Unification News for December 1998

Understanding True Father's 50-Year Ministry

Rev. Joong Hyun Pak
Leaders Meeting at HSA HQ
November 24, 1998

Having had the opportunity to listen to the contents of True Father's speeches at recent International Leaders meetings, True Children's Day sermon and the many talks True Father has given at Jardim in South America, I feel I can explain things more clearly to you concerning the current progress in the dispensation and the goals and challenges which lie ahead. The more we come to understand True Father's message the more we can take responsibility to teach it clearly to others..

To begin with, Father himself developed the accompanying chart, which he uses again and again. It gives the history of True Father's mission during the last half century. Actually, Father gets very involved with this chart and gives many details which only he can do. However, I will now explain to you in a more simplified way what the chart represents.

This is a very famous chart so you need to know how to use it at your church and in your particular situation. You can explain it many times to others. We need to explain to members many times, not just once. Even though we come to know it, repeating it over and over is very necessary for us. Father's technique is to repeat over and over again. We hear some things over and over from Father, still it is like we are hearing it for the first time. Father himself gets stimulated by his own teachings.

It is just 13 months before the year 2000. Before that time, True Father will surely change the world. The next 13 months will be busy, exciting and serious. There will be hard pushing and pulling in this very unusual time period. Like an airplane on a runway, we will run madly and furiously forward and then with all our might, and with all our mind and body parts we will suddenly take off with a forward thrust. Or like an Olympic runner who races off very fast and then leaps high over a net. This is how we want to be charging through the coming months before the year 2000.

The unity of mind, body and spirit that it takes for the powerful forward thrust is also the kind of unity we need to have with True Parents in order to successfully rise to victory. Please do not complain that you feel you have been pushed and pulled enough already. That is not wise thinking. Especially those who have been with True Parents for 20 or 30 years or more should keep a fresh mind and spirit, always keeping in step with True Parents. We need to "take off" together no matter how long we have been in the race.

True Father gives a good formula to follow: Think of a small insect, a fly, he says, who wants to take off and land with the Messiah in Seoul, Korea. It doesn't have to "pay the price" of an airline ticket; it just clings to the side of the jet. There are strong winds and cold driving rains, not making it an easy trip, but if the fly is determined to hang on in faith, love and obedience, it can arrive at the same destination with the Messiah and become a king or queen of its own world. This formula involves several essentials--be serious, don't relax, and don't give up--in order not to become separated from the source of victory.

True Parents appeared on Earth officially in 1945. Father was born in 1920 but began his mission in 1945. He knew that if Christianity--Catholics and Protestants--united and supported him he could have fulfilled everything in 1952--within just seven years. He would then have fulfilled a worldwide Blessing, everyone in the world being included. Everything would have been done. Through grasping this meaning we can realize the importance of conveying the value of the Blessing to others and the strategy God is using for this dispensation.

Just one year away, before the year 2000, God wants to bless the entire world. We will be so busy next year! We will be sending out many wakeup calls!

When this is fulfilled, it means that entire families, tribes, nations, the world and cosmos will be in the Kingdom. In just seven years this can happen. When nations and religions don't support True Parents, True Parents have to go the wilderness course. A terrible wilderness course. Jesus was crucified. True Father himself has had to bear 40 years of a crucifixion course which he began when he could not culminate everything in the years 1945-1952. He paid all indemnity and started again. After 40 years of wilderness, we entered the next seven-year period 1992-1998. In 1992 True Parents did a 50-state American speaking tour, and other countries as well, giving the message True Parents and I.

"True Parents and I" means 'True Parents and myself." True Parents means us--you and I; everybody engrafting ourselves to True Parents and taking responsibility in the Blessing work; being good tribal messiahs and joining in and working together. This was our invitation and call beginning in 1992. We did it. The chart which you are looking at is your history, my history too.

During the past seven years, True Father has been going back and forth between North America and South America. His work there already had a foundation from as far back as18 years or more. South America represents Catholicism and North America represents Protestantism. They also represent Judaism and Christianity and Cain and Abel. Within South America True Father has united Cain and Abel and within North America he has done so as well. And Father has connected North and South America.

