much content in the Bible. Most notably it is an historical record of the Old Testament and New Testament eras. It is not the history of the world or the history of religion, but a record of the events contributing to Godís salvation of the world. Six thousand years of history is recorded in the Bible. The stories of the families of Adam and Noah are only briefly recorded. The complete course of life of Adam and Noah are not recorded. The same for Moses and Jesus. The Bible only tells us about the most significant providential events of salvation history.

So comparing the historic happenings of the Bible with True Parents' providential works, how important this event is! Each aspect of True Parents' life has meaning as a providential incident.

The current era is the fruition period in which True Parents' entire life will finally bear fruit. It is the fruition period for humankind, the fruition period of True Parents' life, the fruition period for the Unification Church, and the fruition period for our individual lives of faith.

During the 1990s, especially after 1993, many declarations have been made. Why? The reason is because now is the fruition period in which the providence is bearing fruit.

Many incidents occurred after the Declaration day of the Realm of Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth. From this viewpoint, the meaning of the Liberation Ceremony of Cosmic Unification and 3.10 Jeol can be understood.

How precise are True Parents with everything? True Parents pay attention to detail even when dressing themselves. The newly appointed president of The Segye Times Byung Joon Song is 70 years old. Of course he is gray haired. True Father scolded him for not dyeing his hair. Father told him that since Mr. Song is now a public figure, he should have his hair dyed right away. Now he has appeared with his hair dyed.

The posture of True Parents at Pledge Service, Father's poise when he has his tie on, when True Father wears a tie, the end of his tie just comes down to the top of his belt. These are small things, but True Parents are always thorough. Such True Parents are creating providential incidents, so imagine how meticulous they would be.

Some years ago, I took 120 students from Seoul National University and students who were active for left wing movements to America, and all True Father talked about was the sexual organs. I was so disappointed and kept my eyes closed during his speech. The next day, Father said that there would be only one chance in Fatherís life to meet the left wing students, so what should he instill in them? They do not understand now, but they will in 10 or 20 years' time.

True Parents meet people from the viewpoint of eternity. When meeting leaders, they speak of principled things. Father said we must make declarations even though people do not believe us. Tell them even though they will not follow us. True Parents have this kind of philosophy. Since True Parents live with the values of eternity, the providence that they are guiding will surely not be simple.

When True Parents visited Cheju Island, they went to the botanical garden and saw some water lilies. True Parents said "Look at these water lilies. The reason the water lilies blossom in such filthy water is because although it cannot be seen, they have a deep root." Father said that we should live our life of faith like the water lilies.

True Parents' life never leaves the Principle.

The fact True Parents proclaimed and declared the 9.9 Jeol and 3.10 Jeol before heaven, the spiritual world and the physical world is not a random matter but is from an eternal viewpoint. The fact that True Parents established a commemoration day for two days -- and three days in total including yesterday -- is the first and last. Therefore it was a significant providential event.

A Christian holy food ceremony has been kept for 2,000 years. The origin of it was one week before the crucifixion of Jesus. He had a last supper with disciples in a beggar's house. What would have been on the table? Jesus' heart was serene. He had bread and wine around him. Jesus said, share this bread and wine whenever you gather, thinking that it is my own flesh and blood. That small action remained as the most important tradition in 2,000 years of Christianity.

You cannot imagine how amazing each of these declarations and commemoration days decided by True Parents will be as history unfolds. When you go to the spirit world you will have a chance to testify. You can say "I was there in that room when the 9.9 Jeol and 3.10 Jeol were declared." That will be an eternal story to testify.

In summarizing the meaning of this event, we can understand it correctly only when we understand the events that occurred before and will happen after, and the background to these.

The 7.8 Jeol (Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing) and 9.9 Jeol are the two great pillars of the providence.

The 7.8 Jeol was established at 7 seconds and 7 minutes past 7:00 A.M. on July 7, 1997. All providential events such as conferences and blessings are events of the restoration providence, events to restore the right of the Elder Son, right of Parents and the right of King. In contrast with events of restoration before the 7.8 Jeol, events after the 7.8 Jeol can be distinguished as events of creation in order to create the original world following the conclusion of restoration. After 7.8 Jeol they are events re-creating the original world under God's sovereignty.

For example, we offered donations before and after 7.8 Jeol. It is the same donation, but the donations we offered before 7.8 Jeol was not all received by God. Some were taken by God and some were taken by Satan. An offering was possible only through such dividing. But after 7.8 Jeol, the total living offering is something that Satan can not take away. The events after 7.8 Jeol are the incidents that would be completed. They show the sovereignty of True Parents. True Parents cannot liberate the spirit world and hell according to their free will. They must fight Satan. They must be True Parents who cannot be slandered by Satan. Therefore, True Parents life has been a severe fight. After 7.8 Jeol, God can bless Satan who became the origin of the fall, without any condition. After the declaration of 9.9 Jeol, True Parents gave blessing as an age totally without indemnity condition.

Until now conditions were necessary to receive the blessing. In the past there was 7-day fasting, witnessing to 3 spiritual children and a 3-year course of public mission. But now the official indemnity course before and after the blessing is gone. Providential change is so great. Through the declaration of 9.9 Jeol, it is now possible to start family life straight away if you merely complete a 40-day separation period. It is an amazing change in the providence.

It is the Liberation Ceremony of Cosmic Unification. Centering on heaven, mind and body, husband and wife, neighbors, humankind and all things, it is a ceremony of liberation of all these from Satan. The completion of this providence will be accomplished in February next year with the liberation of all things through the blessing. All the difficulties and problems of Adam and Eve will be liberated.

At the last blessing ceremony, people who had committed sin participated. Until now it is a conditional liberation but complete liberation will be achieved on February 10 next year. The dividing point of complete liberation is 7.8 Jeol, the Proclamation of the Celebration of Cosmic Victory, and this Liberation Ceremony of Cosmic Unification. There will also be a complete liberation ceremony on February 10 next year.

True Parents emphasized one special donation on this occasion. It is great burden to us. But the path of life we are walking is one that will exist only once in history. When we see it from our viewpoint we are walking this path representing my own ancestors and descendants. We are walking this path representing all humankind.

Therefore the donation is not to restrain us, but to liberate us. It is a minimum donation of offering for God to claim it as his. We must do our best.

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