Unification News for August 1999


Hyoong Je W. Erpelding
Holy Ground
Minneapolis MN
July 6, 1999

I was walking down an old dirt road one day, out in the countryside, not a building or soul in sight. Suddenly, an old man appeared in front of me off in the distance. He had an old rickety cane and it looked like he was stumbling around as he walked. He looked like he needed help just to stand up, let alone trying to walk somewhere.

So I started to head in his direction, and as I got closer I could tell that he was very old. His clothes were torn, shabby and falling apart. He looked like he didnít know what direction to go in. He was mumbling something, staggering and swaying like some kind of crazy person. But somehow I wasnít afraid of him. I could sense that he was a harmless person, so I got closer to him. I gently put my hand on his arm and asked if he was O.K. He kept muttering some gibberish as if I wasnít there. As I looked more closely at his face, I could see tears streaming down his cheeks, rolling off onto his stained clothes where the tears ran. I couldnít speak. I was overwhelmed by his sadness, yet I couldnít leave this old grandpa out here all by himself.

After some time had passed, I asked him what he was doing out here all by himself. He didnít answer right away, but after realizing that someone was standing next to him, he said, "Iím looking for someone."

I replied, "Who are you looking for?" thinking that perhaps I could help him find whomever it was that he was searching for. He raised his head and gazed deeply into my eyes and again I was shattered by the suffering that I saw there.

Finally he replied, "My children."

So I asked him, "How long have you been out here looking for your children?"

He said, "6,000 years."

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