In 1992 True Parents went from North America to South America, then to Europe, Africa and Asia, connecting all the continents of the world. Now at the end of this seventh year, Parents will again take a world tour, finalizing everything. Unlike 1952 when Father completed his seven-course but could not bring victory, this time he is bringing victory.

The most important ingredient for all of this is the Family. In the Garden of Eden God lost his family. True Father's only concern is establishing the blessed ideal family. The Blessing is the promise, the potential of the ideal family; however, becoming an Ideal Family means that the contents of the Blessing have been fulfilled.

When God lost Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden He also lost His homeland--His property--His land--His territory--His space! This is an important point. In Family Pledge #1 we say "My family seeks our original homeland to establish the original ideal of creation..." The problem that exists at the present time in some of our nations is that Satan is trying to take back some properties which were already claimed and sanctified by True Parents. Some of the properties may be small, but have great meaning to God. We must fight hard to maintain God's property. We have be so serious about this.

In South America Father has prepared Jardim, Fuerto Olimpo, Salobra and Rio Perdido as unique, special "four-position foundation" properties. Centering on these holy grounds, Father has many plans to develop and spread out. Jardim is the New Garden of Eden, where the Education Center has been established and where the Ideal Family Education for World Peace workshops are held. Already three 40-day workshops have been held and a fourth one has begun.

How is Jardim different from Chungpyung? Think of a dirty bottle, filled with toxic materials, shamefully dirty. This is us; this is our life. In reality, we should be totally cleansed and reborn before receiving the Blessing, but True Father has to move on quickly to lay all heavenly conditions within certain time periods, so he gives us our conditional Blessings. Beginning in 1960 Father began with the 36 blessed couples, then the 72 blessed couples, the 430 blessed couples and on and on up to the millions today. But throughout all these Blessings, no one was really qualified to be blessed. Father had to bless our unworthy couples anyway. Over the years, True Parents had to suffer so much because of unworthy blessed couples, many of them not taking the proper responsibility for the position God gave them and causing True Parents so many headaches.

Chungpyung was established so we would have a place to go to receive internal cleansing. There we shed many tears and strongly repented, cleaning out our dirty vessels, our dirty bottles. At Chungpyung, a lot of judgment comes to us and we have the need to repent. True Parents cannot conduct a place like Chungpyung; rather True Parents bring us True Love. So Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim take the responsibility to rid us of our evil spirits and ways and make us clean.

At New Hope East Garden, Jardim Education Center, True Parents are directly conducting a portion of the workshops. They are often present there themselves. Our family receives a new spirit from them. They fill up our bottles with their own pure liberating elements. At Chungpyung we pay a lot of indemnity but at Jardim we relax and get our bottles filled at a very peaceful workshop. It is a community of peaceful, cooperative brothers and sisters. It is a place where nature dwells peacefully side by side with the families of humankind.

The Hoon Dok Hae we are doing at workshops and in our homes is not an inconvenient thing for us. It is a most wonderful experience and tradition. And, in fact, it is not exactly a new tradition in human history. The Jews of old (and today as well) walked around doing their "Hoon Dok Hae"; reading over and over the words of scripture which is carried in their hands, as they nod their heads repeatedly before God. If you visit Jerusalem, as I did, you will see people doing Hoon Dok Hae from corner to corner in the temple and even at the tombs people are doing Hoon Dok Hae. I visited King David's and Rachael's tombs. There were many men doing Hoon Dok Hae there. I didn't see any women among them.

At Jardim, Father teaches a lot about the spirit world and about our preparation for eternal life in the spiritual world. All of this means that True Parents want us with them in the spiritual world. True Parents will be right within the center of God's heart. They want us there as well. True Father does not want to be separated from us when he goes to the spirit world and we are still on Earth.

In South America we are exposed to perfect nature--the fish, birds, animals and insects. Here we can connect with them in heart, We can connect in heart with land and water. Nature has been sacrificed with this fallen world but it should be protected and preserved as God's creation.

When we complete this 40-day Ideal Family workshop we are eligible for heavenly registration. In John's Revelation we know it speaks of the 144,000 registered in the kingdom. True Father wants to complete this prophecy by the year 2000.

