Unification News for February 1999

Taking on Cancer … and Winning

Edy Iversen
Palm Coast, FL
February, 1999

In 1992, after a series of U.S.A. programs, Mother’s tours and working arduously on the front lines in South Dakota for over 10 years, I collapsed. I found myself in Los Angeles at the mercy of my 72-year old father, trying to get well from a disease that no one could diagnose. For six years, until now, I struggled desperately to get well from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, now commonly known as two of the most disabling diseases in America.

I would lie in bed, tormented by pain and unable even to walk across the room. Yet, I struggled desperately to keep going and try to keep our mission alive as my husband worked tirelessly to support our family.

Over two years ago my husband was diagnosed with cancer of the throat. He underwent severe radiation treatment at one of the best hospitals in America and we were sure he was cured. He also went to Chung Pyung Lake for 40 days to clear himself of any spiritual trouble that might have caused this disease.

Then again last year, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgery to remove a three-inch tumor. He looked so bad after the operation that the oncologist said he was too weak to do chemotherapy and since he already had two cancers, his prognosis was terrible. We might as well resign ourselves to the inevitable.

Tom and I prayed desperately what to do. We offered his life to God and actually felt he would go to the spiritual world. My sister came to take care of us, and organized a fund-raiser to cover the cost of the medical bills. Many people prayed and sent donations that kept us alive.

After much prayer, I felt it was not Tom’s time to go to the spiritual world. I felt we had too much unfinished business to do, including our mission that Father had given us. Tom had been fighting this cancer at the same time as Guisi Johnson who struggled with breast cancer. As you may know, a few months ago she went to the spiritual world. On her deathbed she had a visitation from Heung Jin Nim and immediately called us and said not to do chemotherapy, but to go the natural way. She was convinced that Chemo had weakened her body to the point of no return.

We were so confused as to what to do. Many people called us with suggestions and sent information about special diets and places where to go. After intense prayer, at the suggestion of our dear brother Tony Flores in Columbus, Ohio, we decided to call Mrs. Sung Bok Hsu, our elder church member. Twenty one years ago, Mrs. Hsu herself, was very sick and started her business with $144 worth of Il Hwa Ginseng, going door to door selling it. On top of that, she had to support and take care of three young children.

She has since developed a successful health food business that includes three retail stores in Columbus, Ohio, and an international mail order department. But more important than all her material success, is the fact that she has a book full of testimonies from people who were able to overcome a variety of illnesses after going through her internal Cleansing Program.

Her program didn’t develop overnight. It took a lot of study and prayer to pull together the many bits of information she gleaned from many books and from her own struggle to get well. She mentioned to me that long ago, when she was a young member in Korea, she once heard someone ask Father, " Why God created flies? At first she thought the question to be silly. But she never forgot how Father answered it. After some reflection he said "To keep us clean," meaning the presence of flies alarms us to the need for cleaning our environment.

Mrs. Hsu believes that internal cleansing of all of the bodily systems is a necessity for optimal health. If, for example, our gastrointestinal system is not functioning well because of deposits on the walls of the small and large intestine, the body is not able to fully absorb the nutrition from the foods we eat. In addition, the weakening of the colon contributes to self-poisoning because we absorb harmful substances formed when fecal matter remains too long in our system. Constipation is one of the most widespread American health problems. Unfortunately it is largely ignored because it is not considered harmful, which is a serious mistake.

Just like a car, which eventually breaks down if it is not properly maintained, our bodies also need to be tuned-up. In studying Mrs. Hsu’s program and seeing what it has done for my husband and I, I feel very strongly that the answer to many health problems is the same: eat and drink properly and clean out your machine, your body, from the inside out.

Mrs. Hsu’s program takes investment but it is absolutely worth it. I have been on the program for 3 months now but even after merely 4 weeks of eating properly and cleansing I was waking up at 6 a.m., bounding with energy for the first time in 6 years. I lost 2 dress sizes and feel very good! My husband could barely walk through the airport when we went to visit Mrs. Hsu. Now he is riding a bike 7 miles a day, swimming and most importantly playing baseball with our son. This is all happening after receiving a "hopeless" prognosis from the oncologist. He just returned from a trip to New York with my son to speak to the Japanese "Kodan" group about this program.

