Unification News for February 1999

Children’s Christmas-Break Workshop in Detroit

David Kasbow
Detroit, MI

Lectures, hot chocolate and a sleep-over all made for a great time at the first Christmas-Break Second Generation Children’s Two-Day Workshop of the Metro Detroit area. Twenty-seven children ranging in age from 9 to 15 years old attended.

They heard lectures on the Divine Principle, as well as internal guidance such as the meaning of being a Blessed Child. Some of the younger children experienced lectures for the first time and enjoyed the new experience. Discussion groups were separated by age and gender which worked out very well. Some interesting issues were brought up during discussion time; one eight year old girl wanted to know how we could be sure that we had the right religion. The question led to some great give and take on prayer life and the importance of having a personal relationship with God. The older boys had a lively discussion on the creation of the first man and woman. They speculated about whether God prepared for the creation of Adam and Eve by first creating humans without a spirit.

Another aspect of the workshop was food. Hot chocolate was extremely popular. We went through 200 servings in 2 days! Pizza was the most popular food served.

From the reflections written by the children, these are some of the things they learned: How their spirit can benefit from goodness, the importance of prayer and a clearer understanding of the foundation of faith and substance. Besides lectures, the children enjoyed many fun aspects of a workshop such as soccer, dominos, karaoke and, most of all, spending time with each other.

I was renewed and inspired by the children’s quest for truth. I felt the most important part of the workshop was the bond that they made with each other which deepened as they shared the two days together.

I was grateful for all the parents who volunteered their time as lecturers and group leaders, and to the parents who entrusted their children to us. We plan to make the Christmas-Break workshop an annual event and to follow it up with one during the children’s summer vacation.

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