For all this victory, Father gave five declarations; four at Jardim and the fifth at Kodiak. The first one is: Have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God seemingly has everything, but He does not have His love partner. This must be created by absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God used these three when He created everything. True Father declared this secret hidden in God's bosom.

True Father gave the property at Jardim the name "New Hope East Garden" meaning New Garden of Eden. Why? Because this is Adam and Eve's place of re-creation.

The second declaration is: God is Absolute, Unique, Eternal and Unchanging. We also must be absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging; our couple, our children, our family as well. We become in His image. Our family becomes absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging.

Declaration three is: God is the first creator, Adam and Eve are second creators; their children (us) are the third creators. We inherit God's creativity; we become owners with God; we become the visible, living God. True Father often says that three generations should live together. Why is this important? God gave true love to Adam and Eve but actually their children were to have received not only Adam and Eve's love, but God's love as well. Their value increased over that of Adam and Eve. Without grandchildren, multiplication would not take place and we as the third creator could not create the Kingdom on Earth.

Declaration four is: Soong Myung Jak Chae Ahn Hae Wan which means "the relationship between God and us is that of parent and child. The parent and child relationship is one of absolute destiny. All the anguish and problems of a parent can only be resolved by the children. This is the children's responsibility. There must never again exist disbelief or betrayal in a family that has been Registered. As God's children, in our husband and wife relationships, the relationships between ourselves and our children, all these relationships make the three object relationships. All must be absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. No divorce. Forever. We have to be harmoniously united with God forever. This relationship was meant for Adam and Eve but Eve deviated from the relationship with God and Adam and united with the Archangel instead.

God is our Eternal Parent and if we register in the Kingdom, He guarantees our Eternal Life. What a wonderful thing! We should be so happy. This is victory. We should rush quickly to register.

Declaration five proclaims the fulfillment of the first four declarations which True Father proclaimed in South America. He went the wilderness course in South America and got the victory. "North" symbolizes God so Father went back up to North Garden, Kodiak in North America to proclaim the victory He had won, restoring everything which was lost. September 8, 1998 Father announced the 4.4 Ceremony and the Kodiak declaration. It is very important. The key content is: Father has fulfilled! The four-position foundation was proclaimed for the Earth and the four-position foundation was proclaimed for the spiritual world.

On June 13, 1998, at Madison Square Garden, Father liberated both saints and sinners. It was this kind of event. The gates of Heaven were opened and the gates of Hell were opened at the same time. At that time we can say that 120 million couples were blessed on Earth, but in the spiritual world, billions were blessed. So officially, the four-position foundation was created not only on the Earth but in Heaven as well. Kodiak (the North) also represented the spiritual world (which is why it is named North Garden) so Father had to come back to make this victorious proclamation.

Following the 4.4 Ceremony Father announced that it is now a completely new start in history. And Father loudly proclaimed that God is absolutely Chun Chai (meaning that everything is totally in God's control, all belongs to Him, down to the tiniest insect and atom); that God is absolutely Chun Ban (meaning that God is capable; He is almighty); God has sovereignty. God has a homeland.

Now through the Ideal Family workshops, thousands and thousands of blessed families will become ideal families. They will be registered with the True family. On Earth and in Heaven, more and more blessed families appear. We now become God's children, God's people. Finally, the King of Kings appears. The Lord of the Second Advent appears.

We now fulfill the Old Testament (era of all things), the New Testament (era of children) and the Complete Testament (era of Parents). We become living sacrifices, living offerings. We cannot believe that we have reached this stage in our lifetime.

How can we now make the required indemnity offering? We can fundraise. We can borrow. We can sell something. We can include our tribe in our offering. We can witness. We can call on help from the spiritual world. Many members are receiving revelations and guidance.

Let me inspire you with a true story out of Korea. This story is similar to the movie Ghost. But this actually happened. There was a man from my hometown, Elder Kim. I knew him. He was an early church member and leader; he was a good business man and made wise investments. He and his second wife were both deeply spiritual and faithful members of our Church. Thirty or forty years ago Elder Kim and his wife were thought of as crazy because they were church members. Elder Kim had property, a bank account, everything. Elder Kim's son and daughter-inlaw were both substantial people in their own circles and the son had access to the family wealth, even having possession of the official family "stamp" required for banking business.

