Unification News for November 1998

WFWP Gift and Fundraising Items

Womenís Federation for World Peace has many beautiful gift items that it has developed over the last few years. These would make inexpensive Christmas and Godís Day gifts for contacts friends and family. We are also able to make them available at reduced prices for bulk orders so that they can be used for fundraising activity.

The appearance of some of the jewelry will be familiar as they were used as gift items at the sisterhood conferences.

Brooches Enamel

a) Rose, or b) Cherry Blossom each 2 inches long, c) Oval rose and cherry blossom with engraving on back commemorating the sisterhood conference. All three come in a velvet gift box.

Pendant on a Gold Chain

a) Rose, b) Cherry Blossom. Available in velvet gift box.

Angel Pendant on a Chain

Small white Swarsky Crystal (suitable for a girl) In a gold foil gift box.

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

T-Shirts, white with W.F.W.P. Design on breast. Sweatshirts, gray with same design. Both Extra Large (one size fits all).


International recipes, spiral bound version a) has description for preparation of offering table and Korean holiday food. It also has quotes from Father and testimony relating to meals and food preparation. The b) Version has a commemorative Sisterhood ceremony cover, and the quotes and testimony has been left out.

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