Unification News for February 1999

UTS Dedicates New Gymnasium

Thanks to the generous donations of UTS alumni and the Red Hook Community Church, a nearly two-year long restoration project reached completion on Wednesday, January 27th when the Seminary dedicated its new gymnasium floor.

During the early 1990s the floor became increasingly dysfunctional due to water leakage. A patchwork of plywood sheets covered areas where holes appeared. Finally, in December 1996, the floor became too dangerous for use and the gym was closed.

Restoration began in March 1997 and UTS students, equipped with hammers and crow bars, removed the old floor. Research followed on how to solve the water problem, and a drainage system was installed. Concrete was poured in mid-1998, and finally in January 1999 a state-of-the-art "Sport Court" surface was installed. Painting and ceiling work completed the project which cost $30,000 for the drainage system and concrete, $18,000 for the Sport Court, and $5,000 for painting and ceiling work, $53,000 in all. Funds were provided largely by UTS alumni and the Red Hook Community Church with alumni covering more than 80% of the expense.

Dedication ceremonies were highlighted with a ribbon-cutting by President Shimmyo followed by an inaugural "first shot" men and women shooting contests, and a mini-basketball tournament, won by the UTS Divinity Class. The Seminary anticipates many years of "safe" recreation on its new gym floor and extends a challenge to neighboring churches in Westchester, New Jersey, any of the boroughs of New York, Bridgeport, Boston, or even Washington to "bring it on" if they're ready for competition.

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