Elder Kim suddenly died. But because his wife was a church member the son and daughter-inlaw kept all the properties and monies and did not give her anything. They did not want the church to receive any of it. Actually, Elder Kim's wife did not even realize the wealth her husband had accumulated, but after his death he appeared to her and instructed her to go out and get on a certain bus and to follow his instructions. [Just as it happened in the movie Ghost!] They went some distance on the bus, got out and he instructed which building she was to go to, which floor, everything. She followed his instructions and without even any identification or stamp, she was believed by the bank authorities and she claimed right there all that was rightfully hers. When the son went to get some money, he discovered there was nothing there! This activity between Earth and spirit world happens often in Korea and Japan.

Even with the sales of the marble vases, there were many miraculous, spiritual stories. Before they were even approached for the sale of the marble vases people would have dreams of buying them, or having miracles performed once they did; all these sorts of things took place.

So we, also, can expect many unusual things to happen. We have to believe in the spiritual world activities. And we have to be creative. Think positive. We can make it exciting! Who knows what adventures lie ahead.

The most important thing we must think about during this time is that True Parents paid the indemnity! That is what makes everything possible. America is a rich country. We have to believe that miracles will occur. We also need to lay the right conditions for things to happen, such as uniting our mind and body; we need to push our physical bodies; we need to sacrifice for True Love and sacrifice for the dispensation. Go to the holy ground in South America; go the the Ideal Family workshop; follow Father's direction. True Parents have paid the indemnity there, corner to corner.

Heaven does not ask the impossible. In fact, God asks us for so little when we think of all Heaven will give us in return. God's children will inherit eternal life; they will become citizens in the Kingdom of God, both on Earth and in Heaven. They become owners of all which God owns, both on Earth and in Heaven. It will come back to us a thousand fold.

When you register for college entrance, you can expect to pay fifty to one-hundred thousand dollars and do an awful lot of hard work before you reach completion and receive your certificate or degree. In comparison, think how little God requires for assurance of your certificate into Eternal Life in His Kingdom. We must think logically about this. Our Family Fund which we are paying into now is so little compared to the eternal dividends we receive.

God knows our situations. He knows we are frontline workers with very little to offer. He knows how much we sacrifice. But He also knows there are ways to accomplish what seems to be the impossible. He knows there are unique and exciting ways to accomplish things. As leaders, we have to think and teach in unique and exciting ways.

Someone at this meeting has just revealed a story about suddenly receiving an inheritance. This is what we are talking about. These are times when anything and everything can happen. Help will come in mysterious ways. But we must have expectations! And we must feel hopeful. This is important.

As I said before, it was at the Ideal Family workshop, which Mrs. Pak and I attended, that I came to realize more deeply just how much indemnity True Parents have paid in South America. With total unity of mind and body, True Parents went the way of the cross and paid the price of victory.

When we go to the workshops in South America why are we so inspired? Because it is so beautiful there? No, there is a lot of development to be done yet. Is it because the weather is so lovely? No, it is very hot right now. Are we inspired because there are no insects there? The mosquitoes are very active there! We are inspired by the indemnity that has been paid. It gives us cause to repent and be deeply grateful and appreciative to True Parents.

After putting in such a small amount of work we wondered within ourselves how we won such a victory at MSG. True Parents paid the price long before us, that's why. Such indemnity as they paid attracts the attention of spirit world. They come to help.

This final indemnity we are being called to make is a source of great blessing. This sacrifice will be the foundation for our eternal blessing; this will be the source of blessing we pay as individuals, as families, as tribes, as nations and world.

Turning again to the Chart, True Father said this is his entire 50 years of ministry and victory. True Parents have completed the Four Position Foundation, the Ideal of Creation, on Earth and in Heaven. They have united Cain and Abel. True Father has restored all horizontal positions by offering the Blessing to everyone on the Earth and in Heaven. He has connected land and water, all corners of the Earth and Heaven. He has connected North and South, East and West. True Parents have re-created all things of Earth and Heaven.

Learn the content and teach it well. May God and True Parents go with each of you.

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