Unification News for August 1999


Dr. Tyler Hendricks
August, 1999

I strongly support the STF program, for reasons obvious to us all. Our U-Youth need to meet God personally and the best place to do so is on the front-line of team witnessing, fundraising, prayer and study.

I think that STF should be referred to as Standard Task Force. This is because True Parents expect that all blessed children will participate in STF after finishing high school. I strongly encourage church leaders to talk with the parents in your church, and parents to talk with your children about True Parentsí expectation in this area.

I have heard nothing but positive testimonies from the young people on STF. Thus far, all those who joined completed the program with flying colors. In addition, these young people have a good impact on our local church life. STF members are at the core of the PLA activism, which is having such success for God and America, and they bring in new members through witnessing and teaching. STF is the best foundation for our young people to receive and make the most of the matching and blessing.

We owe a debt of gratitude and appreciation to Jin Hun Nim for creating the STF. It was not created in Korea or Japan, where the first wave of U-Youth passed through their late teens and twenties. A member of the True Family created it in America. But it is the hope for our church/federation throughout the world.

Time does not stand still. No religion, no culture, can rest on its laurels. This is true in particular for new groups attempting to establish themselves in an established culture. The culture clash takes place in the minds of the offspring. Some groups withdraw into isolation. But even the Amish, the most withdrawn of groups, are now having serious alcohol and vandalism problems with their teenagers. We are not going into isolation. Therefore we need to equip our youth with a deep faith based upon religious experience. In our offspring will our tradition be renewed naturally. It will take shape in their lives as they take True Parentsí movement into the future.

Within two years the blessed families of our American church will have approximately 700 young men and women graduating from high school. It is essential that we expand and solidify STF throughout the nation now, before these young people hit the scene. This is of the highest priority for our church.

I ask that each region have your membership database include separate records for members of all ages. There will be increased need for the production of lists of young people as they move through high school. If you include the birth date of the young person, you can easily print out a list of all upcoming high school graduates.

Please encourage all Unification parents and youth to participate in STF.

To sign up for the STF or get more details, call Irina or Mo Sook at the World CARP office (212) 382-2402 ext 200 (fax 382-2005).

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