Unification News for August 1999

Pure Love Movement - The Pure Love Lady

by Marian van Hofslot—Tilburg, Netherlands

With all the inspiration I received recently, I thought up a plan to start reaching out in my hometown. My main focus of course is firmly to establish a Pure Love Education system. I translated Teri Lester’s booklet about Healthy Love—a nice, clear, healthy, colorful and small booklet. On the back is the Pure Love Pledge and our address and phone number. With a laser printer I can make one booklet for 25 cents. I sell them to adults for a dollar, so I can give them for free to the young people. I’ve sent the booklet to all elementary and high schools and included a short letter to invite us to their schools. The letter requests them to answer us before September.

On Saturday, June 5, I went downtown with three other members. We took booklets, forms with the pledge written at the top and with space for a person’s name, age, gender and the name of their school, and a box of holy juice cups (soon we will have candy again). Across my chest I was wearing a yellow ribbon with Pure Love written on the front and back. Most of the adults (about eight out of ten) we spoke with, agreed with the campaign and bought a booklet.

I stood a whiteboard next to me inscribed with the words "Only for the Young People in Tilburg." I began speaking very loudly—sort of street-preaching—about what we were doing and very shortly after that, young people began stopping. I spoke to them, explained, and asked them to read the Pure Love Pledge out loud. If they agreed, I asked them to sign, gave them a booklet and a cup of holy juice, which they then drank. I apologized to them (with a clear voice): "I’m very sorry that our generation and the ones before us made such a mess of the world. I promise that I will visit your school, and that I will do anything to change this town so that you beautiful, pure young people and your children can grow up in a Pure Love Town. I wish you all the best and protection for these coming years."

Some parents were present with their children, and they were very proud that their children signed. The young people were very inspired and happy. They understood very well what it was all about and agreed with everything.

In the evening I went house to house in my neighborhood with the same ribbon, booklets and holy juice. When they agreed, and had teenagers at home, they invited me in, and together with their parents around the table we would say the Pure Love Pledge and drink holy juice. Then I would give my apology to the teenagers. Again, the parents were very proud. That first Saturday’s effort resulted in 88 teenagers signing.

This was just the beginning. One week later in Nijmegen, 200 young people signed the pledge. The following Saturday, June 19, in Breda, another 233 inspiring young people signed, and on June 26, in Tilburg, 236 signed! After working three times with a team in Tilburg, Nijmegen and Breda, the couples living in those cities will continue by themselves.

For the past two weeks I have been going from house to house in my home town on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to sell the booklet. Any teenager who walks in front of me or who is at home when I come, reads the pledge—and many sign.

Heavenly Father has also sent me some help. Two teenage girls are helping me house to house three times a week with their parents’ permission. Aisha is from an Islamic family and Wendy is from a Roman Catholic family. They are so enthusiastic. They walk faster than I do, and send every teenager they meet to me. Our 12-year-old son Thijs is helping and he is learning so much.

Teenagers are getting to know me now. Several times already they have called to me on the street. Then they smile and wave: "Hello, Pure Love lady!" I wave back.

Once I have a certain number of signatures from Tilburg, I am going to the schools and churches to show them what wonderful young people we have in our town, and ask, demand and beg them to help in the name of God.

Most important: this works. The young people are very open to this approach and they feel good that someone is talking to them about this subject. They long for a better world and want to help and be part of it.

Indeed, a new time is coming. I never thought this could happen, and I deeply believe that the young people are for our Heavenly Father and True Parents from now on. It is so inspiring and, needless to say, I feel Heavenly Father and the spirit world have prepared this all the way.

I hope all of you can find the inspiration to reach out to God’s youngest children.

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