We promised God that if Tom survives, we would write our testimony and do our best to help others that may be sick. I know that many of you out there are exhausted, tired and beaten down from years of work on the front line and are struggling with different diseases or weight problems. We are no longer young and we sacrificed our bodies tremendously to do God’s will. This program has also helped my twin sister Betsy. She came down here 2 months ago almost crippled by arthritis; she was diagnosed with "Post Polio Syndrome". Her prognosis was that she would be in a wheelchair shortly. She could barely walk when she came. Today she is out swimming for 40 minutes and bicycling with her daughter after participating in Mrs. Hsu's program for just two months. She looks like a different person.

As Unificationists, we are needed for the long run. Most of us don’t even have the strength to go on because of our physical pain and exhaustion as a result of sacrificing our body over the years. My husband and I are committed to helping others get well as God has blessed us so richly and saved my husband's life. If you want to do God’s will, but just don’t have the strength to keep up the good fight; this program is for you.

As for everyone that prayed for us, sent letters and donations, we can never thank you enough. We hope through our suffering we will be able to help many others. And a deep and special thanks to Mrs. Hsu whom God used to save our lives. May she continue to help thousands of others who need her program.

I’ve attached a simple outline of what Tom and I have done over the last few months at the end of this article.

The cost of the program runs about $150 a month per person, not including the cost of food. We know that some of you out there cannot afford this program so Tom and I have started the Guisi Johnson Memorial Fund.

As God worked through Guisi to help save Tom’s life, we are now raising funds to save the lives of others and we will provide one to three month programs for needy Church Members. Please write us a letter or e-mail as to why you or someone you know needs the program and cannot afford it. The person must be absolutely committed to doing the program. Our funds are limited so those most needy will be considered first. If you would like to help someone get well, all donations to this program can be sent to Guisi Johnson Memorial Fund c/o Tom Iversen, Box 350475, Palm Coast, Fl. 32135.

This program takes a minimum of three months commitment, serious food combining, a change in diet, total focus and the taking of a lot of supplements. Please consider that before you start the program or you will not be successful. But results can be quick depending on your determination.

For more resources and explanations, please contact Mrs. Hsu’s counselors at 1-800-628-8420 or look up most of the information on their webpage at www.hsu.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 904-445-3774, e-mail us at Iversen1@Juno.com or Iversen2@AOL.com, or you can write us at PO Box 350475, Palm Coast, Fl. 32135.

Overview of program

The basis for the program is very simple. If you compare the human body to an automobile engine, a new car comes with clean oil. But then the oil becomes dirty and it can no longer do its job of lubricating the engine. If you don’t clean the oil filter the unclean oil will clog the filter and the engine will be ruined. The human body is constantly cleaning itself out. But by overloading the system with impurities, eventually it cannot handle them anymore. and the body breaks down. For many of us we lived a life of McDonalds on MFT and never took care of our bodies and this is what happened.

This is a very brief synopsis of the program Tom and I have been on for 3 months. The program consists of food combining, exercise, vitamins and drinking plenty of distilled water. Also very important is caring for one's spiritual health and overcoming anger and resentment.

This is the basis of what you take internally everyday. It may seem overwhelming, but once you have it down, it becomes routine.

For further details about the program, explanations and menus, please call Mrs. Hsu (1-800-628-8420) for a complete program outline and explanation of how everything works. This is merely an overview.

There are three levels of the program. I will basically describe the products used in her program:

Level 1

1. IL Hwa Ginseng Tea-a blood purifier, powerful antioxidant, protects the body from free radicals and promotes balance in the body.

2. Aloe Vera Juice -- mends the digestive systems; speeds cell growth and replenishes the cells which comprise the skin and all mucus membranes including the digestive tract.

3. Acidophilus and Bifidus -- beneficial bacteria for the intestinal tract. Promotes good balance of the intestinal flora, which helps breakdown digestion of food. Helps eliminates yeast (candida) in the system.

4. Chlorella -- a super rich source of chlorophyll which helps the production of red blood cells and acts as a detoxifyer. Great source of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

5. Kelp -- a type of seaweed which is an excellent source of sea minerals, especially iodine which is critical for proper thyroid gland function as it helps to regulate metabolism and weight.

6. Digestive Enzymes -- help to break down fat, starch and protein in our food so we can assimilate and absorb nutrients.

7. Cod Liver Oil -- a terrific source of vitamin A and D and essential Omega 3 oils. Helps the liver, strengthens bones, helps the brain, nervous system and production of prostaglandins. Helps calcium assimilation in the body and lubricates joints to help stiffness in the bones.

8. Multiple vitamins, Multiple minerals, Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids, and Vitamin E -- helps fill in vital nutrients that we don't get in our food. Vitamin C and E are great antioxidants too.

9. Dry Skin Brush -- for 5 minutes a day stimulates the flow in the lymphatic system and is especially good for those that don’t have time to exercise.

On Level Two (After the first month) you add the following:

10. Psyllium Husks -- the most effective soluble fiber that moves through your body and sponges us loosened wastes in the intestinal tract.

11. Liv-C -- vitamins, herbs and amino acids that nourish and cleanse the liver.

12. Olive Oil Crème -- A deep penetrating crème that you massage in the abdomen and it acts as a lubricant of the lower digestive tracts. Also, a great moisturizer and healer for the skin.

Level 3 (the third month)

13. DC 3 -- contains pepsin and herbs, which cleanse and tone the small intestine. Critical for achieving optimal health in the stomach and small intestine. Helps to stop self-poisoning and putrefaction of wastes.

Also, it is important to drink plenty of distilled water, exercise and a good diet of food combining.

For example here is a typical day in our diet: Morning- Fruit, just one kind as much as you like. (A whole melon or 5 bananas as much as will fill you up.) Afternoon-Sprout sandwich with avocado, healthy bread, Nayonaise (Mayonnaise Substitute), sprouts, cucumbers, red onion, green peppers, shredded carrots) You can have as many sandwiches as you like. Dinner-Brown Rice, Seaweed, Steamed Vegetables and Raw Salad Or a protein meal Chicken or Fish with vegetables and a salad.

Food combining is critical for proper digestion. Mrs. Hsu can send you a chart and a good easy cookbook on recipes that are combined properly for your health. Just doing this one step, you will be amazed at the energy you get because your body doesn't have to spend hours digesting bad food combinations like starch and protein (For example meat and potatoes the typical American diet is not a good food combination.)

Letter of Thanks

This is the letter of thanks that my husband wrote:

Dear Mrs. HSU,

I want to thank you for saving my life and giving me hope that once again I can return to good health. Your cleansing program is not only doing wonders for me, but also for my whole family. Your beautiful heart of concern for my health, your support and guidance, and the wonderful staff at HSU & CO have been so helpful every step of the way. I have enclosed a brief testimony in the hope that it may encourage others that they can also regain the precious gift of life and good health.

Less than two years ago I was diagnosed with a stage four-throat cancer. This type of cancer has always been associated with smoking, yet I had never smoked before. However, I was a terrible eater. I was always on the go and fast food was my life. Since stage four is the worst stage, I was encouraged by my doctors to act quickly. I underwent six and a half weeks of radiation twice a day. After that I had surgery to remove the lymph nodes in my throat area. The treatment supposedly "got rid" of the cancer but it nearly killed me. I lost 50 pounds and was so weak. The saliva glands in my neck were completely burnt by the radiation so that to this day, I must constantly have a bottle of water with me to drink every few minutes.

It was by far the most terrible experience I had to endure in my 42 years of life. Yet, I was happy because I was alive and I didn't want to cause any more suffering to my wife and son by dying. When you are seriously sick, those that love you suffer just as much as the person who is sick and I didn't want anymore suffering for my family.

For over a year I was out of work because I was just too weak. I had quit eating at fast food restaurants, however, I didn't know anything about food combining which is a big part in Mrs. Hsu's program. Then in August of 1998, I got sick again with an unknown virus. I was tired all the time, so I went to the doctor and had some blood tests done. One test led to another and I was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage three.

I couldn't believe it, my worst nightmare became reality. I elected to have surgery and a three-inch tumor was removed from my colon along with 25 lymph nodes, 5 that contained cancer. My surgeon recommended chemotherapy, yet when the oncologist came to visit me in the hospital his outlook was very bleak. He said I was too weak to withstand the chemo and that this being my second cancer in less than two years, he was not very hopeful.

In nice words he basically said there was no hope, you're gonna die. It was then we started looking for an alternative way to fight cancer and a good friend that lives in Columbus told us about Mrs. Hsu. My wife and I decided to make the trip to Columbus and meet Mrs. Hsu and start her cleansing program. It has been a month and a half since we began and we are now into the second stage of the program.

Before I started, I could barely walk through the airport on my way to Ohio. Today I'm riding seven miles a day on a bike, swimming and most importantly, playing baseball with my son. I can hardly wait to get to stage three of the program. My wife who suffered with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for six years has experienced greatly improved energy and steady weight loss. Her arthritis has also improved. I also have my brother and his wife doing the program with us. Both can't believe the increase in energy and my brother has lost 20 pounds in one month.

With deep gratitude and warmest regards,

Tom Iversen & Family

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